Anyone transfer 4 embies?

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  1. We transferred 4 frozen, got pg with triplets, saw 3 heartbeats but only 2 are strong (3rd sac is malformed & even though we've seen the 3rd h/b, can't see the yolk sac!). Currently 7w6d with twins.

  2. Last year I trainsferred 4 day 3 embryos and had a BFN.

    This spring on day 5 we transferred 1 blast and 3 morulas and are now pg with twins. It was quite a fight getting my RE to allow us to transfer 4 this time, but it was our 5th and final IVF and after we signed a waiver he let us do it.

  3. We transferred 4 embryos. I am 30.
    We just had our first u/s today and I am 6wks pg with twins.

    We didn't see heartbeats yet but the dr said they were measuring right on target and he wasn't worried about no heartbeats yet. I have another u/s at 7w5d

  4. For IVF #5 and 6 we transferred four (day-three) embryos. The first time it was a chemical pg. The second time, three embryos implanted and had heart beats, and at nine weeks, I lost the smallest one. I ended up, thankfully, delivering twins.

  5. I'm 39, IF issue is failed vasectomy reversal.

    4 eggs fertilized, 4 made it to 3dt and 4 went back in.

    I ended up initially pg with trips , but nature reduced this to twins!

    Good luck!


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