At which week did you stop Progesterone & Estrogen?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I know I have seen a thread for this somewhere but can't locate it now.

    Would you mind sharing at which week your RE stops your Progesterone and Estrogen?
    And did you cut cold turkey or wean off of it (if you weaned, how did you do it?)?

    My RE stops both at 9w. My last PEO shot and estrogen pills will be at 9w and I will continue the Prometrium suppository through 9w2d.

    I am scared to death to stop these!
    Thank you for sharing,

  2. Hi mariofreitas,
    I'm so glad to hear everything is going well for you and the baby!
    For the estrogen and progesterone, my doctor told me to wean off them startiing at week 10 and stop completely by week 11. I was scared to do that too, so I started weaning at week 11 and stopped completely by week 12. I think the placenta takes over completely by week 12, but some doctors feel it can take over sooner so they stop the meds sooner. I'm sure you'll be fine!
    For the hematoma, I had that too and bled for a couple weeks on and off bleeding/spotting, and then it just disappeared for good so I'm sure that will happen for you too! Hang in there and congrats!!

  3. marylee-Thank you for sharing!

    How did your RE wean you exactly?

    As for your SCH, when was it discovered and by which week had it gone away? I am on bedrest week 3 and it's stabilized at 1 cm. but still there...

    Thank you!

  4. Hi mariofreitas,

    For the weaning, he had me drop the patch at 10 weeks (again, I did this all a week later because I was paranoid), and drop from 2 estrace a day to 1 estrace a day for 4 days. I also dropped from endometrin 3x a day to 2x a day for those 4 days. Then I dropped to 1 endometrin a day after that for the next 3 days and kept doing the 1 estrace a day. On the 7th day I stopped everything.

    For the hematoma, they discovered mine very early as I had bleeding at 5 weeks, 5 days. I had more bleeding at 6 weeks, 5 days and went for another ultrasound and it showed the hematoma was still the same size and had not decreased, but hadn't increased either. They didn't prescribe any bedrest for me, just to take it easy. I had another bleeding episode at 8 weeks, 1 day and went for ultrasound at the OB office, where they did an abdominal ultrasound (which wasn't as good as the vaginal one) and saw the baby was fine, but couldn't find the hematoma. I didn't have any other bleeding after that and my next ultrasound wasn't until the nuchal scan at 12 weeks, 6 days and everything looked great with no hematoma in sight. I'm now 13 weeks, 5 days and all seems well!
    Good luck to you!!

  5. Hi mariofreitas,

    My RE had me come off totally cold turkey on Week 10. I was told that by week 8, the placenta forming should take over and that by week 10 it is safe. To be honest, I was terrified at the prospect when they first told me at 7 weeks, but by week 10 I was so ready to stop all, my buns are grateful no more PIO shots.

  6. Thanks prego and New-I will follow my RE and stop at week 9. I have to trust someone and I do trust my RE, he is great. I will do supp. a few days longer so about 9.5 weeks just to wean a bit.

  7. My clinic (CNY) had me do a blood test at 10 weeks to check my progesterone level before quiting. I quit my oral progesterone at 10 weeks but they kept me on prometrium supps for another 2 weeks.

    Congrats mariofreitas on your pregnancy and you may want to see if they can check the progesterone level before quiting.


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