Approx. how often does your 4 1/2 month breastfeed?

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  1. Just looking for some feedback.....

    My b/b twins eat about every three hours (sometimes more frequently) -- this is the same frequencey since they were born. Should they be going longer stretches now that they are getting older? Should I try to stetch the time some, or is 'on demand' still best? Any tips?

    I'll admit that with the warmer weather I'd like to get outside more with them, but sometimes bfing keeps us tied to the house. I'd like to pump more, but with twins, it seems there isn't a lot of extra time.

    I appreciate any responses....

  2. I checked my baby books because I couldn't remember. My DS was feeding 5-7 times a day (he was sleeping through the night since 2 months).

    DD was feeding 5-6 times in 24 hours. She had just started sleeping through the night. She was eating about every 3-3.5 hours during the day.

    I think every kid is different. I would say you should still mostly feed on demand. They may be able to go a little longer if you are out. Have you tried bf in public? I am sure it is challenging with twins, but if you can figure it out it might make it easier to get out more. Maybe even feeding them one at a time since the other one isn't mobile yet to run away

    Good luck.

  3. my first was every 3 hours at that age- second was still every 2

    i never minded whipping 'em out in public, though, so it didn't tie us down much. also didn't have twins, clearly


  4. It sounds like you are doing great! Dont try punoing and bottles and mess with a good thing. Demand feeding is always best for breatsfeeding and really for all babies IMHO.

    My kids always ate nursed 1-2 hours for many months, so 3 hours sounds like a dream!

    Twin DDs-5y

  5. Mine both nursed a lot at that age, too. Maybe one three-hour stretch in a day during a long nap, but usually two hours or less. Any day could be totally different from the one before. I kind of liked nursing a lot, but then, it was only one at a time and not twins. Over the past Christmas holiday, when I was available 24/7, my 2.5 year-old DD went back to about about every 2 hours!! Okay, that was a bit much!! She hasn't nursed now in about a month and I am sad but also okay with it. She asked to nurse yesterday because she hasn't been feeling well and I was definitely wishing for that magic milk to help her out.

    You are doing great. I don't think pumping will make them eat less often and I found pumping to be soooooooooo much more work.


  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone! It's nice to know they are eating similarly to other babies at this age. Your messages also reminded me that I should just relax and cherish this stage.

    Thanks again.

  7. Hi Jane,

    Wow Great to see you post! Where did all the Jan mums go? My b/b twins who are 4.5 m too, are nursing about the same right now. I do find that if we go out they tend to be distracted and may go longer. My 3hrs is the avg. but thry still sometimes only have 1 hr beteeen nursing sessions. I am feeding on demand too. They nurse more in the early morning and before bed. Most nights they wake 1x at 2:30am to nurse (bed by 7-8pm and up by 7-8am), and sometimes 2x (1:30 and 5:30am).

    Bye for now

  8. My 4 month old nurses about every 2-3hrs. I just nurse on demand, when she fusses, I offer a boob. It seems like in the evenings she's just attached to me. She nurses so much more in the evenings than during the day.

  9. My 6 mo twins still nurse every 2 - 3 hours. Or I should one of them does, the other one is now ff but takes a bottle pretty much every 3 hours. The ff one sleeps through the night but the ebf one is up at least twice still. I also feed on demand but 2 -3 hours seems the norm.

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