Anyone scheduled for a February ER/ET?

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  1. OMG, Tara and Leah, now that we are husband bashing, I'll chime in! So I came home from ER yesterday, vomited 4 times, and then slept for a few hours. So when I came downstairs, DH didn't even look up and say hello, much less \"how are you feeling?\" or \"can I get you anything?\" Well it just really ****** me off, like hello, I just had anesthesia and a rough time of it emotionally, you could at least ask how I am feeling. So he got mad at me for getting mad at him (one of his most annoying tactics--it's just not worth it to fight, my best friend calls him a \"turner-arounder\"--ha!) and we got in a fight about it. Now it's blown over, but c\'mon!!!

    zana--sounds like you are coming along nicely! good luck on your next check. I hear ya on the early morning appts--so painful! are you somewhere snowy? I am thanking my lucky stars my ER was yesterday, not today, since we are having a Noreaster....

    Mentar--oh you poor dear you must feel so full! your #s are great--hopefully you can get lots of great ones, but your levels will stay reasonable so OHSS holds off. what doses are you on? I guess you qualify as a high responder!

    Leah--great news on making it to blast! how wonderful! keep us posted on ET tomorrow, sending you super sticky vibes!

    AFM--Well I'm waiting for fert report, although we already have about a foot of snow with no end in sight, so I can't imagine anyone is making it in to the lab today...hopefully they will call!

    Philly Karen

  2. Karen - My DH is a \"turn-arounder\" too. It drives me so crazy!! You are right it is so not worth it. I always feel like saying, \"excuse me, I am mad at you... you are not allowed to be mad at me. Apologize and be done with it!\"

    I hope you are feeling better and that the fert report comes in despite the snow.


  3. Oooo...did we stumble on to another male gene flaw?? I like the term \"turner-arounder\"...that is soooo my DH! I rarely fight with him because of that, easier to just be mad silently in most cases...but you would think he would be smarter than to mess with me when I am getting next to nothing for sleep and pumping myself full of hormones!!!

    Karen...glad to hear you seem to be feeling better today, sorry you had such a rough day yesterday and an unsensitive DH! Hope you are doing ok as far as power and staying warm with the snowstorm on you...I have to say it is such a nice turn of events for us New Englanders to NOT have it dumping all that \"lovely\" white stuff on US!! Although they are talking about one coming mid-week for us...why do I not live somewhere warm???

    Susana...good luck with tomorrow's u/s!

    AAM...well things seem to finally be happening for me. I have 12 follicles on the right ovary and 7 follicles on the left, with the largest being about 10mm and the rest right behind per the u/s tech. My lining is at 7.7mm. So waiting to hear my E2 and plan to ask what Thursday's was too. And figure u/s and b/w on Monday...but wonder if they would have me come back tomorrow due to needing to start the Cetrotide (like Ganerilix) in the next few days...hmmmm, guess we shall see!


  4. Ladies--I am doing the happy dance--of my 12 eggs, 10 fertilized. Woo hoo!!!!

  5. This board is the best!

    Ziggy - yes we did cycle together I think. I got through ET but ended with a BFN before I got near the PT. Booooooo The BCPs made me MENTAL - I think I react worse to those than anything else... although IVF has introduced me to a whole new level of C-R-A-Z-Y

    Philly Karen - yes this is my first FET, which is why I think it's alternately freaking me out and then happy that I'm not doing the drugs. We plan to transfer 2 of our frozen 4 but I only recently found out that it's possible not all the FEs will make it. Trying not to think too much about that. And my mind nags away that an FET is half as likely again to be successful than a fresh transfer. Your ER was amazing - well done! Do you know what day you will transfer or do you have to wait?

    Leah - my day 10 is on Monday and I think we're looking at a Day 14-16 FET, so next weekend

    Leilah - sounds like you're doing well! Keep up those positive feelings! My RE doesn't do PIO, just suppositories which I think I will be doing. I'll find out more on Monday about other meds, I think they will get me injecting SOMETHING, otherwise where's the fun?!

    Tara - thank goodness this board is anonymous - because I have to say I would have done the same thing!! Good for you! And you sound like a ripe fruit - ready for picking!!

    Susana - I'm dreading next week and starting all the early morning appointments - you just have to get through it and go to bed early. Like an 83 year old (secretly I quite enjoy not having to go out and having a really good reason to go to bed at 9pm ). I'm also doing meditation/visualisation CDs and a bit of chakra work with crystals - can't hurt!

    That\'s it for me - will let you all know how Monday goes xxx

  6. I sound evil?!?! I wouldn't mind if it was not anonymous...DH doesn't hold grudges, he just has a short fuse. So not a good thing we are both other words STUBBORN! Makes life intersting...

    Ok...just got a call from my clinc...kind-of unhappy at the moment. They don't have my E2 level, said it was pending and they were basing my next steps on my u/s. They don't want me to come in for my next u/s until Tuesday...I said, you do realize I am on the antagonist cycle, right? Should I really be going past 10 days of stimming with out starting something to be sure I don't O? I started to surge on Lupron my very first cycle, I told the nurse as much and she just said they would check my LH on today's b/w...really am worried they are sitting on me for too many days...darn, I hate the uncertainty that is attached to cycling!


  7. Tara,

    How far into stimming are you today? That is weird if you are near the latter part of stimming that they would wait 3 days for another u/s. Usually frequency is ramped up, not down. I would question them as well. Or.. maybe they are just *that* good.


  8. Hey Tara - not evil at all! After my tantrums and outbursts, I just like being able to post on here without shaming myself to my friends and family! That's all I meant.

    I agree with Leilah that waiting three days doesn't sound right at this stage - can you call the clinic or your doctor tomorrow to try to find out some more detail?

    Jo x

  9. Tara--I'm with Mentar, I would push for a check on Monday--this far into it it's usually every 1-2 days...especially since you are coming off a cancelled cycle, I'd think they'd rev up the surveillance...I'm sure you won't be the first pushy patient they've encountered! In my experience, when I ask for a mild change of plan (such as coming in a day off from their plan,) they are usually fine with it...

  10. Karen - 10 fertilizing is great. You are above average. Seems you have a really good chance of making it to blast. Hope you are staying warm up there! My sister lives outside of Philly so I heard from her about all the snow.

    Tara - 19 follies is great! My 5 are looking sad compared to everyone else. I am with the rest of the ladies on your next u/s. Seems strange to wait that long, but I really don't know anything about the antagonist protocol. Based on follicle size, maybe (hopefully!) you are okay? If the largest was 10, and they grow 1 - 2 a day, you are looking at the largest being 16 or so on Tuesday. Is that right?!? Don't they have to be a certain size before they O?!? I could be very wrong! Even though they are supposed to be the experts, it is so hard not to second guess everything they do and why. If you don't feel comfortable, I would definitely question it though!!

    Back in the AM for my next u/s. Wish me luck!

  11. Jo...I was totally kidding, I was not at all offended. I have a tendency to joke, but it never comes off quite right online!

    Susana...the issue is that with the antagonist protocol you start the med that keeps you from Oing when the follicles reach Tuesday I could be as big as 16mm, or close to it which has me nervous...not sure when my body would try to naturally O them.

    Thanks ladies, I think I will call in the morning and try to talk to atleast one of the nurses if not the RE on. I am just a bit worried I may have fallen through the cracks... I will update when I hopefully have some news.


  12. Tara - Ah, I can see why you are worried! I worry constantly anyway, even when I am taking what I think am supposed to be taking. Hopefully you can get some reassurance tomorrow that you didn't fall through, or get that nurse set straight!

    I had another u/s this morning and just waiting to hear if I will trigger tonight. Left side is a dud with 1 at 12. Right has 21,20,19,14,13. Left was a dud last time too. I always thought there was something wrong with one of my ovaries because of my alternating good and bad cycle, but my OB discounted that and said it was a myth that you O from alternating sides each month. Now I am back to thinking she was wrong, and I do have a problem on one side.

    Oh well, best hope is to get 5 or 6 mature eggs. We got 5 last cycle, so not much improvement there. My e2 is much better, so hopefully better quality.

    I hope everyone is having a good weekend!!


  13. Hi Ladies

    Well update from u/s went very well per RE. Follies are still growing and sticking around in there. The biggest one is at 15mm and 9 are definitely making it to retrievel she said. There are still some little follies trailing behind but she says by ER they may have a few more but 9 for sure. Im praying to get all 13 that we see to be were they need to be by ER!!!

    She also said they may move my ER date up and I may only have to stim for 8 days instead of 10 which would be way different for me. She says she doesn't want that 15mm follie to get too far ahead. So Im thinking by Mon when I go in for my 3rd u/s & b/w she'll let me do 9 days of stims. But I won't know untill Mon!!!!

    Everything looks awesome so far & it even feels like the best cycle I've ever had, I just don't want to get too ahead of myself as we all know in IVF world there can be a 360 turn from day to day. But for now I'm still going to ride my high horse & believe this is the cycle for my BFP!!!!

    It would be fantastic if we do get our BFP because DH B-Day is Feb 13th which would be a perfect present!!!

    Tara- I would ask about starting the ganirelex too. Sometimes the nurses are off. I'm actually having a good cycle but the nurse gave me a completely wrong protocol at the beginning and my RE called me the very same day and corrected it!! He's really awesome!! Definitely some questions need to be answered.

    We do NOT have room for mistakes!!!!


  14. Susana and both sound like your cycles are going great, I hope that is a sign of BFPs to come for you both!

    Karen...feeling good today? How buried in snow are you?? I didn't get anywhere new with the nurse today. They are sticking with me being fine until Tuesday based on no follicles have reached 12mm yet, I keep pointing do you know by tomorrow I won't have some 12-14mm...she just kept reiterating that as of yesterday none were 12mm. So I gave up banging my head against the wall with them. I am only going to be called if my LH from yesterday comes back elevated and they think I should start my Cetrotide based on that level...why it is still pending as of 10AM this morning is just plain annoying. I will call my nurse at the local office tomorrow, but know I WILL NOT get anywhere with her...maybe I can atleast get my LH level from Sat and my E2 level from Thursday. Saturday's E2 was 335, so atleast it is still low, but that will very likely change by Tuesday...usually in the 1000's by that point. I just hope this cycle works out or we will likely have to decide on changing clinics...I wish my old RE wasn't moving back to England this month...(didn't go to him this time because his new, now old office is 1-1.5 hours away and though the b/w and u/s would be impossible to do, but starting to regret not doing another cycle with him.)


  15. Tara, how frustrating that the nurse was talking in circles and not listening to you! Are you going to leave a message for your RE? At the very least, he can explain the rationale better than the nurse, who apparently didn't get that follicles grow every day.

    Amber, it sounds like your cycle is going well. What a good feeling to have a cycle go better than previous ones. I hope all 13 of your follies are mature at ER!

    Susana, I'm crossing my fingers for you that your eggs are all mature, fertilize and develop into beautiful embies. All you need is one good embryo.

    Karen, I'm doing the happy dance with you!! Congrats on having 10 of your 12 eggs fertilize.

    Jo, good luck on your appointment Monday. I'm sending your frosties healthy de-thaw thoughts.

    Mentar, I bet you're feeling tender and full with that many eggs on your ovaries. In fact, I can't believe you're not complaining more (I'm projecting because I would definitely be in the more complaint camp). Do you know your ER date yet?

    I had the ET today, and we transferred 2 blasts. I can't believe what a difference there is between the embies we transferred this time and the embies we transferred last time. The transfer itself was OK, but I have a very sensitive cervix which had painful spasms for 45 minutes after the transfer. I felt like a complete baby because I was crying from the pain, but after a couple of RE-approved ibuprofin and time, it went away. My RE assured me that the post-transfer cervix issue won't effect my chances of getting pregnant because my embies are in my uterus above my cervix and I am praying he is right. I also did accupuncture the day before transfer and right after transfer and it did wonders for calming me down. Now comes the hard part: the 2ww. I will try my best NOT to analyze my body for BFP or BFN symptoms.


  16. Leah...congrats on the transfer of two beautiful blasts. Sorry the transfer was so painful for you, mine have always been rather painful for me too. My successful one they actually gave me 2 Valium prior.\'re next...hope you are taking it easy!

    Mentar...honestly I feel like the fight is out of's a bit too late since by the time the RE is in the time in which they do the u/s and b/w would be over. I still don't agree, but am trying to trust and hope they are right. I did get a call on my way to work this afternoon that my LH had actually dropped from Thrusday to Saturday, didn't realize it could do that during a cycle...go down. But I can only hope it stays at a low and reasonable number until I get my call on Tuesday afternoon as to what I am to do next.


  17. Hello ladies

    Tara - you poor thing, you must be going mad with worry. Like you said, these things can swing 180, then 360 in the space of a day and there comes a point where you can't do anything more - just sit back and wait for them to decide what to do. It's the most frustrating thing in the world because it means everything to you (us all), it costs a fortune and you have no control.

    Leah - congratulations on getting to, and beyond ET! Now try to relax. The 2 ww is the worst. I am thinking of doing the same as you with the acupuncture, so it's good to hear you think it helped calm you down - I need that!

    Amber - great to hear you so positive! I'll take some of that too!

    AFM I went and had my Day 10 u/s and b/w today. I went to see the nurse afterwards. She said it's going to be later than we thought for the FET. I hadn't factored in that the FEs are already 5 days old - I was thinking the transfer would happen when we would normally have done ER. Does that make sense? Anyway. I got it wrong (I always manage to confuse something).

    So now I have to go back Thursday (Day 13) to have b/w and see where we are. Around Day 15 (I think) I will have Ovidril to release the follicle (so that from then on my cycle is under their control) and start the crinone soon after. FET will be around Day 22 - 20th Feb.

    So, it's much later than I thought but I am (so far today) taking it in my stride, thinking that it gives me loads of time to be all zen, having acupuncture and spa time. And then tomorrow I will freak out!

    Here\'s wishing you all happy thoughts,

    Jo x

  18. Well ladies, IVF stress has reached a new level. The good (wonderful!) news is that I am scheduled for a day 5 eSET on Wednesday morning. (Of my 10 fertilized, 7 are going strong.) The bad news is that, after getting 28 inches of snow over the weekend, we are expecting another blizzard, starting tomorrow night and snowing all day Weds. So I booked a hotel across the street from the surgicenter, but I have no idea how we'll drive home in who knows how much snow. I will never cycle in the winter again!!!!!!!!!! I will try to stay calm, close my eyes, and let DH do the driving, b/c I know stress is not good for implantation and I am stressed to the max!

  19. Karen...I am so sorry you have this added stress, too bad you couldn't spend another night at the hotel to ride out the storm, but I know that would probably cause issues with your DS and work. So glad to hear that 7 are still going strong! You can call this your blizzard baby...

    Jo...sorry you were off on the transfer date, but it does give you another week of preparing yourself...glad you can look at it that way. It will be here before you know it! I can't believe that I am just days away from ER...

    I\'ll let you know what tomorrow's appt shows. I don't work tomorrow, so I should be able to update when I hear something.


  20. Hi Ladies!

    Karen - You do not need that added stress. I am with Tara for staying another night if you can, or just leave the driving to your DH and let him worry about it. That is great news you have 7 still going and are going to make it to day 5! Woo hoo! Just focus on that if you can, and all is good!

    Tara - I hope everything goes well tomorrow, and that the follies are growing nicely!

    Jo - I like that attitude, just a little more time to get all Zen like!

    Leah - Great news on a day transfer as well! Sorry about the pain, but I am glad you got through it. Sending snuggle in tightly implantation vibes your way. If you break down and start analyzing, let us know!

    Amber - I hope everything went well today. It does sound like you are having a great cycle. What a relief to have things going well! I am so glad to hear... this does sound like it is your cycle!!

    Mentar - Are you scheduled for ER tomorrow? I hope all those follies are still growing nicely but not to the point of OHSS.

    AFM - I have ER tomorrow. Nothing else too exciting to report. I am hoping to beat my numbers from last cycle by at least one and (more importantly!!) have better quality. I had 7 retrieved / 5 mature / 3 fertilize / 2 make it to day 3. I am doing a lot of visualizing!

  21. Alright, quick update as I just got home from my u/s...right 4-16mm, 1-15mm, 1-14mm, left 1-16mm, 2-15mm, 2-14mm, 1-13mm, 1-12mm, lining 10.7 (I might be a little off on measurements....what I thik I recall...but quite sure on the 16s). So I was right, I have 5 @ 16mm and my understanding is that you are supposed to start Cetrotide I guess I will see what the b/w says and what the RE wants me to do. Be beack later...


  22. Tara, I bet they start you on it tonight. I think my biggest were 16 when they started me on ganirelix.

    Zana, Hope the ER went well and you are feeling good!! Let us know your info!

    Jo, Of Course!! You skip over all of the retrieval timeline and go straight for the transfer. Makes so much sense that you would wait longer!

    merec, Transfer is tomorrow! Wonderful! I hear you on the mess with the snow. We had to drive the 100 mile trek to the Mayo where I am cycling yesterday... in blizzard like conditions! It was scary. It took us 3.5 hours where it normally takes 2. So I feel your pain. I think it is a great idea to stay overnight, and then just take your time after the transfer. You'll be fine!

    Leah, Great news on your transfer!! What a nerve wracking time the 2ww wait is!

    Amber, what is the latest with you? Any news on when your retrieval will be?

    AFM, We have our retrieval tomorrow. All is going well. My E2 levels are not at all out of whack, so that is good for not hyper-stimulating. We too are planning on going down tonight to avoid a long drive in the AM for the retrieval . Because the Mayo is a hospital, I have to go through all of the rigamarole of being admitted into the hospital at 6:30 Am.

    I'll update later!!

    Good luck with everything up and coming, ladies!

  23. Tara - I thought you said you were a low responder?? Doesn't look like it! Even with all the stress over the last couple days I am sure you are ecstatic to see all those follies. I am very impressed!

    Karen - I am thinking about you and all that snow. My sister is outside of Philly, and I know she was stocking up today and said all the schools were already closing. Good luck tomorrow! Hopefully you are already hanging tight in the hotel across from the center.

    My ER was today. 8 were retrieved, and I am hoping out of that 6 were mature. I'll find out one way or the other tomorrow.

    I hope e/e is doing well!

  24. Susana, you got one more than last time! I am crossing my fingers that you have the best possible fert rate. Hope you're feeling OK.

    Jo, I love your attitude and that you can be zen about your cycle timing. And you're totally right -- there's plenty of time to freak out later!

    Karen, booking the hotel room was an excellent idea. Good luck tomorrow!! I hope the ET goes smoothly and that you guys make it home OK. What a time for the NE to be blanketed in snow!

    Tara, you've got several follies going strong. What did your RE say about starting Cetrotide?

    Mentar, good luck to you tomorrow as well! I'm so glad to hear that you're not hyperstimulating this cycle. The unpleasant bloat is bad enough without adding a true medical problem to it.

    So I got a call today from the embryologist and of the 8 embies we had left, not a single one made it to freezing -- they just stopped developing. I couldn't help it, I started crying on the phone. I just keep thinking that if the ones in lab stopped growing, the ones in my uterus probably stopped growing too. The poor embryologist tried to make me feel better by saying that they put the best embryos in me and I shouldn't extrapolate from the ones in the lab to the ones inside. But it's hard not to, esp. because none of my embies made it to freezing in my first BFN cycle. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do if this doesn't work. I just turned 34, and I feel like the only thing I've done in my 34th year so far is worry about the cycle. And to top it off, I had a crappy day at work, which was almost OK because at least it distracted me. (It's pretty wonky when the really bad work days are almost a comfort!).

    Sorry to complain, ladies. I'll try to be more positive next post.


  25. Mentar...good luck in the morning with your ER, glad you were able to book a hotel near-by the hospital to make things easier. Also happy to hear that you didn't hyper stim. last 2 cycles I got 7 eggs and 5 eggs on retrival, so this cycle is a happy surprise so far. Awesome news on the 8 eggs retrieved!! sorry about none of your eggs making it to freezing, the embryologist is right though...your uterus is much more hospitable than a petri dish! I hope those embryos are snuggling in for a good 9 months!

    AAM...well I did start the cetrotide this afternoon and take another dose in the morning. I have tonight and tomorrow night to take the last doses of my stims it looks like and should be triggering on Thursday for a Saturday ER. My E2 is 1407 and amazingly my LH is, I guess I panicked over nothing...time to go back to feeling positive about this cycle. I guess I should warn you all I tend to overanalyze everything! ( you all needed a warning...)


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