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  1. I got a huge bag of Arabic Coffee (brand: AL RIFI) and I don't know how to make it. The granules are big are not black and it has cardamon and other stuff in it. I used my expresso machine and it started to rattle and shake. I grabbed my toddler ran for cover.
    It smells wonderful and I want to enjoy it but I don't think I can use a conventional coffee maker. The instructions are all in arabic.


  2. My friend (whose not Arabic- she's Greek, but loves Arabic coffee) grinds hers up in the coffee grinder first.
    Good luck! It's darn good coffee- but it's got a big kick to it!

  3. No advice, but once when I was in Jordan we were invited in for coffee into a tent so in I went with friends and they told me I must drink it or it is rude. Well, I drank it including most of the grounds. I later found out I didnt need to drink the grounds - blech! But at least I wasnt rude

    Good luck finiding the directions.

  4. a french press would work well- do you have one? they're inexpensive and i've never been able to stop using one and move on to conventional coffee makers. the coffee is just excellent.

  5. ... grinds hers up in the coffee grinder first.Good luck! It's darn good coffee- but it's got a big kick to it!
    Ditto! I love coffee, but I find it very 'spiced'

  6. I went online, and it says I am supposed to boil it. It looks more like tea than coffee. Very clear, but very aromatic. Smells delicious. It said not to add sugar or milk.

  7. I'm not a coffee drinker but I've been in a lot of Arab homes with the coffee on the stove. There's a special little pot in which to boil it -- small, maybe 5 inches high. I'm sure you can find it in a Middle Eastern market in NYC.

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