Anyone with 3rd trimester Previa?

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  1. Hi - you are doing so well!! 30 weeks is great so far! I was dx with complete previa at 20 weeks but am in New Zealand and waas put on no restrictions - (we followed USA recommendations and did do pelvic rest anyway and I took it easyish). Then was rechecked at 31 weeks - still complete and still told not to worry - no restrictions - so 4 days later at 32 weeks I was just sitting on couch at home doing nothing and started to haemorrhage - zoomed to hospital - bleeding slowed over the day - hospitalised - went to sleep (although I was having painful contractions that wasn't unusual for me so I thought nothing of it!) and woke up at midnight haemorrhaging heavily - rushed to C-section under general anaesthesia ( under general since I have Ashermann's syndrome from last IVF pregnancy and they suspected Placenta accreta). Woke up to my darling son in the NICU - I was fine - he was fine. He was actually septic and became very sick but they think that I had picked up an infection and that was likely what made me go into labour and the previa to rupture -

    However NICUs are GREAT and they stabilised him and he is now an amazing 11 month old - a serene and happy wee boy.

    Rest, rest rest is my advice - I am sure that resting helps to stop some bleeds and thus it is well worth it. I do suspect that sometimes the bleeds just ocur anyway as the cervix softens and stretches BUT i you are resting then at least you know that there is nothing more you can do -

    In terms of your concerns I remember being sooo scared too- ask the drs lots of questions and have a plan incase you do bleed. But do remember that drs are VERY good at stopping the bleeding if necessary - if a c-section is needed then as soon as the baby and placenta are out then usually all is fine. Also they told me that a warning bled before any big bleed is VERY usual and thus you would usually have time to get to the hospital if bleeding did start. They were very surprised that I had a big bleed . they said that mainly between 28 and 32 weeks if a bleed does occur then bedrest with usually stop it.

    I hope this has helped and not scared you. Not knowing how everything will go is scarey BUT the drs are great- mine were calm and just worked out the safest plan for the baby and me.

    Just rest and keep that baby in as long as possible!! All the best and please update us with how you are going. I am crossing my toes and fingers that that baby stays in there for a good number of weeks yet!

    Cheers Jaz

  2. Hi - I'm interested in hearing anyone's story with placenta previa in the third trimester. Anyone out there? I'm having a hard time being on modified bedrest (since my only bleed at 21 weeks). I'm now at 30 weeks and still have "complete" previa. I'm terrifed about the risks to come (hemoraging, possible hysterectomy, etc), in addition to all the frustrations with bedrest. Fortunately our baby girl is healthy and I try to think about that when I feel a mess. So, I'd be grateful if anyone could share their experiences. Thanks!

  3. Hi I just found out from my doctor that I have placenta previa. NO bed rest yet but I am being referred to a high risk OB. Right now I am 22 weeks. I cut back on all exercise including swimming. Only thing I am doing is walking. I plan on having the nursery set up by the end of the second trimester. I was told I will be having a cesarean. I found that news up setting.

    If you want to converse you can always send me a private message. I know how you feel. Rose

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