Anyone scheduled for a February ER/ET?

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  1. Labs are in, beta is 81. Woo hoo!! I go back Sunday for the next beta.

    I promise to do personals later, but I'm looking for some reassurance--my progesterone level is only 14. The nurse said it's OK b/c I am on Endometrin which doesn't show up in the blood. I guess I still expected it to be higher--is 14 OK?!? Always something to freak out about I guess.

    Thanks ladies You all are truly the best.

  2. Congrats!!! That's awesome...I don't know anything about progesterone #'s but YAHOO!!!

  3. congrats merec - that is great news!!!

    Leilah - thank you for the welcome. Need that I only have one under my belt - this is our 2nd but we have been trying for over 7 years and been to 4 different drs in 2 different states. we have to pay for everything out of pocket so that has limited things unfortunately. We have pulled from everything to have this 2nd chance.

    thanks for the kind words and good luck to you all!!

  4. Kbrb...I really hope this time works for you! As for symptoms, i am behind you on this cycle 3dp3dt, but in my cycle I got PG I had cramping, bb tenderness, bloating and I was an emotional mess...

    AAM...I am still having cramping/pulling today. Can't decide if it's a good thing or bad thing...guess I will just go with it is what is and I will know in a week...


  5. Tara--I still think cramping is an excellent symptom!

    kbrb--welcome!! I am so sorry to hear about everything you have been through. IF is the pits, and no one seems to get it except us IF-ers. Feel free to vent and analyze and stress away, that's what we are here for. In terms of symptoms, i had sore bb's when I started prog supps, and then the soreness went away, and then it came back. And my mind and the meds definately play tricks on me too!

    Susana--did you decide if you will POAS? I'm such a junkie, I can't have them in the house or else I'm doing every FMU. You are getting so close--beta tues! You are hangin' in there remarkably well! oh, and yay for pulling--sounds good to me

    Mentar--how are you feeling? when is your beta again? did you end up having to go to ET alone?

    Leah--wow, great #'s!! congrats! off all meds--i'm sooooo jealous! so sorry about your belly's temper tantrum at work--yuck

    Julie--so glad you get to go for the day 5 eSET. I know exactly what you mean about feeling the need to transfer two if it's a day 3--that happened to me with IVF#1--had planned eSET but only had two left on day 3 so we transferred them both, and it made me uncomfortable. I know transferring 2 or 3 is the right decision for lots of folks, just not for me.

    Amber--vent away, that's what we are here for. Have a great weekend getaway!

    AFM--well RE assured me that even though my prog is only 14, my uterus is \"flooded\" with progesterone. hey, if he's not worried, i'm not worried. so yay, now i can just enjoy my beta of 81, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i have to confess, i stopped at CVS on the way home to get a digital POAS, so I could see \"pregnant\" pop up. I truly am a junkie, tee hee hee. Next beta is Sunday.

  6. Hi Ladies!

    Karen - Your beta is great! Wow, you and Leah got us all off to a great start. I hope they keep rolling in for EVERYONE. Okay, so I admit I POAS and did yesterday too! I was too ashamed to admit it last night as I know it is really too early for a BFP. Oh well, still hoping one shows. Glad your RE was reassuring about the progesterone. Now you can just enjoy it, and look at that 'pregnant' all night and let it soak in. What a great feeling!

    kbrb - Welcome! I think I am right there with you. Is your beta Tuesday? I think for me all the symptoms could be a good sign or could be the meds, no way to tell! I am trying like you to not let them drive me crazy... but it is tough! I have to admit I am very nervous about this cycle as well.

    Tara - I think it is a good thing! Have you gone back to work yet. Hope you are enjoying your time off!

    stdelaportas - When is ET? Glad you are getting one just like you wanted. Especially since you have had success before, you know IVF works for you. Good luck!

    I hope everyone is doing well!

    AFM - I am so tired from the cold rainy weather around here (okay - I know some o fyou have it much worse!) I am just hoping for one warm dry day. Looks like we are having one tomorrow, so hopefully it keeps my mind off the wait... yeah right.

  7. My ET is tomorrow, the 20th at 11:30 am PST....Getting anxious but am very thankful to have support of my family to take care of my girls for the next couple days so I can lay on the couch and let the little \"guy\" make its home! I say guy cuz we would love love a boy!

  8. stdelaportas....good luck with tomorrow's ET!!! That's great that you have someone to watch your girls...I so didn't take it as easy after ET as I had planned, still not sure why!?!? is early still, but there are quite a few of us POAS addicts here, so don't worry about admitting it! And, yeah, I am still on a mini-vaca from work. Might be overkill...even thought about calling and saying I'd come back this weekend, but a lot of drama going on at work this I think it would be best to just avoid it and enjoy my time off. how did that digital look!?!? Don't you just love those...even if the message fades after awhile.... Thanks again!


  9. Julie - Good luck tomorrow! Glad you have some help with the girls so you can bond with the new 'guy'

    Tara - I know I am terrible with POAS. I almost did tonight too even though I know it is pointless. Oh well. Glad you are staying away from the drama. Enjoy the weekend before you have to head back!

  10. Back from the ET, and all went well I believe! However, we ended up putting 2 in due to quality. They are considered early blastocysts and grade was B and Fair. They told me 60% of singleton, 40% of twins. Now in the dredded two week wait. I go on March 2nd for the Beta!
    I think my husband is more in shock because he's totally fearful of twins again! I said whatever happens will happen!

  11. Julie--congrats on ET! You are PUPO!! Welcome to the 2ww

    Susana--you are amidst fellow junkies. Keep us posted! You are almost to your beta!

    Tara--hope you are enjoying your last few days off work. I think it's OK that you aren't being the couch potato you'd planned....the data doesn't seem to support it so it's probably best to do what feels right. How's the cramping?

    Amber--how are you hanging in there?

    Ziggy--you start stims tomorrow, right? Yay! What will your regimen be?

    kbrb--how are you doing? hope you are doing something fun this weekend!

    Leah--how are you feeling?

    AFM--I\'m nervous for tomorrow's beta--hoping for a great double!

  12. Fernanda - my beta is Tuesday too no POAS yet - too nervous too. little tired but not feeling much different.

    Good Luck to everyone - Keep fingers crossed.

  13. Hi Ladies,

    Well, it is not looking good for me. Still a BFN at 9dp3dt. While I know it is still possible, reality is it is highly unlikely. And unfortunately highly unlikely doesn't usually work out for me.

    The killer for me is the financial impact. I really wouldn't be too upset and could do this 12 months a year if necessary otherwise.

    Oh well...

    Good luck to the rest of you!

  14. Susana,
    Just wanted to send you some hugs this AM. I'm so sorry you're seeing BFNs on those evil sticks. It's so hard to see that. Please try not to grieve until you get the official results. GRRRRR. This is why I \"H\" those evil sticks!
    Take care of yourself & try to enjoy your Sunday.

  15. Susana...I hope those sticks are proven wrong by your upcoming beta! I wish IVF could be a guarunteed thing with all we have to go through...

    Ziggy...did you start stims??

    Julie...sorry you weren't able to do the eSET you wanted to, but I hope it all works out well for you the end and DH can make it through the 2ww!!!

    Arggghhh....will this 2ww ever end?!?! I am not going to make it much longer without POAS...


  16. Hi Tara - Yes I started Menopur this AM. No turning back now! Gonal-f is tonight...

    ***Excuse my rant***

    I ordered my Gonal-f from Freedom & have never had a problem w/ them in the past (well, not a shipping problem, that is).... but it was supposed to be here on Friday & never showed. I guess there was a snowstorm, so it's delayed until Monday. I called Freedom to tell them I start stims on Sunday & need them ASAP, so they said they would make special arrangements to have it here by Saturday. I waited around most of the day, but my package never showed. So I called FedEx, and they said they never got a call from Freedom & there's no way they can get it here before Monday. WTF? I'd just like to say... Thank G*d my fridge is always stocked w/ Gonal-f!

    ***Rant over***

    Ok, I hope you are all surviving the 2ww!

  17. Susana--ugh, I am so sorry. But you know there are so many stories of people with pos betas who had neg poas leading up to beta. I'm sure that's little solace, but try to hang in there until you know for sure.

    Ziggy--oh that is annoying and so classic for IVF, it just can't ever be easy can it? Well, regardless, congrats on starting stims. Yay! When is your first follie check?

    Tara--hang in there! I'm impressed you haven't POAS yet! I guess it really is too early....

    AFM--2nd beta is in--223! yay! I'm on cloud 9. P is the same (14) but I'm getting (a little) better at not worrying about it anymore. I go back for more labs on Thursday.

  18. merec, Great second beta! Wonderful news.

    Ziggy, congrats on starting the process! I used Freedom this cycle, well, all of my cycles, and haven't had anything like that happen! I would be so mad! You are so incredibly lucky that you consider Gonal-F a fridge staple!

    Tara, seriously. I am already done with the 2ww!

    Zana, I know it is SO hard not to give up hope, but try! Not seeing the line is such the evil part of POAS. While it would obviously be better news seeing a dark line, you are not out! Many people don't get + until their beta. So keep the faith! But, I feel your pain. The financial impact of cycling is stifling.

    Kbrb, hope you are hanging in there! You are so close to testing. How are you feeling?

    stdelaportas, congrats on your transfer! Sorry no SET, but you can handle whatever happens!! Take is easy on your 2ww. Let the obsessions begin!

    AFM. Not much. Excruciating 2ww. Mostly I am just convinced this didn't work and then I feel a twinge or something (probably only lunch) and then a glimmer of hope. I haven't POAS. Not sure I will even though in the past I was an addict. I just don't want to be disappointed before I absolutely have to be. I think I was wrong when I thought my beta was on the 27th. I wrote down the 24th on one of my schedule sheets, so I'll have to call the nurse tomorrow to double check. My old clinic made you wait 18dp retrieval! So this is a gift.


  19. Ah, so frustrated! I had a very long reply with personals drafted but I hit the wrong key on my computer and closed the window. So this will be a much shorter message than originally intended.

    Karen, congrats on the great second beta number!

    Tara, the 2WW goes so slowly. I firmly believe that days pass at a glacial pace during that time. Are you going back to work next week?

    Susana, it really is too early to know anything for sure, but in the meantime it's hard to get negative HPTs. And I hear you on the financial aspect as well. We don't have insurance coverage and paying for a cycle is a financial kick in the pants.

    Mentar, hang in there! No symptoms could mean BFP -- there are a ton of women on these boards who swear they feel nothing and then get a positive beta.

    kbrb, welcome. We'll be happy to keep you company on the 2WW and beyond.

    Ziggy, your rant was totally justified. It's fortunate that as an IF gal you consider Gonal-F part of a well-stocked fridge!

    stdelaportas, glad to hear your transfer went well even if you didn't do SET. I'm hoping you get a BFP with a singleton.

    I am just trying to pass the time until my next beta. My clinic tortures me with an entire week between second and third betas so I don't have my next test until Thursday. Karen, hopefully you and I will both get good news that day. In the meantime, I'm just worrying about being taken off progesterone so early and focusing on every twinge and body change. You know, the usual.


  20. Leah...yeah, my first day back is Wednesday...just how my work schedule falls this week since I was supposed to be on this weekend. Really not looking forward to going back, but hopefully it will be a good distraction the last few days. Fortunately I am off the day of my beta....would hate to get that call at work, not exactly easy to do there. Can't wait to hear your next beta this week!

    Mentar....ahhhhh, you are abandoning me for an earlier beta!?!? LOL, hey if I could have one sooner I'd jump ship too! This 2ww is for the birds...

    Karen...don\'t hold your breath on me too much longer!!! What's the fun of having these $tree HPTs and not using them?!? After so many IVF cycles I need to change up how I handle them!

    Ziggy...yay for starting stims! You will be in the h*ll that is the 2ww sooner than you think!! And I'd be ticked with Freedom too, only they are somewhat local to me and I'd tell them I'm on my way, have my meds ready!!!

    AAM...ahhhhh....ok....nothing new! Just bored, is it Saturday yet?!?!


  21. I like Susana peed on the evil stick and got bad news. i know there are stories out there but I am having a hard time being positive at all especially since this is our last cycle. Tomorrow is the beta so we will know for sure but not expecting much.

    susana - here's too hoping for a positive beta

  22. Kbrb, Oh, that stinks. We all know that many people have had the same POAS results as you and have come through with a positive beta. So try as hard as you can to stay positive.

    As for me, perhaps I should heed my own advice. Even though I have stayed away from POAS, I am just feeling like this didn't work. Gut. I am not sure what is worse, knowing definitively, or just the nagging feeling it didn't work. I feel as normal as can be except for the sinking feeling AF is on the way.

    Wishing I was feeling more positive. My beta is in fact on Wednesday. So, I'll know then.


  23. Hello ladies

    merec and Leah - congrats! Your BFPs are amazing - and give the rest of us hope for future cycles! I can't even imagine how you must be feeling.

    Kbrb, Mentar and Susana - I'm sorry that you think your result might be a BFN - that sucks. You can only wait to hear what the official result is - and try not to give up hope. That's all we've got.

    stdelaportas - hope you are holding up well in the 2 ww!

    Ziggy - when do you think you will do ER? Sounds like you're slowly and steadily moving through it.

    AFM - After being told that this cycle was likely going to be canceled I have been at the clinic almost every day for the last two weeks, to be eventually told on Saturday to take my FSH. My transfer (FET) is scheduled for this coming Friday. I'm really pleased but (obviously) slightly obsessing that thus is the longest cycle in the world and so something is bound to go wrong... of course.

    Nothing to do but wait it out, rest, relax... ha ha ha!


  24. Leilah - I know the fear that is what drove me to POAS. don't do it it makes it hard to maintain indifference or focus on positive. I wish I didn't. Focus on being healthy and happy because in truth the symptoms and feelings aren't conclusive. it can still be positive and we make things worse - or at least I do to myself - when i feel like it didn't work. sorry just my 2 cents. I am sincerely impressed with people who are strong enough to handle it and keep pushing. I am so sorry ladies I am just trying not to freak out and it isn't working.


  25. Kbrb - I am so sorry. . Hopefully you will have some luck and get bfp at beta. I am not a lucky person so am not expecting anything other than confirmation of my fears. It took about everything I had to continue with PIO and Lovenox this morning. Just felt like adding insult to injury and wasting even more $. Oh and for the first time ever I got blood in the syringe, made a mess, and then had to re- stick myself. Nice.

    Mentar - Try and keep the faith. You have no reason to doubt yourself. Positive thoughts only!

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