Are black out curtains worth it?

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  1. Is it better for the baby/toddler to get use to sleeping even if there's some light coming in (during day naps) or are black out curtains the better way to go to ensure a good nap regularly?

  2. I think you will definitly get mixed responses on this. I have black out rollar shades in both my kids' bedrooms and highly reccomend them. We live in CA and have zero shade around our house so it's pretty sunny. I think it's really nice for them to have a quiet, darkened space to sleep.

    I haven't had a problem with my kids not being able to sleep elsewhere, but they are definitly not carseat/stroller/on-the-go nappers. I'm fine with that though as when I am home for naps (99% of the time) we all get that nice long stretch in the mid-afternoon. I also like that they don't wake up at the crack of dawn!


  3. Absolutely recommend them. Makes for a better nap and rest for them.

  4. Def would recommend it! We have black out shades in all of our rooms and they are awesome! The sun comes into my sons bedroom and if we didn't have them he would be up when the sun comes up.

  5. up until today, i would've said no. but today i pulled the heavy curtains during nap time and my son slept for 2.5 hours. We'll be pulling those curtains from now on.

  6. i recommend them wholeheartedly!

    using them has not stopped my twins from napping elsewhere in different conditions either.


  7. DS started waking up at 6;30 a.m. the past week due to early sunrise. I improvised some dark curtains and the very next morning he started sleeping until 7;30-8;00! I am a happy camper!

  8. Definitely worth it! It was was of the best purchases...We didn't get the curtains though, we got liners and had them put sewn into his existing curtains.

  9. Black-out curtains and a noise maker are the key to sleeping bliss!

  10. Black-out curtains and a noise maker are the key to sleeping bliss!

    i'll testify to this anyday!


  11. I highly recommend blackout curtains IF you think it will make a difference. I have 8.5mo twins, and one could care less, and one will only sleep for about 40 min. unless the room is dark (been like this since about 3mo). We have the blackout curtains in the nursery, so my one who needs it sleeps in there for naps and her sister sleeps down the hall, where the room is somewhat lighter.

    Try hanging up an extra towel or something to see if it will make a difference. If it does, invest in the shades!

  12. I just saw this so not sure if you are still reading. I like black out curtains.

    But I just wanted to write since your question seems to imply that they are expensive and you may not want to spend the money. They are expensive. But you can buy black out fabric at a fabric store for about $30 that will cover a standard window. I happen to have a sewing machine so I just sewed it on to the back of our regular curtains. If you don't you could hot glue or velcro them onto the back of your regular curtains.

    My kids definitely slept better with black outs.

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