Anyone transfer 4 embies?

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  1. Anyone transfer 4 embies? bfp or bfn...if bfp how many did you end up with singleton, twins, trips and if you don't mind how old are you?
    I just ET 4 yesterday! I am 39 yo.

  2. I transfered 4 embryo's on my 2nd IVF. I got a BFP with that cycle and ended up with twins. I was 30 for that cycle.

    With my first IVF I transfered 3 embryo's but got a BFN and I as 29.

    Good luck and I hope your cycle is successful!

  3. I transfered 4 embies on my third IVF and got a bfp. I got my twin girls from that cycle. I was 38.

    Good luck!

  4. thank you ladies. i am guessing they were day 3 ET?
    you give me hope!

  5. Mine was a 3 day transfer. I did not have any left over to freeze. My first cycle was cancelled due to poor response, my second cycle we put 3 embies back but got a bfn, my third cycle we put back 4 and got the twins.

    Good luck!

  6. I transfered 4 on day 3 and got pg w/ triplets. I lost one at 14 weeks so I now have 2 yr old twins. I was 36 at the time.


  7. We transfered 4 blasts. Hadnone to freeze. Now have 6 month old triplets. If I could do it all over again I'd only transfer 2 and freeze the other 2.

  8. mommy2 you just never know what you can end up with...

    you could have transferred 4 and ended with bfn
    or you could transfer 3 and get one
    you could transfer 2 and get double ident twins.....just don't know.
    I am guessing you weren't open to SR?
    It must be hard with trips I hope you have a great support system around you. I don't here. No fam and just meeting new friends. I am expecting to get my bfp on april 3rd.


  9. You're right. I just wish I would've questioned my dr a little more. I actually was open to s/r but dh couldn't go through with it. Now though, I cannot even imagine not having 1 of my babies. I often look at them and think, which one wouldn't be here. Crazy! I do have help but still very much overwhelmed. I just go one day at a time. :-) I also have a 2 & 5 yr old so things are crazy around here!
    Good luck!

  10. Mommy2, you have been in my thoughts. Another lady from another poll was asking about doing 4 blasts. I told her to come over and talk with you. I know you must have some hard days. I only have one 20 month old (so far d@mnit because I will get a bfp on april 3rd) and she can be a handful. But as the old saying goes if you don't know any different. I remember hoping she would end up being twins that time around. Of course the natural or fert women all thought I was nuts. Do people hound you about asking you if you did fert drugs and such? amazing how strangers can ask such dumb questions!

  11. HI Deb. Oh ya! I get the \"are they natual\" question all the time. Also, \"are they fertility babies\" whatever that means!! I 've learned to try and avoid people. I wear my sun glasses everywhere and try not to make eye contact with people who are staring at me. LOL! I'm really not a rude person but I refuse to let my children be \"labeled\" as ivf babies. We all know there are people out there who think a baby concieved through ivf is in some way different. I don't know how that even sounds reasonable to them but whatever! I've hardened up quite a bit since my rio was born! Good luck with your test. Hope you get a bfp!

  12. Deb, I think that is a great point that you made about transferring four and ending up with a bfn! That is my fear - this is my last fresh cycle.

    Likas I take my hat off to you for a successful triplet pregnancy!

    Ladies Ive decided to transfer 5 blasts and hope that 1 or 2 healthy ones stick! Im against S/R at this point but Im not faced with that decision yet!

    Im 42 so statiscally multiples is unlikely! I go for EC tomorrow - I have 21 follies! Yikes!

    Wishing you both all the best

    Paula xx

  13. mommy2, I bet that can be a pain in the arse! I have my dd but I scream to the world (not my old boss though since he didn't know how much I used to take off...ha ha) that she is ivf. Maybe to show that yes you can end up with one and not 7 children at once like the iui ladies can end up doing. I am going to get involved more when we get settled a little more, i get my bfp, and we sell our townhome. I think a great book (my dh's idea) would be how to answer those stares or questions of people that are nosey. How to put people in their place but not in a mean way you know?? I have a fert pyschologist maybe I should ask her about it.

    Paula, wow 21 follies???!!!! Okay that is a huge thing for a 40 something year young. Shoot even 30 somethings don't produce that many. You must have young eggs..have you been using oil of olay? ha ha


  14. In case any of you were wondering I posted this poll and thread all over the place since not all women go to the same places. If you want to see some other answers for the 4 embies for ET check out the other places. Gives me hope!

  15. we transfered 6 in november bfn, we transfered 5 on feb 14 (2 day embryies ) BFP 8w2d.


  16. Marie, wow that is great! do you know if you are having twins or single? Congrats to you!!!!!

  17. hi girls,

    i am transfering 4 blasts next months. i am not sure what to expect, but am hoping for twins!!!

  18. good luck ukrain!!!!

  19. I can finally vote my own poll! I got my bfp today 92 beta at 11dp3dt!
    Do another one on thursday...It better double!

  20. Congratulations Deb that is a great number!


  21. thank you li305420!

  22. I transfered 4 blasts. I was 39. I had already transfered 2 frozen blasts from when I was 36 and a total of 5 blasts from two other fresh transfers, they were all great quality.

    At 7 weeks I was preg with triplets. I couldn't believe it. Fortunately for me - at 8 weeks one heart had stopped beating. I am now 14 weeks preg with twins. I have a 25 mo old dd from IVF.


  23. Finally on my 5th cycle, after 3 bfn's and 1 cancelled.... we transferred 4 great 8 cells at 3days... got bfp and good betas.. still waiting on u/s!

    Update- singleton on u/s on 6w7d hb 123

  24. This is our first IVF cycle and we transferred 4 good compacted morula-stage embryos.

    Got a + beta at 12dp4dt (beta=1098). My second beta at 14dp4dt was 2746. We now wait for our u/s to see what we have

  25. As I mentioned, we transferred four. Well, we went in for my first u/s on Wednesday and we saw that ALL FOUR implanted - all heartbeats and all sacs. Oh my!!!! Yes, we are in shock! Our chances of all four implanting were so slim, like ~1 to 3%. We had a higher chance (50%) of not getting pg than to have quads. Crazy!

    Just wanted to say that it's possible for all of them to implant

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