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  1. Hi Ladies – Hope you are all well. Our donor finally got AF (well, she got it before, but they had to delay day 3 testing because she went on vacation (donors must not be allowed to take vacation ) and so she did the testing over the weekend. I’m sooooo anxious to get the results. Through IVF I’ve been forced to be so patient, and now I’m signing up for DE I’m so anxious to just get to beta. Maybe it’s because I finally feel like I have a glimpse of hope this time. I am so excited about this cycle. Anyway, I hope you don’t mind if I share the results once I get them. I guess I can only go off my own which were always fine, but I’d like your opinion on how the results compare to your donors.

    Evergreen – Stef I’m loving the Czech facts, keep them coming. It’s taking my mind off all of the waiting around for AF. I told DH about your trip to Prague and he said ‘why don’t we do that’. I’m guessing there are not a lot of bi-racial DE’s out there otherwise I’d be joining you lol. I just noticed that you selected a proven donor. We did too.. I was so scared not to after m/c and chemical. Is that also why you selected a proven? Only 3 weeks to go huh, I’m so excited for you. Can you do anything to stop AF from coming early? I hope it doesn’t mess things up.

    amarianthi – Thanks for the update re timing. Like I said earlier, I’m just so anxious to get started. Although, I’m 100% sure I’m not the only one. So glad to hear that your sisters tests came back fine – congrats. Like Evergreen said, you sound sooo excited!! Great news about your sister getting AF soon too. I’m sure you’ll think of something to tell DH’s family, I always have lol. Although, my husband hates it when I ask him to lie to them, but sometimes it’s just necessary. My youngest sister is the only person who knows of DE. I told my mother and she was fine too, in fact very excited, but I thought about how much she gossips with the rest of my large extended family, and so I later told her that we’d just try again. I feel bad, but she’d tell my gran, who would tell her sister, who would tell my unlces, and aunts, and before long the whole family would know. Are you going on vacation with the family to Ireland? If not, maybe tell them that the airline offered you a flight to use for a later date if you came back sooner, so you took them up on it ;-).

    I'll update you as soon as I get the results. I won't call the clinic again, as I fear they will start to block my calls Looks like our cycle will be Sept/Oct but I'm going to stick around for your successes, and some education also.

  2. So Sis got AF yesterday, she starts BCP on Sat. Still waiting for the nurse to call us back with dates so we can figure out our trip. My DH is from Ireland and most of his family is still there, we are going back for a wedding. So it is not like this is a one time trip or anything. I'll be able to go back. The only ones that know about DE is sis and her DH, my parents and a close friend. I love my MIL and we want to tell her we just don't know when.

    Evergreen, my DH is from Wexford, we go back at least once a year. I love it there, and I have seen that movie. My DH is just like Hillary Swanks husband in the movie! We are heading there on 8/6 and I was supposed to return on the 16th but I think I might have to cut it short to come back for monitoring.

    My sis just called me and apparently she is in the "grey zone" for being a carrier of Fragile X. I guess this probably means nothing and the nurse said it doesn't mean we can't move forward. I am just so sick of hearing about all this stuff and our "slight" risks for everything. I know more about chromosomes then I would like to. I am so sick of hearing about it. I know this will all be worth it in the end. It just seems like it is information overload with the use of technology these days. My sis has 3 healthly little boys so I am sure everything will be fine. It is just hard not to think about all these things since we had a 1/400 chance of T13 and we were the 1. Sorry, just had to vent.

    I am really starting to get excited but I am also so afraid to get my hopes up!!

    Deb, Yay for your donor getting AF. Please post her results. I am not sure what my sisters were, they just told me they were fine. Sept/Oct will be here before you know it. All of this really tests your patience doesn't it.

    Evergreen, looks like we will be heading to Europe around the same time! Do you have a tentative date for transfer?

    Hope everyone else is doing well.

  3. amarianthi - Oh my, a family wedding.. I don't know how you'll get out of that one. I'm British, but my sisters hubby is Irish, as are most of my dear friends. Weddings in Ireland are a BLAST. You better have a bloody good excuse I'm hoping that the timing works in your favor.

    Urgh, Slight risks are very frustrating, but your sisters healthy boys definitely prove that the risk is very slight which I hope offers some reassurance. I'm so sorry that you had to be the 1/400. It's so tough to hear that anything is slight when going through this, especially when you end up on the bad side of the stats. This time however, I hope we will all be on the positive side of the statistics. I'm happy that you are excited. I can't wait for us to share successes.

    Interesting that you mentioned telling your in-laws. My MIL is fantastic but my husband is very nervous about telling her so we have to lie, but he hates lying to her. I would like to tell her, although when I asked her not to say anything about my last pregnancy where I m/c everyone in the town knew lol I think she was as upset about having to tell everyone that things didn't work out - as she was upset about the loss.

    Wishing I was heading to Europe also. It's about time I made a trip home.

  4. Hi Ladies, Happy Friday!

    So, it looks like the schedule will not affect our trip! Phew. It is looking like retrieval will be the week of 8/31.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  5. Irish, I am glad your travel plans will stay the same. Are you going to do PGD on your embryos?

    My AF started 1wk early, so of course it is freaking me out. We have non-refundable or transferable plane tickets. The clinic is informing the donor to stop bcp's, once she gets her AF then I will know when ER & ET is. More than likely DH is going to have to leave a few days early and then I will go over there. AF is usually like clock work. I started Estradiol & Prednisone 2 days ago, stand on the scale this morning & gained 4#'s. I'm praying the scale is broke and plan to buy another today.

  6. Evergreen - Sorry that AF came early. I just noticed that you are on Prednisone. How much are you taking? My Rheumatologist suggested that I take Prednisone, but my RE hasn't said anything about it. I'd be interested in knowing. Did you take it for previous cycles?

    Irish - Phew!!! so happy that you are all ready to go, and that the plans won't impact your stay in Ireland!!!! :-)

    Hope everyone had a great weekend. Debbie

  7. Debbie, They have me on 2.5mg. This is the first time I have been on it. They are keeping the donor on bcp's a week longer, so hopefully our dates will be OK.

  8. Well ladies the results are in, and I'm not impressed at all. In fact I was in tears last night. It all seemed too good to be true. On day 3 the donors FSH was 10.4! I'm really surprised by this number as she is just 21 years old. I'm 33 and my FSH number at the highest was 5.5! They are running an AMH test to better know the quality of her eggs, but at this point I'm not willing to be 30k on 10.4. She's proven i.e. has a child which makes this even more difficult, but I fear paying for all of this and ending up with few, or no eggs, and worse - no baby to show for all the money.

    Of course, I was online researching last night and saw that most with high FSH yield considerably less eggs, and they are typically not good quality. I also read that people in their 20's with high FSH was often an indicator or infection or genetic issues. Urgh! What to do. How can I do a cycle with a donor whose results are worse than my own? With my FSH at 5.5 I always got great quality eggs (genetically tested), perfect genetic testing results for embryo's, mostly grade 5 quality, and STILL I m/c, so how on earth can I take a bet on someone with worse numbers than me? I'm so confused right now. Any thoughts? Would you rule her out? Sorry, I know it's a lot to ask, but I don't have many people to ask other than my husband and one friend who was shocked by the number considering her 37 year old donor had an FSH of 7 and yielded a ton of eggs - which resulted in a baby.

    Any help you have to offer would be welcome!!

  9. I don't have much to offer but to say I would not spend the money on her. My FSH levels are also fine, genetically nothing tests abnormal. I have to stim a few days longer than I should and I miscarried with supposedly perfect blasts. There are too many variables. Do they have another donor you could choose?

    Sorry, I am sure you are stressed and dissappointed.

  10. Hi there Deb - you absolutely cannot use this donor. Her FSH is entirely unacceptable, and, unfortunately, this young lady very likely will be facing problems with secondary infertility herself. Another thing to consider is that a donor is generally not considered proven if only she herself has a child. To be a proven donor means she has successfully cycled in the past in a previous donor cycle. "Proven" is all about the donor's response to stims, egg yield and whether that cycle resulted in a pregnancy.

    I myself am 35, ttc for 2.5 years with my highest FSH being 28. I stim ridiculously well and produce a good number of eggs and have had nothing but 100% fertilization. Kind of unheard of when your FSH is that high but I have nothing to show for it so it's onto DE for us.

    I know it's disappointing to face a setback such as this but you simply cannot cycle with this donor. Best of luck to you.

  11. Deb, I agree with the others, I would not take a chance. You want to have the best chance possible. I'm sorry I know this is probably very frustrating. Did you find this donor through and agency? What does your RE say?

  12. Ladies – Thank you so much for responding. I am so very grateful for your honesty and insight. I emailed the clinic to tell them about our concerns and they informed me that they totally understand my concerns. But, want to wait and see what her AMH is. They went on to say that at that point the RE will either pull her as a donor or approve her to go forward. If the RE approves her then we will regroup and reject the donor.

    I’m worried that they will say her AMH is okay and expect us to move forward. I will not gamble that money on this donor – no way! I’ve have had enough disappointments through IVF (as we all have) that I at least want to start each one out with some chance of hope, and unfortunately these FSH levels do not offer that hope. I asked the for rest of the results, but they asked me to wait for the AMH and then regroup with the Dr. I'm about to call the finance department to make sure we can get a refund on the deposit paid.

    amarianthi - We located this donor through our clinic CCRM. They do the matching etc, and then the donor goes through testing before being matched to you and starting meds etc.

    Elise – Thank you for using the word ‘unacceptable’ it really put things into perspective for me, and I appreciate it. I simply have no choice other than to reject this donor and move on. I feel like I had so much hope after being told how much we are alike etc, and now I’m back to square one, but moving on is all part of this ride, so I need to just move forward. I was also reading online that the high FSH at such a young age is also indicative of secondary infertility. I also informed my clinic that I've always been told that high FSH i.e. 10 and higher typically predicts a poor prognosis for fertility treatments. They didn’t respond, so I’ll just wait to hear what happens.

    I’ll check back in when I get the results. Deb

  13. All - I don't believe ANYONE has had their first DE cycle go perfectly. Could be a timing issue, could be donor backed out, could be you change your mind about donor, could be that you find some other IF problem and have to try again with a different protocol, could be anything! Don't despair, just realize that since we all are at the DE point now, we have been through a lot and we can take some more delays on the road.

    Good luck!

  14. What happened to all of the August cyclers?

  15. Good Morning ladies. We leave for our trip next Thursday and I start lupron on Friday!

    How is everyone else doing?

  16. Leaving for Zlin on Sunday and have ER a week from this Thursday (6th). It is starting to feel like a reality. I don't know how I'm going to be able to do a 2ww and then 9 months of pregnancy (if I should be so lucky). After years of tcc, I've lost any patience I might have once had!

    Where are you going for your cycle?

  17. Hello All,

    I started my meds last Saturday and am tentatively scheduled for ET on 24th/25th of August. Anyone else slated for the end of August?

    IHeart - I was wondering how it works with your donor when you do your cycle in Zlin? Do they choose for you? Do you see any pics?


  18. Iheart - Wow you are almost there! I know what you mean though, I have no patience!

    apanta - looks like I am about a week behind you. We should have ER around 8/31-9/1.

    I am cycling in Mass. I am headed to Ireland next Thursday to visit with family. MY BIL is getting married. I will be traveling with my Lupron but I am not worried about it.

    Hope everyone else is doing well!

  19. Can I join you all?

    After a couple delays due to thyroid issues we're ready to go for our fet. It's scheduled for 8/28 which is just a little after my b-day. I'm hoping I'm going to get the best b-day gift ever w/ a bfp.

    We had an unsuccessful e-set fresh transfer back in April and can't wait to go back to CNY for our FET.

  20. Welcome hope!

  21. Hi Ladies. Love Ireland! I went to UCG many moons ago. Dying to get back. Enjoy your wedding, Irish.

    As for Zlin, all of the donors are anonymous. We get to request a list of preferences and send in a photo or two of ourselves and the clinic does their best to match you up. The donors are tested using the American Society of Reproductive Health standards and they screen out the mentally ill, those with family histories of cancer, diabetes, etc.

    Zlin is a college town and they have a large pool of donors, so we were able to get everything on our list.

    In other news, had my lining checked today - 10mm! I'm telling everyone (and getting some funny looks!).

  22. bumping...

    leaving tomorrow... can't come soon enough!

  23. We leave tomorrow as well, getting into Prague Monday about 5:00pm. I am excited, although a little frustrated not to know my exact schedule. Nurse just told me that she would inform when donor is ready for ER. I have run myself ragged the last 2 weeks trying to get everything right before we go. I am going to finally start packing as soon as I get off the computer.

    Good luck to all of you and Iheart we may pass each other and not even know it. Have a safe flight. I will keep everyone posted when able.

  24. Wishing you a great trip and much success Evergreen!!

  25. Good Luck! Looking forward to a great report when you get back!

    I leave on Thurs. Start Lupron this friday.

    Where is everyone else?

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