August Cycles

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  1. Evergreen and Iheart good luck!! Can't wait to hear from you both!

  2. We just arrived this afternoon and ER is tomorrow; sounds like donor responded well, I don't have too many details yet.

    Prague is lovely. I am exhausted but will post with details tomorrow.

  3. Hey Girls,

    They did the ER today, we have 8 eggs, apparently everything is going wonderfully and they expect good fert results tomorrow. We have transfer set for Friday. RE was concerned with me being on my 19th day of my cycle and didn't want to wait any longer than necessary, so he doesn't want to wait for blastocyst. My lining is 11mm with a triple strip and I started progesterone today. Has anyone had issues with going longer in a cycle? Problems with your lining?

    Prague is beautiful and the clinic is impressive after going to Fertimed. So far I would highly recommend them. The doctor was very nice and gentle with me. There are 2 women assigned to me; Anastasia the International Coordinator & Jana the Nurse. Both speak excellent english and for what appears to be a large facility give me preferential treatment.

    My stomach is still off so I have been careful with eating. We ate at a Mexican place called the Cantina, it was wonderful. We went to a black light show; total waste of money. DH and I both fell asleep and left at intermission.


  4. Evergreen, glad things are going well! No clue about longer cycles.

    I scheduled my lining check ultrasound for the 14th! Things are falling in place.

  5. We transferred 2 3dt 8 cell grade 1 and a 7 cell grade 1.5 today. We have 3 that are being watched to see what they do for freezing. I am officially on the 2WW.

  6. So happy to hear that things are progressing well for all of you.

    Stef - Lots of wonderful luck for the 2WW. Hoping you have some little brothers and sisters to freeze. Glad to hear your trip to Prague is going well, and that you are staying away from any iffy foods. Will you stay in Prague for the 2WW or fly home?

    Everyone else.. keeping my fingers crossed for your cycles. Good luck!!


  7. Back home and waiting....

  8. Welcome home I Heart, hope you enjoyed your trip. Did you get a chance to get out of Zlin and explore? Good luck on your hpt's and betas.

    Today at 8dp3dt I got a ++on my hpt's. I am over the moon excited and even had to go and pee on another stick just to make sure I was seeing it correctly without my contacts in! I did test yesterday and it was negative. I am of course very cautious, after 2 failed cycles it is a little hard to know when to let your guard down. I think being on vacation is an excellent way to help the 2ww go by, as soon as I landed off the plane I was itching to test.

    We went to Hallstatt, Austria as a side trip and fell in love with it! It is a small quaint village that has breathtaking views, lots of outdoorsy things to do and great freshly caught fish. We went to an ice cave and salt mine. If you are ever in the area look it up!

  9. medassetngrats!!!!! That is great news. When is your blood test??? I am so happy for you!!

    I got back yesterday, we had a nice trip, didn't really think about this stuff at all, which is probably good. But now, I am starting to get a little nervous, can't believe ER is in 2 weeks!

    I had my blood checked this morning just waiting to see if I should start the estrace tonight.

    Any other news??

  10. bump, bump

  11. Iheart, when do you test? Fingers crossed!

  12. Congrats Evergreen!!!!! I'm so excited for you. I'm going to stay to see your progress since I've gone through so many other boards with you. Do let us know when you are testing again.

    Iheart - Also keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    amarianthi - 2 weeks and counting. Wishing you so much luck for the ER and transfer.

    Hope everyone else is doing well.

    Take care, Debbie

  13. Hi guys! Thanks for the positive well wishes... they must have worked. Finally got faint positives yesterday and 2 positives on CBE digitals this a.m. So relieved. Monday is first beta day. It will be a lot easier to get through the weekend now!

  14. Wow, I'm hoping all the good luck rubs off!!! Fantastic news iheart. Keep the good news coming ladies :-)

  15. Hey Debbie, Nice to see you posting. Are you still going through CCRM? Are you looking for a new donor? Keep me posted.

    My betas are #1 11dp3dt 223 p4 10.5
    #2 13dp3dt 484 p4 >40

    My beta numbers have looked good but my prog level was so low. I am now on a ton of prog inc PIO, it seems to be working but is making me a zombie. My first u/s will be in a little less than 2 wks at 6w2d, I can't wait.

    Iheart, when did you transfer? I had my ER 8/4 & 3d ET 8/7. I bet you are relieved to start seeing positives. I have been there watching everyone post their BFP's and still getting negatives or barely showing up- It sucks.

    Irish, not to long now, sounds like you had a great trip.

    apanta & Hope, when do you start?

  16. Yay congrats Iheart and Evergreen. Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!!!

    Nothing new for me, just upped my estrace. Sis started stims last night.

  17. Hi All,

    Congratulations on all the bfp's!!!

    Our donor is having her ER today and we will have a lining check. Our ET is tentatively scheduled for Thursday. We are really excited. At the last u/s they saw 24 follicles so we are hoping that a lot of those are mature eggs. We will know later today!!


  18. Good Luck apanta!!!

  19. apanta, how did the ER go?

  20. Started seeing BFNs on Saturday and had a negative beta come Monday. My progesterone was 13.4. Really unhappy that I essentially had no doctor from the day of transfer to 13dp5dt. Dr. Horvat at the Zlin clinic in the Czech Republic refused to treat me even though I had very low progesterone because he was too nervous after my bad reaction to the very high dose he initially started me on and the two docs I have here in the states wouldn't see me until I had a positive beta and wouldn't schedule one until almost 2 weeks after transfer when it became too late to do anything about it. The progesterone might have had nothing to do with it, but of course, I now have to dwell on it and always wonder. The docs here are telling me, of course, that it has nothing to do with it and get very defensive about covering their asses when asked about it. There's no such as "patient care" in our health systems any longer, which makes it all that more infuriating when those idiots out there fight to keep a broken and painfully expensive system just because of politics. God forbid the Democrats get a "win" - this country's priorities are unbelievably messed up. Stop listening and watching "talk" radio people! They only say those things to keep you watching and don't care or even understand what they say! It's all make believe and people swallow it like little babies. Wake up! Okay, off my soap box. Having a bad day...

  21. Iheart - I am so sorry and upset about what has happened to you. I'm all too familiar with the low progesterone levels planting a seed of doubt regarding the success of a cycle. Unfortunately, like you said, you will never know if it was related, but I'm so sorry that you experienced such a lack of acknowledgment and support, when it was discovered that the number was low. I also received similar treatment i.e. local Dr's would not see me until 3 months after beta, despite very low progesterone levels (7 something), and having hyperemesis a very serious and rare pregnancy complication. I later m/c and was very bitter at the way I was treated. Again, I'm so very sorry for what you have experienced. I hope if/when you cycle again you can find a Dr who will treat you as you deserve. I hate to even mention another cycle as you are still hurting from this one. Please take care, Debbie

  22. I am so sorry you are going through this right now. I am also sorry that you felt abandoned by your doctors. Anymore with liability issues no one wants to take responsibility for patients that have been treated by another clinic. Since my doctors and insurance is through Kaiser I feel frustrated at times with their limitations and policy & procedure, however my PCP and OB has tried to help me within their restrictions. My last OE cycle I was in the same position you are in right now; I cycled at Fertimed in CZ, and barely was registering + on hpt's, betas were very low like 11 and p4 was plummeting, started around 11 and dropped to 3 by 2nd beta. I had it bouncing around in my mind about the cause of the m/c. Was is just a chemical and that is why my body wouldn't absorb the prog? Or, because of the prog absorption issues is that why the embryo never had the chance. I was not on as much prog as I am now, less than 1/2, only 3 100mg utrogestan daily. Knowing now the problems I seem to have with prog I should have demanded PIO right off the bat with both cycles. Since I can build a decent lining they don't ever seem concerned until I start testing low. All 3 of the cycles I have done have always had issues with one level or another; beta, estrogen, progesterone…etc. If you ever just want to vent or talk please PM me. I know that at the moment we are in different places with how our cycles have turned out so far, but I would like you to know that you have been in my thoughts and I wish you the best whatever you decide to do in the future.


  23. Iheart, (((Hugs))) I am so sorry that you have to go through this.

  24. Irish & apanta, I wanted to check in and see how your cycles are going?

  25. Iheart - So sorry about your bfn. Did you get frozen embies from your overseas cycles?

    Hi Evergreen,

    My cycle didn't quite go as planned. We only ended up with 5 eggs that fertilized and of those 5 only 3 survived to a 3 day transfer. Those 3 were "good quality, but not perfect" as my RE said. Which was disappointing considering that I had previously had 2 top quality embryos (with my own eggs) that did not result in a pregnancy.

    So my RE recommended transferring all three embies and now we are in the 2ww. I will not be taking my beta until 9/8. It's frustrating not to have any frozens from a DE cycle. But at least we had something to transfer....

    I am still hoping and really trying to hang in there. I want to be positive, but it's hard after our previous failures.


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