At end of 2WW & Spotting after HPT +++ ?

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  1. As if the 2ww isn't stressful enough due to the east coast snow my beta is postponed 2 days to I poas'd and guess what a positive (but don't wanna get over joyed to early) now I have light pinkish spotting so I am freaking out anyone else have spotting after getting +++ on hpt?

  2. Congrats! I didn't test early, but I had spotting on Day 26 and Day 27 and I still got a positive beta. You can call and ask what your luteul levels are, that may make you feel better. My levels went up, so my RE wasn't particularly concerned about the spotting. Good luck!

  3. Ct thanks for the info..... The spotting seems to have stopped so they said to continue with my progesterone and wait for Monday hopefully my #'s will be good.

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