Anyone with Difficult transfers?

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  1. HI Ladies,

    I have done 5 IVF Cycles..3 with my own eggs and the last 2 with my donor eggs all Failed.
    With the donor eggs, The first ivf I transferred 2 expanded blasts
    With the last on on March 19th we Transferred 2 expanded blasts and 1 hatching blast.
    I have no issues and have been tested for everything.
    My lining was 9.2 triple strip. RE said it was perfect.

    I have a retroverted uterus, or very tilted back uterus. All of my transfers
    were very difficult..having to change catheters a few time or the RE manuvering the speculum to try to get to the cervix..Very painful and time consuming.

    I was wondering if any of you had this issue and what your RE had done to make it easier and if you eventually got pregnant?

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  2. Hi Donna - I'm so sorry to hear about all you've been through. I've done two IVF's, both BFN. I also have a retroverted uterus and my first transfer was a difficult one. We discussed it at my first review meeting and the RE felt this made no difference - however, I've read in a few different places that if the cervix and/or uterus contract during transfer then it can set the uterus off with tiny contractions for hours after and this can reduce the chances of implantation. I've also read that with a retroverted uterus if the bladder is TOO full, this can make it a lot more uncomfortable and therefore may cause more contractions (however, a full bladder helps to tip the uterus back straight and can help the doctor). This time I requested valium for the transfer, and the RE compromised and gave me Ativan (which he said will have a similar sedative effect but leaves the body quicker) and I took a couple of tylenol extra (this sometimes helps me with pap smears which I also find tough). I also drank considerably less water than the first time, about half what the recommend, and finally it happened to be a different RE who performed the procedure - not sure what caused it, but the transfer was amazing, I didn't feel a thing. I have to say, I'm inclined to say it was the RE more than anything else - I always find pap smears painful, except once before with one particular ob/gyn.

    I've seen this discussed a few times on the general board - if you put "difficult transfer" into the search box I think you'll turn up a few threads about it.

    Hope this helps,


  3. I just wanted to chime in if I may...
    Donna, I too have failed my first DE cycle where everything was perfect. Did your RE do a mock transfer to know catheter placement? I've had that done and there were no problems. I always have been told my uterus was retroverted, but gyn says it's more straight up and down. With this transfer they tried to do it without the introducer, but the catheter wouldn't thread correctly so he then had to use it. Didn't hurt at all.
    Also, my RE I'm w/ now showed me on u/s when he was checking my lining how that uterus always has very minute contractions anyway.
    Debbie, your RE should have given you Valium as you requested. Valium works as a muscle relaxer too where, if my memory is correct, Ativan does not. I'll have to check on that, but I believe Ativan will just reduce anxiety. Valium will help to keep the uterus from spasming. Not to worry though because transfers can be done without pre-medicating and they work too.

  4. Hi Debbie & seiferbrix,

    My RE, I am with (SIRM) does not do mock transfers. This is my 4th IVF cycle with them, The first 2 were with a different RE in SIRM, And with my donor cycle I used Dr Sher. I thought for sure with all his experience and his pioneering I would have gotten Pregnant. This whole Journey has been an eye opening and learning experience. I am praying that the June cycle will bring us our Miracle. I am going to be put under iv Sedation this time...I am hoping that, that does the trick.

    Thank you for your Responses.


  5. Donna,
    Maybe you should insist on a mock transfer before the next one. I'm surprised w/ all of your cycles and the difficulty they have no one has done that. They insert the catheter under u/s guidance and measure where they need to go. As it was during my last mock the RE had a difficult time getting the catheter thru the cervix. He had to inject me w/ lidocaine and use a tenaculum to grab my cervix to thread it in. Luckily when it was the real deal there were no problems, but he did have everything out and ready to go if there were. I kind of remember him telling us that he wants to make sure he doesn't disrupt the lining when placing the catheter (I had Valium on board at the time).

    I don't know if the difficult transfer had anything to do w/ your bfn. I'm stumped on my cycle as everything was perfect too.
    So sorry we're here.

  6. Hi girls...

    I have gone through 2 iui's and 1 ivf...all BFN\'s...

    My 1st iui transfer was so problems...

    My 2nd iui transfer was not so easy...took a half hour, 4 catheters and 2 doctors to thread the catheter....

    My RE did a mock transfer before I started stim meds for my ivf cycle and she told me the part of my cervix leading into my uterus is a U-turn shape (its normally straight) and she had to put a something on my cervix to "pinch" it to one side...she got the catheter in right away after that....

    My ET was a 2 hour mess...the RE on duty tried for 45 mins to get through to my uterus with no avail (i was on 10mg of valium)...i was soooo uncomfortable from the full bladder and also a lingering enlarged ovary due to the stim meds...he suggested i empty my bladder partway and he would try again...went back in and my bladder was still too full so had to empty a little more again...they give me another 10mg of valium...the RE comes back in the OR and tells me that in 2 mins he will know if he will still have a problem getting into my uterus...if it doesn't look good, he wanted to put me under anesthesia...if he still couldn't get it under anesthesia, another RE from a satellite office would have to come there to try...THANK GOD he got through after another 45 minutes!!

    We go to our consult next wednesday to see if they can explain why this cycle failed...i can't help but think the transfer was too stressful!!

  7. Yes, I believe my tilted uterus was the main cause of why IVF #1 failed. Also, my regular RE did not do the final transfer and I blame that as well. I had to do many trial transers. My RE called other REs for their opinions. I had to go to day surgery to get my cervix dilated due to anesthesia. He also used an extra tool during my transfer. I can't really explain it, but he used that tool first to expand or guide the tool with the embryo. That made it easier for the tool w/ embryo to go in. I am so glad I had a good RE. He never gave up on me, even during times when I wanted to give up. I hated doing all those trial transfers because having the full bladder was the worst.

    Good luck to you.

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