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  1. Anyone else looking at an August Cycle? This will be my first DE cycle and I would love to have others to chat with while going through the process.

  2. Hi Irish,

    I will be also doing my first DE cycle in August. This is my third IVF cycle, the other two were OE that ended in m/c. I am excited but a little nervous. I am praying to the baby gods that this one works for us.


  3. Hi Stef, sorry about your losses.

    I had 2 IUIs, 5 IVFS with my own eggs. Started fertility treatment in May of 2007 due to Male Factor. 2 IUIs BFN, moved on to IVF in Oct 07 which resulted in a BFP but we lost our DD at 16 weeks due to Trisomy 13. We both got tested and found out I have a balanced translocation which had nothing to do with the T13. Decided to take our chances with FET, did 2 both BFN. Moved on to IVF with PGD, did 2 cycles both had nothing to transfer, all abnormal. Decided to move on to DE and my wonderful sister will hopefully be our donor.

    My sister and her DH have their first appointment tomorrow.

    I am 31, DH is 36. TTC for 3 years.

    So that is my crazy story. I am getting excited about this but I too am nervous.

    Where are you in the process? Have you found a donor?

  4. Hey Irish,

    I am sorry for all you have gone through, and in baby making years you are still young! This is my third IVF and I this is it for me; if this doesn't work we will try for adoption or just get a couple horses and move on.

    We are 100% OOP & the last 2 cycles have been very hard financially, emotional and physically. 1st OE IVF ended in m/c @ 9.5 wks (cycled in CO); 2nd IVF ended in a chemical (cycled in Europe). I am almost 37 and DH is 50. I am fortuante to have 2 children from a previous marriage; DS 20 and DD 14. It is weird I went from being a very young mother to now trying so hard to be a old one! My first pg was obviously not planned.

    I am doing my first DE cycle in Europe and yes I have a donor. We have already bought airline tickets and have received our protocol. I will be there Aug 3-13. I am waiting for some answers to questions I wrote and my presciptions. I started progesterone for a few days to extend my AF. My natural cycle is close but a little too close, I would have ET at day 20- could be too late.

    I think it is wonderful that your sister will donate for you.


  5. I can't believe how soon it will be now. I have about 6 wks now. I have been trying to get some answers out of my clinic. It is a little frustrating at times dealing with an out of country clinic and waiting for responses.

    What are you doing for preparation for the upcoming cycle? What protocol are you on? DE is new for me and I am a little unsure of myself.


  6. We had our first appointment with the clinic last week and we have another consult with my sis and her DH on Thursday then we will be good to go. I think everything will take place the end of August. We are heading over to Ireland in early August so I was worried that everything would fall around the same time.

    If you don't mind me asking how come you are cycling in Europe? It is getting close, you must be getting so excited! My sis will be on Lupron then Gonal-F, not sure what protocol that is. How are you bringing your meds with you? I think I am going to have to bring Lurpon to Ireland with me.

    I am starting to get excited but I am afraid to get my hopes up!

    Have you ever done a frozen transfer? I was told that our part will be similar to that.

  7. hi Irish, how old is your sister? my history is similar to yours but i'm older at 37. i'd love to ask my sister but she's 35, and currently pregnant, so wouldn't happen any time soon. plus she still lives in Dublin! so wouldnt be easy logistically.

    did your RE recommend you do any tests to ensure your sister will be a good donor? mine has had two m/cs, but also one healthy DS and one more on the way.

  8. Hi Mairead, my sis is 32, 33 in sept. She has had 3 healthy children, no m/c. We had her get a karyotype test to make sure she does not have the same chromosome issue that I have. Turns out she is ok. That was really the only test we had to do, other then that she does all the other required testing to go through IVF.

    Let me know if you have any other questions. Good Luck.

  9. Hi Irish, Evergreen and Mairead,

    Can I join in on your August Cycle thread? I will be completing my first DE Cycle in August sometime as well.

    We just picked our donor (from an agency) and she is undergoing all the testing with our doctor.

    I have done four IVF cycles with my OE (2 of which were cancelled due to poor response). One of the other two was BFN, and one was a total failure with no eggs being able to be retrieved.

    But, I am also very excited to start my DE Cycle! I can't wait really!

    Here's to HIGH HOPES!


  10. Hi Mairead, my sis is 32, 33 in sept. She has had 3 healthy children, no m/c. We had her get a karyotype test to make sure she does not have the same chromosome issue that I have. Turns out she is ok. That was really the only test we had to do, other then that she does all the other required testing to go through IVF. Let me know if you have any other questions. Good Luck.

    thanks so much Irish, i will come back to you with more questions..if i can ever get my head around this concept and then screwed on tight so i can take the next steps!

    i'm not sure my sister will work so i guess the next step then is to find a donor agency, find a donor, and get the cycle going. i'm going to do my third ivf in sept just to be sure to be sure..but i'd like to get working on DE anyway as it will help to have a backup plan

  11. Welcome apanta!

    Mairead, have you had a karyotype test done? Will you do PGD your next cycle? I hope that your cycle in September is successful!!

  12. Welcome apanta! Mairead, have you had a karyotype test done? Will you do PGD your next cycle? I hope that your cycle in September is successful!!

    Hi Irish - dh and i are doing our karyotype b/w tomorrow, not sure what we'll find. here's our history, nothing to do PGD on unfortunately

    i am 37 next month, DH is 41
    we were ttc naturally for ~1 year, nothing
    did tests, DH has severe MF, got four different opinions, IVF ICSI was suggested option, not enough swimmers to do IUI
    i have three sisters, and including my mother, there is a long history of m/c in my family, but my mother did have four healthy daughters and my younger sister, 34, had a baby two years ago and is pg again
    i did intralipids and took dexa to help with ET, sadly didnt need it..

    cycle 1
    15 eggs/7 mature/4 fertilize/zero make it to day 5
    protocol was lupron, gonal f & menopur
    i was way over stimulated with e2 peaking over 4k and then crashing as stims were reduced
    RE was incompetent but mentioned it might be egg quality as eggs didn't look great. figured this was due to poor care and moved on

    cycle 2
    excellent care, estrogen patch, lupron, gonalf, luveris
    very carefully managed, e2 rose steadily
    23 eggs/21 mature/14 fert/only one 8 cell on day 3
    RE said that 16 of the eggs were 'strikingly' abnormal - with multiple polar bodies.
    RE suggested it's premature aging or but more likely genetic
    said they had only seen eggs like mine twice before and neither woman was able to get pregnant..

  13. Mairead, the karyotype test will tell you if you or your DH has a chromosome issue. I hope everything works out for you. Why can't this be easier?? It is crazy how much I have learned about chromosomes! More then I ever wanted to know.

    I am heading to our counseling appointment with my DH, my sis, and her DH. I am nervous! I don't know why...My sis and I have talked about this alot but we have never really talked about it together the 4 of us. I am sure it will be fine, maybe awkward at first.

    Hope all is going well with everyone else!

  14. Hi Ladies,

    It is nice to see this board moving. I am cycling in Czech Republic basically because of cost. It is dramatically less even with the travel part. We are 100% out of pocket. We have done 2 OE cycles, one in Colorado and the other in Czech Republic. 1st ended in a 9.5 wk m/c and the second one ended with a chemical. We are now moving on to DE, this will be the first time for us. I have selected a proven donor, who seems great. Everything starts with my next AF, which should be around July 22-24th, and ET about August 11th. We are getting excited. We were just in Czech Republic for the last cycle in April, so we know what to expect. Prague is a nice city, that is where we are cycling. Last time we cycled in a little town, Olomouc, it was pretty boring there after we had seen everything. We are looking at visiting Berlin, has anyone been there before?

    The only meds prescribed to me are: aspirin, prednisone, Prometrium (progesterone), and Estrofam. I don't start anything until AF starts. Donor is on pills to regulate her cycle to mine and the time period we will be over there. I have heard DE is much easier on the body than stimulation.


  15. Stef - How great to hear from you. Not sure if you remember us chatting a while back through our experices with m/c . I also decided to move on to DE and also will (fingers crossed) by cycling around the same time as you. We have also selected a donor. So glad to hear that things are going well for you. Roll on August!! Take care, Debbie

  16. Just curious what you other ladies have paid for your therapy session to determine if you are psychologically ready for DE.

    Our clinic makes it mandatory for at least one session, and they prefer that you go to the one therapist that they refer.

    It is quite pricey for an hour or so of talking.



  17. apanta, I am not cycling in the States, it is not required for me.

    Deb, I do remember talking to you. I am glad to see you are moving forward as well. I just ended up with another failed cycle in April, so for me this is it. Did you cycle again since we spoke last? You live in Colorado don't you? Where are you cycling? I am doing it in Czech Republic again because of cost.
    It is amazing how fast it is coming up.

    Hope everyone is doing well,


  18. apanta - We also had to pay for our own, and a donors therapy session to determine if we were psychologically ready for DE, in addition to the donor being ready. I thought it was a lot of money for an hour of chatting about our history with IVF. I mean, are they really going to deny people anyway - given that money is involved?

    Our clinic makes it mandatory and you have to go to their own therapist.

    STEF - I’m sorry that your April cycle didn’t work out. We also did a cycle in April – which obviously didn’t work out either. I’m hoping that the next time our cycles are twinned, it’ll be a success for us both!! We also decided to go with a donor this cycle – I got sick and tired of trying with my own eggs. How was the Czech Republic for doing a cycle? Was it expensive to travel there? Will your donor be from the CR? How does that work out? Great to hear that you are also moving along. Its amazing how patient we are forced to be through this process. I’m going to CCRM - which is so bloody expensive, but thankfully my huband (after my insurance ran out for infertility) discovered that he has a little coverage, so we are using that up for my portion (since donor is not covered) for hopefully the last, and successful cycle.

    I’m not living in CO. I live in MN so we fly there.

    ALL - How long is your schedule? I’m really interested in knowing what a cycle typically looks like. I’m still waiting for my donors day 3 labs, so we can get synched up.

    Is anyone doing genetic testing on DE? I'm concerned as all of the testing of my own eggs/embryo's came back perfectly normal, and the tests were so expensive.

  19. Czech Republic is great. It is different; they take a much more relaxed attitude with IVF. It almost feels like you are not monitored enough since here in the US I felt like I was always going in for one reason or another. Their success rates are very good though. It is fun to travel while cycling as it helps to take your mind off it. Last cycle I didn’t get back to the US until 8dp2t. With that and jet lag it made the 2ww fly by. The donor is a resident of Prague. The airfare is the most expensive part besides the IVF cycle itself. Otherwise Eastern Europe is pretty cheap. You can eat a 3 course meal with wine for 2 for $30. Of course you can find expensive places as well. Prague is more expensive to cycle and stay in then the smaller towns. To do a donor cycle in Prague it will cost us 4,500 Euro, about $ 6,200. It covers everything except my meds which they figure about $ 250-500 depending on what is prescribed. Airfare was $700 each for DH and I. We have no insurance coverage for infertility, which is why we are going there. We would definitely go to CCRM if it wasn't so expensive. I was quoted at least $ 32,000 to cycle there with a donor.

    My protocol doesn’t start until next AF, which should be July 22-24. I then take Estrofam, aspirin, and prednisone. At first u/s I am to start progesterone. They recommend prenatals, folic acid, and aspirin now before start of AF. Donor is on bcp’s and will stop when my AF arrives. We will be there Aug 3-13. Transfer should be around the 11th, depending how everything goes.

  20. apanta, I had to pay an admin fee to the clinic and I am pretty sure all our counseling sessions were included in that. We went to the therapist at the clinic.

    vesna1961, I was told that once my sis gets AF retrieval would be about 6 weeks from there. My DH and I have had genetic testing because we lost our first DD due to T13. My sis had testing done and she is ok.

    Our joint counseling session went really well! Next we just wait for sis to get AF and on we go!

    August will be here before we know it!!

  21. glad to have you aboard. Does sond like we will be over there at the sme time. Let me know if you have any questions regarding travelling and being in Czech Republic. I am getting excited for the trip, not to far away now.

    You sound excited. How long were you on the waiting list for Zlin? I tried to make it happen in the same time period, but Petra couldn't get me in until Sept/Oct. This time period works best for me so we chose Gennet in Prague. It is a little more expensive, but cycling in Prague will be fun as there are a lot of things to do and the city is lovely.

    How is everyone else doing?

    Happy 4th of July!!

  22. I am so glad I am not on Lupron. I took it my first cycle, it was terrible. I would wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat and could hardly sleep. It was the middle of winter in Colorado, I would be so extremely hot, laying there buck naked trying to cool off. I didn't go nutty, but now know menopause is nothing to look forward to if hot flashes are like that. That is great IVF Vacations could get you in. I didn't try them. I don't want to pay extra money for a travel coordinator. I did talk to them last cycle and debated going with them. I ended up going to Fertimed, not a bad experience, but a little frustrating not hearing from too many other people who had gone there. Kinda the same situation as now, not too many people on this board has gone to Gennet. However on another board there are several girls who love Gennet.

  23. I think low stim is the standard over there from everything I have read including Zlin, Reprofit, Pronatal, Fertimed, Gennet, etc.

    I asked Fertimed about Vitrification and they told me that is what they do; I guess I question their freezing methods as a whole since all of the clinics have low FET success rates.

    Even though you are paying more to use IVF Vacations, we are paying more just to go to Gennet. It was about 600 Euro more than Reprofit & Zlin and they do not include ICSI & extended cultivation. I would have liked to save the money, however I am happy to spend more time in Prague. Zlin and Brno are big industrial citites, not a whole lot of charm. Olomouc where Fertimed is located was a smaller university town with a lot of history, but got boring pretty quickly. Are you going to try the Spa package at Zlin? I would if I was going there, it is pretty cheap.

    Hope everyone else is doing well and Iheart & I are not boring you with Czech facts!

  24. Good Morning, Sun is finally shining here! My sis called me last night to tell me she thinks she is getting AF so we could get her started soon! I am a little stressed because I think I am going to have to cut my trip to Ireland short. This takes priority but I am just worried about what we would tell DH's family. I know we will figure it out.

    So as it looks right now I think we could be looking at a retrieval somewhere around 8/21. We'll see!

    Hope everyone else is well!

  25. How is everyone?

    I am getting excited. I leave for Czech Republic in 3 weeks. I am not on Lupron or bcp's, so it seems like a lot of waiting for AF to get this show on the road. My meds just arrived, pretty quick so that is nice. I feel like AF could start soon, however it will mess with my dates of travel if it gets here too early.

    Irish, when and where are you going to Ireland? It is so beautiful there. Have you seen PS, I Love You? I watched it for the first time over the weekend and they show a national park that is covered in heather, it is very pretty.

    Iheart, your husband seems to have a great job. I would love to get paid to travel and take pictures! I already do the travelling and picture part, somehow I didn't learn how to get paid doing what I love. I think the food is terrible there, does your DH have suggestions?

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