Anyone with a -HPT but a +BETA??

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  1. I know that it is probably over for me this cycle...did an HPT today which was negative, but am still holding out a tiny bit of hope just to make it through. Has anyone had a -HPT but still end up with a +BETA??

  2. I was really hoping someone would post a positive anwser to your question b/c I am in the same boat. 9dp3dt and still neg on the HPTs. We transferred 3 perfect 8 celled embryos and yet it still didnt work. I am sorry we are in the same boat. My beta is tomorrow, 8/7. I am tempted to not even go. I have to pay out of pocket and although its only $50, that's $50 I could us a lot of different ways but I also want the finality of this cycle and for it to just be over. This is it for us. No more ttc. We are moving on.

    Best wishes to you,

  3. Hi Ladies - it can happen - and I am in the same boat. negative hpts and waiting on labs. I have seen cases where women with betas in the 300 tested negative on hpt, and in a survey of 20 women 4 showed negative hpts and had positive betas. I am holding out hope before totally giving in - just wanted to let you know although not common, it can and does happen.

    Best of luck.


  4. The HPTs were accurate for me...BFN.

  5. My first hpt I took on Monday, negative, 7 days after transfer, 12 days after retrieval. I pretty much started to lose hope. Felt like AF was coming on, heavy feeling, light spotting, cramps. Took the last hpt this morning and one dark no preg line and one very faint preg line. Took beta this afternoon and BFP. The nursehad to repeat it a few times on the phone to me. I know it happens.

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