Anyone scheduled for a February ER/ET?

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  1. Mentar, Amber and Kbrb....WOOOOHOOOO!!! Congrats to all of you on the positive betas!

    Kbrb...I have everything crossed that your next beta more than doubles. I have seen plenty of lower betas rise nicely.

    Leah and Karen...can't wait to hear your astronomical betas tomorrow!

    Ziggy...glad to hear you are doign good on your low dose stims so far.

    Jo and Ziggy...I soooooo did not take it all that easy after ET this cycle. I did rest on the couch for a few hours after we got home, but ran out to get DD, supper and then I made chocolate chip cookies. The next day I was at the grocery store. I probably only picked up DD 2 or 3 times during the last week and a half...either because I forgot or just needed to get her moving! She weighs 33lbs. And so far it looks like I should have a sticky one in there...

    Alright I am exhausted after my first night back at work, we were pretty busy. So I need to get to bed...


  2. Karen, Mentar, Amber and Kbrb...Congrats to all of you. D'You guys mind Sharing some baby dust with!!
    AFM: 17 ret,12mat,11fert. 2/20 3Day3 good lookings transferred. 2 great looking blasts frozen. Beta is on 3/3... Yuckie, how awful are the 2ww...Prayers much needed!!!!
    Good luck to all of us...
    Stay positive.

  3. dimitriadisg - It must be such a good feeling to have frozen embies! I've never had any. When is your beta? March 6? Hang in there!

    Tara - Sorry you had to go back to work. Thanks for the info about your bedrest. I think I will do the same. Only 2 more days till beta. How are you doing?

    Karen - How did your beta go?? Were you able to make it in? I have a feeling this snow baby will be keeping you on your toes for a long time... To answer your Q, my DS is almost 3. I think he can manage to climb in and out of his carseat, etc... So I'll just try to keep the snuggling to times when I'm sitting or laying down. Thanks for the tips!

    Susana - Thinking about you.

    Hope everybody else is doing well!

    AFM - I had a disappointing follie check this AM. A different RE did my u/s, and my left ovary tends to be very hard to find. He found 4 good sized follies on my right, but couldn't find my left & said there's probably nothing going on with that one. They had me start Ganerelix & Saizen immediately. I'll know more at my next check (Sat), but I'm really hoping for a good E2 number this afternoon. That tells me more than the follie check. I know it only takes one, it's just w/ my history I was hoping for more to work with.

    Brief hist: My last cycle, I had great E2, 7 follies going into ER, but only came out with 1 egg (empty follicle syndrome), it fertilized, was transferred, but BFN. The cycle before that, I had 5 follies only on my left ovary, low E2, 5 fert/transferred, BFN. My one successful cycle was almost 4 years ago - 12 retrieved, 11 fert, 4 transferred - singleton.

    Can't wait for this to be all over.

    Happy Thursday Ladies!

  4. I think this must be the most successful thread EVER!! I hope there's more of that luck to spread around...!

    dimitriadisg - sticky happy vibes to you!

    Tara - sending you happy thoughts - sounds like it's going really well!

    Ziggy - I am lost with you - have you had the transfer? Are you in the 2 ww? When do you expect to know?

    merec, Leah, Mentar, kbrb and Amber - massive CONGRATULATIONS! Again, I can only imagine the joy you must be feeling.

    AFM - FET tomorrow at midday. Have planned to take the day off and have an easy weekend, mainly based around watching movies and reading magazines. And clothes shopping for my birthday on Monday too!! Still just trying to take one thing at a time and not get stressed/over excited/too nervous but then, I am human!

    I\'ll let you know how it goes. I am still dreading the 2ww because of what happened last time (lots of bleeding 5 days post transfer) but trying to think of happier things.

    Send me strength, girls!

    Jo xx

  5. Jo--best of luck tomorrow! we are pulling for ya!

    AFM--3rd beta is in--1529! woo hoo!

  6. I have just started following this thread of late.... this one really rocks..

    congrats Karen,Leah,Leliah,kbrb,Amber for great betas...

    AFM: in 2ww now.. had my ER on 2/20 and ET 2/23.Had two day-3 embies tx. I am still having bloating don't know how those embies are growing inside. This is our first IVF and DX is mix of MF and unexplained..

    can't wait to see other's great beta soon...

    good luck to everyone..and wish me lot of luck !

    prayers for everyone ...


  7. Anne, welcome to the 2ww, and to this thread! Smart Water and gatorade did absolute wonders for my bloating. And I was bloated! They retrieved 45 eggs! Give it a try if you haven't already! Protein is supposed to help a lot too. I feel your pain because it is terribly uncomfortable!

    merec, Great news! Now just the wait for ultrasound!

    Jo, big day tomorrow! Yay! You are probably very excited! I will be thinking of you tomorrow!

    Ziggy, hope that things go better on your follow up follie checks. Any news on your E2? Wasn't this your first check? You mentioned that you are on low stims, so maybe more will pop further into this cycle.

    Tara, 2 more days! I didn't take it easy after transfer either. But boy did I regret that when I was convinced the cycle didn't work. And fwiw, I STILL feel nothing. Nothing. If it weren't for the beta, I wouldn't believe it.

    stdelaportas, when is your beta?

    AFM, not much. Have another beta tomorrow and then that is it for the betas. Scary. If all goes well tomorrow, I will have an u/s in 3 weeks. Crazy long. But I suppose right in line with every one else? I am still stunned we got a +. We have had some great results on this thread, unfortunately not for everyone which really makes this bittersweet.


  8. Mentar - it's so exciting to have an u/s already scheduled! Hope these 3 weeks go by quickly for you!

    Anne - welcome, and good luck!

    Karen - nice rise!!

    JRV - Good luck tomorrow.... and Happy Birthday!

    AFM - I got the call & my E2 is 515. I think that's ok for day 5 of stims. I can't remember what mine was last time, or if I've ever had it tested this early before. Next follie check is in 2 days.


  9. Mentar, my RE does the u/s at 7 weeks as well, so it's yet more waiting! But I do think it's easier than the 2WW. I hope you get great number of your beta tomorrow!

    Ziggy, hang in there. If you're only on day 5 of stims more follies can definitely grow as you continue.

    Karen, hurray for your awesome third beta!

    Anne, welcome! Yup, the bloating is ridiculous. I took the advice of the other ladies on this thread and drank G2 and it really did help. (Couldn't go too heavy on the protein though b/c I'm a veg.) When is your beta?

    Jo, good luck tomorrow!! After all the ups and downs this cycle you deserve plenty of rest and \"Jo\" time this weekend, esp. since your birthday is on Monday.

    dimitriadisg, I hope your three embies are getting comfortable in there. You're off to a good start for the 2WW with three good quality embies and two frost babies.

    Tara, I laughed out loud when I read that you baked cookies. The day after transfer I baked banana bread. Maybe baking's a good luck charm for us.

    Susana, how are you doing? I've been thinking of you.

    Hello to everyone else! Can't wait to hear the next beta numbers!

    I got my 23dpo beta today -- 7696! My nurse said that was a great number. And it turns out I was paranoid about going off the progesterone and estrogen for no reason. My progesterone and estadiol both went up. I have one more beta test next Thursday and then the u/s the week after that. I can't wait!! In the meantime I'm going to visit my mom out of state this weekend and I'm very much looking forward to the distraction.


  10. My beta is March 2nd...It cant get here soon enough for me!!!

  11. Ziggy...nice E2, I believe that is higher than any I have ever had a t day 5 of stims, hope you start getting more follicles growing by the next u/s.

    Jo...good luck with transfer tomorrow! And happy early birthday!!!

    Leah and karen...awesome betas!!!! Can't wait for your ultrasounds! And still waiting on that banana bread recipe leah!!

    Mentar...I am so happy you got such a nice surprise!

    Anne...welcome and hope your 2ww doesn't drag too badly for you!

    AAM...not too much going on here, mostly just waiting per usual. Saturday can not get here fast enough. And I need to learn to stop testing at night...light positives really freak a person out, hope tomorrows is darker and tonights was a dilute fluke...


  12. Good news! our beta doubled to 117 so we are set up for an US in 2 weeks ont he 10th. not as high as others on this board but my dr said we are aiming for doubling so I am relieved and happy. they said they should be able to say how many at the us and are hoping for heartbeats although that is probably too soon. Does this ever get any less scary? I am still in shock and other than nausea I don't feel much.

    Tara - can't wait until you get confirmation. knowing brings a lot of relief. I hate those sticks.

    Jo - thinking of you & happy birthday!

    Ziggy - hoping for follies!! when is your next us

    Karen, Leah and Leilah - YEAH! the surprise is worth the torture. beta numbers are great - congratulations!!

    stdelaportas - can't wait for 3/2. fingers and toes crossed!

    Anne - how are you feeling? Hopefully you are relaxing. the 2WW does suck. I didn't have tremendous bloating but my RN suggested apple juice too. it seemed to help a little. I think what Leah suggested would make a difference too. we are thinking of you.

    I am sorry if I missed anyone. thinking of you all. this thread is awesome and so helpful knowing we are all in the same boat.

  13. Kbrb -- great your beta doubled and I think that's what really matters not just the number. I know one of my friends had low beta but steadily rising and giving birth to a nice and healthy baby boy. Take this weekend easy and enjoy the beta.

    Mentar -- crossing toes and fingers for your beta today.. hope you post a huge number. You are almost there... first US in 3 weeks.. woohoo.

    Ziggy -- I remember my E2 on 5 day of stim was 452..I was on 375iu gonal-F and 5unit Lupron. keep your fingers crossed for a astronomical E2 next time.

    Leah -- woohoo...a nice high beta.. enjoy you weekend with mom.. btw my beta is Mar 5th.. exactly one week from now..

    stdelaportas -- good luck for your beta.. I will be 3 days after you.

    Tara -- good luck for your beta.. how did your POAS go ? I am scared to use now.. I guess I am bit early though.. my beta is one more week from now.

    AFM : just hanging out there with this 2ww..everyday PIO till beta. mild cramps in lower abdomen and thigh sometimes.. scared thinking of AF. Just got a news from the lab this morning that two embies they cultured did not get into blasts well, so they will discard. so far for this cycle -- 10 eggs retrived, 7 mature, 6 fert, 4 grew to d3, 2 tx and 2 could not make upto blast.. I am not sure how the 2 transferred inside are doing ? scared .. really really scared.

    Anyway thanks ladies... G2 and Smart water helped a lot with bloating.. did anybody had cramps (abs and legs) ? is this something normal or a sign of early AF.

    happy weekend ladies...


  14. Hi Ladies,

    We got our 2nd beta. It is 357. So still chugging along nicely. And now that is it for the tests! What am I going to do for the next 3 weeks without confirmation?

    Kbrb, congrats on your beta doubling! And no, it doesn't seem to get any less scary. We really want to be confident and happy, but with IF there is that constant nagging that something could go wrong! I think it is how we are wired!

    Anne, I had AF type minor, and I mean minor cramps. Not painful per se, but a definite twinge here and there. Glad the Smart Water and G2 helped. It was nice to finally have something different once my bloating subsided and I felt in the clear. I drank that stuff through my entire stimming too!

    Tara, 1 more day. Yay!

    Molokai, Your beta is on Tuesday! It is going to be a long weekend!

    Leah, That is one rockin' final beta! Looking forward to hearing the first u/s results!

    Ziggy, looking forward to hearing how your follicles are progressing. Good luck tomorrow.

    Have a great weekend all!


  15. Just a quick one to say that the transfer went well today. I decided to do acupuncture before and after and managed to stay relatively calm.

    The two embryos they thawed made it through successfully and we transferred them, meaning we still have two frozen - which is more than I had hoped for or expected.

    Spent the afternoon napping and watching films - have to keep reminding myself they are in there!

    And now the 2 ww starts!


  16. Wow, congrats everyone on betas and BFPs!! I am cheering you all on from the sidelines.

    Leah and Mentar - Thanks for thinking of me, it means a lot.


  17. Susana - It's nice to hear from you. I hope you're doing ok.

    JRV - Congrats on your transfer! It's so nice that you still have some frozen embies after this. Hope you're taking it easy today.

    Mentar - Great beta. These next 3 weeks will be tough! How are you keeping yourself busy?

    Anne - I've only experienced cramps on a BFP cycle. Felt like AF was coming. I also spotted a little bit on beta day (11dpo). Hope it is a good sign for you!

    kbrb - Yeah for a doubling beta! What a relief. Glad you don't have to wait too long for your first u/s.

    Tara - Any news??

    stdelaportas - Just a few more days... How are you hanging in there. Any symptoms?

    Leah - Nice beta! You are so lucky you don't have to be on PIO! It's great that your levels are going up. Can't wait to hear about your u/s.

    AFM - My follies are around 18-19mm, so I trigger tonight. Unfortunately there are only 3 on my right ovary. None on the left. I think mine seem to take turns. We were going for quality over quanitity this time, so I'm not that surprised by the low number, but these odds aren't great. Monday is ER, and Thursday is ET. I think this is my last shot. I'm ok with it. The good news is my beta is on St. Patrick's Day! Go luck of the Irish!

    Hope you're all having a great weekend.

  18. Ziggy...yay for tigger!!!! Sorry you don't have atleast a few more to work with, maybe they will be able to find some more when they get in there...

    Susana...thanks for being our cheerleader. I know it sucks watching \"from the sidelines\" after a BFN...been there myself a couple of times now.

    Jo...yay for transfer of 2 embies!!! Good luck with your 2ww!!!!

    kbrb and Mentar...beautiful betas!!

    Ann...had a nice digital Pregnant this morning. I guess people are right about not putting too much stock into how dark the line is.

    AAM...ok, so my beta is in...234!!! Yeah, a bit high...just hoping it is a happy, healthy singleton! I go back on Tuesday for my 2nd beta and then should get my appt for u/s.


  19. NICE!! Congratulations, Tara!

  20. Tara, Congratulations! Awesome news. Looks like the dimming lines on the HCG's were illusions~!


  21. Tara--yay!!!!!!!!!

    Jo--congrats on a great ET!! i love that you were able to surround it with acupuncture, what a relaxing environment to welcome the embies you must feel like you've already been 2ww-ing forever. glad you have some snowbabies waiting, just in case. Not to jump the gun but how long do you wait after ET for beta?

    Amber--any news? hope you got a great 2nd beta!

    Susana--I'm so glad to hear you are hanging in there. Not long now until DH arrives, right? Thanks for your kind words to everyone; I know how it feels to be the one with bad news on an otherwise bfp-laden thread....we are all thinking of you!

    Ziggy--congrats on getting to trigger! you'll be PUPO before you know it. my RE is a big fan of the quallity over quantity mantra. good luck on monday, keep us posted!

    Mentar--wow, great beta! wonderful news! well, you can at least enjoy the lack of needles poking your veins for a couple weeks.

    Julie--you are getting so close to beta! hang in there!

    Anne--welcome! I'm so sorry those other two didn't make it freeze. The same thing happened to me, but apparently my snuggly uterus was enough to keep the transferred one going. So send cozy snuggly thoughts to your lining and be a couch potato when you can. Glad the bloating is better. IMO, cramps are a good sign!

    kbrb--great news on the beta--yay!!! the absolute # really doesn't matter, it's only the trend that matters, so try to ignore some of the higher #s you read about. We can look forward to our US together--mine is 3/9. You will feel SOOOO much better once you see that beautiful HB. But no, it never gets less scary, soon enough you'll be worried about the kid potty training or eating too much Macdonalds

    Leah--I hope you are having a wonderful visit with Mom, how nice! Great beta, wow!! That will be the week of the US for many of us. Can't wait!

    Hope I didn't miss anyone!

    AFM--I am intermittently on cloud 9 and intermittently wondering is this is a dream and hoping I don't wake up....US is 3/9. They wanted me to come in this week for US but I'd rather wait until I should see a HB, so I am waiting an extra week. I will be 6w4d. Feeling great, a bit tired (although I didn't sleep well during stims or 2ww so I think I'm a bit behind on sleep ) and very mild nausea. In the past I've been one heck of a puker (I'm the only person to buy SMALLER pants at the end of the first trimester!) so I'm going with the \"every pregnancy is different\" mantra and hoping not to be violently ill for the next 3 months. But even if I am I feel so lucky to have BFP, knock wood!

  22. Well 2nd Beta Came In At 974!!! Yay!!! I'm So Sleepy With Nausea But So Far So Good. Nurse Scheduled 1st U/s For 3/17. I'm Really Excited & Trying Not To Get Too Overwhelmed.

    My Mothers Birthday Is 3/7 So We Plan On Announcing Our Blessing To The Family That Day!!!

    When Do You All Plan On Telling Everyone?


  23. I Also Want To Just Thank All Of You For The Support, Strength, Hope & Positivity That You All Give!!! Even With All We're Going Through, Been Through, & Still Having To Deal With. You Ladies Are Really The Best & I Would Just Like To Thank You All Again!!!


  24. Amber...congrats on the nice beta. You will have to remember to update us on how your u/s goes. I am curious to hear how many decided to stick out of the 4 you put back...good luck. I hope the nausea doesn't last too long for you or lead to actual vomitting!

    Karen...feel the same way. Not sure it has fully hit me yet, I feel like I am going to get a call that says they made a mistake or my body is just messing with me and they will find something else causing the HCG. I have wanted this for so long (again) that I truly wasn't convinced we'd get another IVF miracle. I am hoping the u/s, in a few weeks I believe, will help make it more real for me!

    Ziggy...good luck with your ER tomorrow. Can't wait for an update!

    Julie...just a few more days!!! You must be getting excited along with your nervousness!

    Jo and are you feeling??

    Thanks ladies for the congratulations and bearing with me through my neurosis. I always get scared when things seem to good to be true...


  25. I am still really impressed with everyone!

    Jo - So glad you finally made it to transfer.

    Ziggy - Sorry you only have three... I really hope they are three great ones!

    To all the new ladies - This is really a great group! Glad you were able to join them.

    DH is only home for R&R, but we still can't wait. Two weeks home at the end of the month, and then he is back in Iraq for 6 more months.

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