Anyone scheduled for a February ER/ET?

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  1. Susana,

    I am right there with you. I had 2 people tell me to be positive today and though I know they mean well I am not expecting much. I agree about the shots this morning. Even my husband understood my reluctancy to continue.

  2. Susana--ugh, how annoying about your shots. All fingers and toes are crossed for you to get a wonderful surprise tomorrow.

    kbrb--fingers are so very crossed for you as well. good luck!!!!

    Jo--that's great that ET is a go!! Yay!! Keep us posted on everything! What are you planning on transferring?

    Mentar--hang in there!! How exciting to have your beta \"moved up!!\" 18dpo--now that's just mean!

    Tara--I know you are going nuts, hang in there! 5 more sleeps!

    Julie--how are you doing?

    Leah--hoping for a beautiful rise on Thursday!

  3. merec, I just misread when my beta was. So, I thought it was on Sat., but turned out it is on Wed. I will be 9dp5dt or 14 days past retrieval. I think that is pretty normal?

    How are you feeling?

    Kbrb, I remember POAS and getting a negative, and then having to continue the shots. That was the all time worst part of the whole thing. Those shots are the absolute worst.

    Zana, I know I should stay positive. But, I feel nothing. I don't plan to PAOS even though Dh is all for one. I have an acupuncture appt. tomorrow and then beta on Wed. at 8am. I am remarkably holding it together though.

    JRV, Wow. This must be so stressful! Hope the cycle rights itself and your retrieval is a success. Thinking about you.

  4. Got our freeze report and luckily we got to freeze two. I am so glad in case this one does not work, I have two more to hopefully use!
    However, wow I totally forgot how horrible the two week wait is...I was thinking oh I'll be busy with my twins that I won't even realize it. WRONG!
    Oh well, here's hoping it works!!

  5. Susana & kbrb - good luck tomorrow! I'm sorry about your HPTs... I have sworn them off so many times, and always end up using them. My current RE tells everybody he can to not use them. He thinks they are never reliable. Well.... I hope that's true for you guys. Just hang in there w/ the meds!!

    Jo - what a great surprise! Friday will be here before you know it. How long is your bedrest, and how many do you think you'll transfer?

    Mentar - just 2 more days? I know the negative feelings... you really never know. Congrats for staying away from the evil sticks....

    Tara - how are you doing? 2ww is fun, huh!!

    Leah - Good luck on Thurs. When do you get to have an u/s? Those betas are high! I cycled w/ a girl a few months ago who just tended to have really high betas w/ singletons, but ya never know...

    Karen - Congrats on your great betas! I'm sorry, I don't know anything about progesterone numbers... My previous RE never measured my progesterone.

    Julie - Congrats on your ET! How long was your bedrest?

    AFM... I went to FedEx myself today and picked up my Gonal-f. On top of everything, they had my wrong address. I wonder how that can happen since I've been a customer of theirs since 2006? It was off by just 1 number... strange. The meds were a little warm too. I don't think they were meant to be in transit for that long.... I hope they are still good!!

    My first follie check is Thurday, and I think ER will be around 3/3. My last RE only does 3dt, so I'm not sure what to expect here. I love my new RE. I really hope this protocol does the trick!

    Happy Monday, ladies!

  6. I was told to stay off my feet as much as possible for 48 hrs but if I wanted to take a short walk, etc I could so yesterday I went with my mom to the store and walked beside her for 20 minutes while she pushed the cart. Today I had to take one of the girls to the doc due to ear infection. Otherwise, i've sat on the couch or in a chair outside while my family takes care of the girls. I've tried taking it easy to give the little guys every chance possible!!!
    Good luck to everyone!!

  7. Susana and Kbrb...I am sorry for the negative HPTs, but like the rest of the ladies here, I hope you get nice surprises from your betas tomorrow! Good luck to both of you.

    Jo...yay, so glad to hear your cycle is a go. Try not to worry about it being a long one, all that matters is that all your hormone levels are where they should be and your lining is where the RE wants to see it! Our cycles are all manipulated with ART anyways, they never look normal! glad to hear your beta is wednesday and they are not making you wait as long sa you had originally thought. Good luck!

    Julie...that is great that you had some to freeze, hopefully just \"insurance\" for this cycle, hope this one works for you.

    Leah and Karen...can't wait to hear how high your betas are this Thursday! frustrating on your meds! I believe the gonal-f can be at room temp for a bit of time without a problem. Wow, ER about a week away already! have had some off and on AF-like cramps today, I know it can mean either answer at this point. Hoping for the best, but know that this is about the right time for AF to be starting to show for me... This 2ww is incredibly loooonnnnggggg!!!! Gosh I hope I didn't forget anyone!


  8. Thanks for your messages everyone. We are still hoping to transfer 2 but will have to see how they are with the thawing - we have 4 frozen. My RE doesn't recommend any bed rest at all after ET/FET so I will probably just take it easy over the weekend and be back at work on Monday.

    Am very excited but DREADING the 2 ww.

    What's everyone's news today? x

  9. Jo - That is great news that this cycle is a go. There is nothing worse than waiting... at least with the 2ww you have already done everything you can do and there is hopefully good news at the end!

    Tara - I think you said you go back to work tomorrow, so hopefully that will make these next few days pass quickly! AF, PG, and these dang med symptoms are all the same so don't let it worry you. I hope you are feeling better.

    kbrb - I have been thinking about you today.

    Julie - That is great you have some to freeze. Glad you have been relaxing and have the girls to keep you busy.

    Ziggy - You are getting close to the first follie check. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. What protocol are you using?? I too have a permanent gonal stash in my fridge!

    Mentar - I hope you are feeling more positive. Stay strong! Tomorrow is the day, and I am hoping you have some good news to spread here!

    Karen and Leah - Great betas. I know you must be so enjoying it. Make sure you enjoy every minute.

    Amber- Was your beta coming up soon? If so, good luck!

    AFM - Well good news is I get to stop PIO... I guess. And as DH pointed out when he gets home for R&R in 3 weeks I can drink and get into the hot tub with him. Not sure what my next steps are. It can't be over, but not really sure where to go from here since no one seems to know what is wrong. The reason I originally got referred to the RE was for recurrent m/c that kicked in after I had DD. I could get pregnant... not sure how I got here. Three years ago I never could have imagined where I am today.

    Sorry to be a downer. I am looking forward to someone having good news very soon!

  10. Hello ladies,

    Am I right here with you in the 2WW thread? I'm dimitriadisg, 37 yrs old and am 3 days into my 3DT fresh Cycle with CCRM.
    Good luck to all of us...

  11. Susana...I am so sorry! I had hoped to hear good news from you. I hope you can come up with a good plan, and glad to hear that DH is home in a few weeks!

    dimitriadisg...welcome, hope your 2ww goes by faster than mine has felt like it has been going!!!


  12. Hello Ladies

    We have our beta tomorrow & Im feeling a bit crampy off and on. Don't know if it's a good thing or what, guess we won't know until tomorrow when we get the Call!!! I have been poas since about 5dpt & I've actually gotten good results every time, but Im always sceptical because I've been here before & was let down. Praying to God that everything goes well!!

    Good Luck & many prayers for BFP!!

    Will do personals soon, I'm on my iPhone & it's a bit much to do on here.


  13. Susana, I am so sorry. That royally s*cks. It takes time to process something like this and figure out what the next step is. In the meantime, take care of yourself, esp. until your DH gets home.

    Amber, it sounds like you have reasons to be hopeful. Good luck on your beta tomorrow!!

    dimitriadisg, welcome. The 2WW is brutal, but it's a bit better when you have people to commiserate with.

    Tara, I know everyone is different, but I really felt like AF was going to start several days before my beta. I actually told DH while we were getting ready for work one morning that I though AF would come soon and he gave me a big comforting hug and said he was sorry. I hope your AF-like cramps mean your embies settling in.

    Jo, I'm glad you updated! It sounds like you've been on pins and needles for much of this cycle so I'm sure you're ready for ET.

    Ziggy, good luck at your follie check on Thursday.

    Mentar, I hope you get good news on your beta tomorrow - I will be thinking of you!

    stdelaportas, it's great that your family is helping out so you get plenty of time to rest.

    Karen, how are you feeling? Any symptoms?

    Sorry if I missed anyone! There's not much going on here -- just trying to make the time go faster until Thursday. Thankfully work has been pretty crazy so that's helping.


  14. kbrb...thinking about you and hoping you are doing ok...

    Amber...good luck with tomorrow's beta, sounds like you should be getting a happy call!

    Mentar...hope to hear good news from you today!

    Leah and Karen...can't wait to hear how high your betas are now nd when you get to have your first u/s!! are those shots going?? When is your first appt? are you doing...anxiously awaiting Friday I am sure! have been POAS, but didn't want to say anything at first. Monday was negative, but I was only 9dper (so not a real shocker), then yesterday I got late, faint second lines and wasn't sure what to make of them. Well today I got a definite positive!!! So now I am impatiently waiting for Saturday!!


  15. Zana, So sorry. This is such a terribly tough thing to go through. And the negatives are the absolute worst. None of us thought we would be here. That is the part that we all have in common. Have you thought about looking at having your embryos PGD'ed. I know people who have not had luck after many tries, unexplained miscarriages etc. and can sometimes find answers and success with PGD. We have to do it for genetic reasons, but others do it to find abnormalities in embryos and to ultimately find the normals. I am not saying that you have any potential problems, but you sound lost, so maybe talk to your RE.

    stdelaportas, glad you had some embryos make it to freeze! Hope you are taking it easy, and having an easy time with it! I was making beds, vacuuming, lifting my 30 lb dd, you name it.

    dimitriadisg, welcome! Glad you joined. The 2ww is terrible, that is for sure!

    Amber, I too have felt a bit crampy, like AF is on her way. Other than that, I feel completely normal. Which is why I think this didn't work. With my dd, I had it all, sore breasts, spotting, hunger. Ugh. The wait is terrible.

    Tara, hope you are hanging in there. Saturday will be here before you know it. Do you get same day results on the weekend?

    AFM, had beta drawn this am. So we wait. The Mayo leaves a message that I have to call, enter my lab number, and then hear the recorded results. Talk about crazy. At least I won't have to face a live person I guess.

    Have a great day, everyone. Either I will be enjoying a glass of wine tonight, or utterly floored and stunned.


  16. Tara, you and I were posting at the same time!! Congrats on your HPT results! Fantastic, fantastic news.


  17. Zana - I am sincerely sorry. Your husband sounds like a great support. Take good care of yourself until he gets home. My thoughts are with you.

    stdelaportas & dimitriadisg - relax as much as you can. fingers crossed for you.

    Tara - best of luck and very excited for you

    Leilah - how are you doing?

    sorry I know I am missing people although my thoughts are with all of you.

    I am cautiously happy and completely shocked. We got a positive beta of 56. The RN said that is low so that is why it wouldn't show up. We go back tomorrow to see if it double. I am happy and scared. We have never made it even this far. I hope it doubles and I am not getting my hopes up for nothing.

  18. Susana - I'm so sorry it didn't work. I hope you get some answers soon. Have you tried consulting with a different RE? Maybe there are other tests they can do for you. Whatever you decide to do, please try to take care of yourself. You've been through so much.

    stdelaportas - Glad you are taking it easy. I don't know about strict bed rest, like my old RE requires... but I think taking it easy is good. How do you keep from lifting your girls?? That, I'd like to know.

    JRV - Now you're speaking my language. No bed rest. After BCPs, it's my most dreaded part of IVF. I cannot stand it. I don't know how my new RE feels about it, but I think I will just go about my life, minus the 10 miles I run every day (jk! I bought a new treadmill after Christmas, and still haven't used it). 2 days till transfer!

    dimitriadisg - Welcome!

    Amber - Good luck tomorrow! Sounds like you may get some good news.

    Leah - One more day! Hang in there.

    Tara - Fantastic! Maybe your RE will let you come in early... Why wait until Saturday? My RE used to take it at 11dpo and 13dpo. They wouldn't give the results until after the 13dpo results came in though... So I guess we still had to wait almost the full 2 weeks anyway... Ack. 3 more days... Your good hpt results are probably helping with the wait, huh!

    Mentar - Looking forward to your results. I think I really like the idea of getting the results from a recording. I'd prefer that! Good luck. Fingers crossed!

    kbrb - There's nothing I love hearing more than a (-) HPT was wrong! Well... This is great news! Lots of doubling vibes~~~

    Ok ladies, I've officially run out of exclamation points. Nothing to report from me. Just loving being on low stims after my last 2 cycles. Follie check is tomorrow. I almost feel like I'd be shocked if there were ANY follicles. If I had known next week might be the week for ER, I'd have taken the whole week off. I just wish it were easier to schedule things around IVF, ya know? Relaxation sounds so nice.


  19. My girls LOVE their grandparents and when grandpa or grandma are around its like mom or dad are no good! My dad has been here with me for a week now so he does a lot for them. Also I told them that the doctor said mommy can't pick them up so they have to walk! They dont know we are doing the ivf or trying for another baby but just said this is what the doctor said mommy has to do! I think Ive picked both of them up once so far but one is 28 lbs and one is 33 so I figure that isn't REALLY heavy lifting!
    I sure hope that these next few days go fast! I can't wait for BETA..This 2 week wait seems longer than the last one

  20. So after 4 phone calls, 2 by my clinic to say that they hadn't received the results from my local satellite monitoring clinic. At 4:45p I got the call. BFP. 154.

    I am floored. I seriously expected to take it easy and not worry about cycling again until after a vacation in April. Floored.



  21. Omg!!!

    We Got The Great News Today!! 1st Beta Is At 454!!! I Had To Let My Dh Answer Bc I Was Too Nervous. Going Back In On Fri For 2nd Beta. Praying Still For Doubling Numbers!!!!

    Babydust, Sticky Vibes And Prayers For Everyone Here


  22. Mentar & Amber - Congratulations!!! What great news to end the day. I'm so happy for you both.

    stdelaportas - Good for you. We don't tell anybody about IVF so it's a little hard to get help. I will do my best not to pick up my son during the 2ww... but it's hard!


  23. Amber. Holy cow. I can't help but wonder how many of the 4 you transferred implanted!!



  24. What awesome news!

    Amber, Mentar and kbrb congratulations!!! Three positive results in one day -- Hurray!!

    Amber, that's a fabulous beta -- how many days dpo are you? Maybe twins?

    Mentar, looks like you won't have to worry about cycling again for a very long time.

    kbrb, so much for the HPTs! I hope your beta doubles tomorrow.


  25. Holy cow ladies, this board is having an action packed day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Amber--congrats!!!!! can't wait to see how your #s rise. Are you hoping for multiples?

    Mentar--great news!!!! that's such a wonderful beta. yay!!! (btw, I meant 18dpo was mean of your last clinic!)

    Ziggy--how old is DS? When I was cycling last summer, I taught DS to climb in his own carseat, and jump out himself, and found other than that I really could get away without lifting him, thanks to a very helpful DH. I warned him over and over again \"mommy's not allowed to pick you up right now\" so he didn't get upset. And yes, scheduling around IVF is a royal PIA. Can't wait to hear the first follie report!

    Julie--hang in there! when is your beta again?

    dimitriadisg--welcome! 4 days down, how many to go? good luck! we are nosy peeps here--what and how many did you transfer, if you care to share?

    kbrb--congrats! i know it's so scary when it's lower than other people's betas, but my clinic is happy with anything over 50 and you are over 50! there's a woman on the Jan thread who started at 16 and has had wonderful rises since, and seems to just be a late implanter....cant' wait to hear tomorrow's #!!

    Tara--woo hoo!!! i bet you are going to have one rockin' beta!

    Jo--you are almost there! yay!

    Susana--ugh. I am so so sorry. Hugs to you!! It just really s*cks DH is deployed (for more reasons than this of course) but I am so glad for you that he's back in just a few weeks. I hope you crazy kids have one rockin' time in that hot tub

    Leah--good luck tomorrow!

    AFM--3rd beta is tomorrow, and would you believe we are 'sposed to get another big snowstorm?!? Snow is the story of my recent IVF life. But I am SOOO not complaining b/c I am thrilled to need another beta at all.

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