anyone with singleton and twins - how different were your beta\'s?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have a curiosity question. We just did our 6th transfer (some have been fresh and some frozen). We have had previous BFP and this time beta is higher and doubling a little faster than other times. Does that mean more than one?

    Here our betas....

    IVF #1 BFN
    IVF #2 BFP 11dp3dt = 98, 13dp3dt = 202, 18dp3dt = 1310 (healthy singleton)
    FET #1 BFP 11dp3dt = 114, 13dp3dt = 236 18dp3dt = 1440 (singleton h/b @ 6w4d, then no h/b @ 7w5d, M/C @ 9w1d)
    IVF#3 BFN
    FET #2 BFP 11dp3dt = 102, 13dp3dt = 174, 18dp3dt = 1630 (TWINS, but after seeing h/b on both @ 7w4d TwinA no longer had h/b @ 9w4d - Vanishing twin) Went on to have singleton

    FET#3 BFP 11dp3dt = 175, 13dp3dt = 441, next beta on 10/19

    So, what do you all think as far as how many in there? I had a vanishing twin pregnancy with similiar beta to my singleton, now these are higher?

    We are really hoping for just 1 since we still have 4 on ice and I feel morally obligated to use all that were created.

  2. Beta's are so hard to judge, but I'll give you mine.

    1st BFP 12dp5dt 232=singleton

    2nd BFP 8dp5dt 350=twins

    I\'m not sure what the follow-up betas were on either pg but I do remember them doubling in the average amount of time. I always heard a faster than normal doubling time was an indicator of multiples, but with my twin pg doubling was average. My nurse was sure it was twins based on the high initial beta. I asked a few re's when I got the subsequent betas and they said it looked like one baby based on the average doubling time. But turns out it was my nurse who was right. I kind of had a feeling just because my number was so much higher with the 2nd BFP and it was done 4 days earlier.

    Good luck,

  3. Thanks for responding tara! Your twin beta was definitely higher than mine, so maybe we do have a singleton.

    When I asked the nurse about them being higher than previous pregnancy and if that meant multiples, she said that they are a little high but nothing outrageous. They would suspect multiples for sure if 2nd beta had been over 1,000. But since we transferred 3 there is a chance - no way to tell until u/s. So her answer wasn't much help!

  4. Congratulations on your pregnancy gtheodosiou,

    I don't know if this helps at all but my one and only beta at 14dp3dt was 738 (we transferred 2 eggs). The nurse told me that this was a \"normal\" range for a singleton. I am 22w2d pregnant with triplets.

    They're pretty sure that my identical twins implanted later than my fraternal so maybe that's why my numbers were \"lower\". However, the more numbers I see from others makes me think that my clinic \"should\" have suspected that I was having multiples!?

    Good Luck!

  5. I am pg with id twins and I don't have a singleton comparison but my completely uninformed opinion is a strong singleton with that number.

    I was 195 at 14dpo with id twins but they share a placenta so beta is more comperable to a singleton than twins. betas aren't great predictors of # of babies as i'm sure you know. but always fun to guess!

  6. I was just suffering through the same issue, my initial beta on 11dp5dt was average at 143 (higher than prev pg) but even worse, my next beta several days later showed my doubling time was 30 hours!
    We desperately DO NOT want twins as we have an 18 mo dd, so I was extremely worried as I've read that doubling time is a better indicator than the number itself, ugh, but my u/s at 7w3d showed one baby, thankfully

    I don't think you can compare values from one pg to the next as it has so much to do with timing of implantation, the embryo, and many other factors so there is no \"normal\"

    FWIW your numbers a very much in the singleton range


  7. I don't have a singleton to compare to, but my beta at 14dpo was 394. I now have fraternal twin girls.

    Good luck!

  8. Thanks everyone! I am hoping for a nice strong singleton. I go back for 3rd beta on Oct. 19 so will see if doubling continues to be fast or not. Between beta 1 and 2 it was 36 hours.


  9. I have twins and my betas were:
    11dp3dt was 210
    14dp3dt was 561 (Doubling time was 50.79 hrs)
    18dp3dt was 2028 (Doubling time was 51.78 hrs)

    As you can see by my doubling times, they weren't \"fast\" so go figure

  10. We're expecting twins and our betas were:

    14dp3dt 1097
    16dp3dt 2217

    our first ivf was singleton(miscarriage)

    11dp3dt 100
    13dp3dt 180
    14dp3dt 385

    so your numbers are higher then my singleton number so hopefully it's a strong little singleton

    but betas are odd - you just never can tell!

  11. Thanks everyone for responding. We just had 3rd beta and at 19dp3dt my number has jumped up to 3982. Nurse said they are not supposed to make any guesses about # but that based off of my previous cycles, not to be surprised if there are 2. But you never know until u/s.

    So # is very high for singleton, but doubling time has gone from 36 hours to 46 hours. Guess we wait until Oct. 28 for u/s.


  12. 1st pregnancy was a singleton, though it ended in a m/c just before 9 weeks.
    My betas were 131 at 14dpo and 665 at 17dpo
    This pregnancy I have fraternal twins and my betas were double that of my last pregnancy. 258 at 14dpo and 1996 at 18dpo.

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