Anyone transferring in June?

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  1. I will be transferring weekend of June 13 tentativly. Anybody close to my dates? We could go through the long excriciating wait together

    Excuse me for starting another thread when there's another June one here but it just seemed like that thread was just a continuation from people who transfered previously? correct me if Im wrong.Its just I saw women updating with their pregnancies and births.

  2. Not sure when my transfer will be, I'm doing a FET so right now i'm on estrace and i go back this coming Thur for lining ckeck. i will know more then. Are you doing a fresh?

  3. yEs I am doing fresh. This is my first cycle. Sorrry yours did not work out last time But here's to a BFP this cycle!

  4. I am prob going to transfer June 15th, I would love to be in contact with you! Where are you locted? Let me give you my

  5. Hey Krista! I'm sendning you an email now

  6. Hello I will be doing my ER june 23rd.Will there be anyone doing there's around the same time?

  7. Hi everyone! I'm also going to have my transfer in June. Somewhere around June 22nd. This is my first time doing IVF and also my first time on IVF Connections. I'm looking forward to chatting with others going through the same thing!

  8. Hi! I had my retrevial today, and so far so good. it went well, at least I think. THey only got 8 eggs, i am really worried that is kinda low?!? Kinda freakng out now!!

  9. Hi Krysta. Remember all you need is a couole really good quality one honey. What did they tell you?

    I just had my retrieval today and I got 18 eggs. I find out tomorrow how many fertilized

  10. Ok, I end up transferring 2 eggs, so now im on he 9 day wait!! All the eggs but 2 fertilized, and they all are a grade 1, since we transferred 2 well have a about 5 to freeze. Im happy, but now im worried. When I got pregnant the first time I had severe implantation crampig, and I have not had anything! I am kinda freaking out. I am really scared and hoping for the positive....CANDY, thanks for the reply. they told me my eggs are great noi im just praying!


  11. Hey Krista! Congrats!!!! My transfer is today Monday June 15. I had 20 eggs and 17 icsi. 13 fertilized. We put back 2 tomorrow

  12. Candy, Congrats to you that is so many eggs!! I am so excited for you. Are you on the pregesterone shots? Ugh, I hate them!! update me on how your transfer wnet!
    Good Luck!!


  13. Hey! Transfer went well. We transfered 2 textbook excellent blasts and now the wait begins for me as well. Do you plan to test at home early?

  14. Congrats.....keep me updated on how your feeling. Im kinda scared cause I had a lot of implantation cramping last time, and I have not felt anything, so i dont think it took.. I emailed you, but never heard anything back! Well. I cant remember is this your first cycle? I am so excited for us!! I go today for a progesterone check, my drs office is 2 hours away, Im getting ready to start the drive.

    I am so excited for you that you are on your 2ww I am def going to do a home pt. you? What did your dr tell you to do after transfer? like restrictions?

    My official preg test is monday, there is no way i can wait till then!!
    But i know this is gonna work for both of us!!

  15. My restrictions were only for the first 48 hrs. I just vegged out on the couch and in bed. How bout you?

    And yeah this is my first cycle. So I am officially a nervous wreck!!

  16. Same here, I only had to stay in bed for 2 days, I was a nervous wreck, then when they increased my progesteron, I took that as a bad sign and I started freaking even more! As you prob alrady read, i just broke down and took a test, it says positive, but it is still so freakin early!! I am taking another blood test tomorrow! When is your official preg test, and when are you gonna do a hpt?

    DOnt dtress to much! Do you work? I had taken off the whol week but it actually helped me to go back to work early to get my mind off it!

  17. Yeah I went back to work on day 3. I took a test yesterday (2dp6dt) and of course it was negative. I know it was too early but it still hurt to see it so now I am way too scared to take another one.

    Congrats on your positive!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that your numbers keep increasing!!

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