At the one year mark at age 53

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  1. Hi old friends,

    Allie is 3 1/2 now and keeping us young along with our 9 grandchildren. I just passed the one year mark for no periods so I guess I'm officially meno. Ok, I have to confess...I can't stop thinking about being pregnant. Probably TMI but with Allie in our bed most of the time, getting together is challenging. In april, we visited our oldest daughter for her baby's birth and stayed in a hotel. Allie stayed with my youngest daughter of the first set so we could have some \"alone time\".

    I have felt kind of weird that last couple of weeks, more trips to the bathroom, tender boobs, right now my back aches like AF is coming on. Am I crazy? I tried to get pg naturally from age 45 to 49. Has tubal reversal and know only one tube is open. I haven't used BC in 8.5 years with not even a glimpse of a natural pg...but I can't help but I pg? I wouldn't admit that to anyone but you guys, I'll bet you can identify. I'm afraid to test. I don't know what I'll be feeling either way. Oh yeah and I'm still hot flashing and growing hair on my chin...LOL until a week ago and suddenly the hair growth stopped...I also cannot lose any weight despite being in a weight management program, eating right and exercising more. What is going on with meno messing with my head?

    I hope you are all well...


  2. Hi Dee. Congratulations on your daughter. I think it's safe to say if your period has been missing for a year your probably in menopause. You could always test but chances are fairly slim over 50. Best wishes.

  3. I finally did test this morning and it was BFN. Actually I'm relieved. As nice as it would be for Allie to have a younger sibling, I'm not really up for the task. God knew what he was doing when he gave us just the one. And I would be worried about all that comes with being pg with my own eggs at this age.

    So I enter the next stage of my life. I hope you are all successful with your dreams.

    SRJ...congrats on the twins. Hope all is well.


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