Anyone scheduled for a February ER/ET?

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  1. Hello Ladies

    Just wanted to update- Well I start stimming tomorrow 1/1 w/ 300 gonal-f and menopur. Still on lupron 2x daily and my 1st u/s is Thur the 4th. Still taking my herbs per RE it's ok. My accupunturist is not only certified but she's an MD herself and specializes in infertility which is great!! Im wanting to start yoga these two wks of stimming just for extra relaxation because Im freaking stressed. huh and I hate these mixed emotions.

    Does anyone do yoga?

    Well I'm glad to see everyones doing well

    Lots of stick vibes.........


  2. Amber, Yoga is fantastic for relaxation. You should look into Hatha yoga which is a more relaxing and stress reducing style of yoga.

    Karen, Glad to hear that you are sitting at a 13 follie count. Great news. Hope things continue to look up for you!

    Zana, hope the stimming is going well. Glad we can be a resource here for you in what is a private struggle.

    Tara, I hear you on the repronex. I was supposed to get Menopur, which doesn't have that stinging side effect, but somehow ended up with repronex after all!

    Jo, Have you started to stim? How are things going?

    I am on day 4 of stims today. First ultrasound is Wed. Started acupuncture too. My first cycle I didn't do it, the 2nd and successful cycle I did. So, whether it is placebo or there is more to it, I thought I would do as much as I could to replicate that successful cycle.

    Wishing you all the best.


  3. Leilah - I haven't started to stim with drugs because this is a natural cycle - the nurse called to say I have to go in for bloods and uls on Monday, which will be Day 10, so I guess I am looking at ET around next Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

    Susanna - thanks, it felt like it! We have also decided to tell no one about this cycle. I usually talk to my sister or mum but not even them this time. It's really just down to you girls (and my DH, of course!)!

    Karen - yay! Keep it going!

    I am having really weird mood swings - really really angry and then very sad. I think the news of our IF (which we learned about last March) is finally catching up with me. Everything feels very hopeless at the moment.


  4. Hi Ladies,

    This is a busy thread! Trying to catch up... I have been MIA for a while - caught a nasty cold and DP left for Haiti for a week or two, so it's been crazy here.

    Tara - When I used to mix repronex w/ the gonal-f, I didn't feel the sting. Same with Menopur... but my last cycle, Menopur was in the evening and gonal-f in the AM... Ya, OUCH! It stings on its own!

    Susana - I'm sorry you have to go through this alone. This is so isolating as it is (we don't tell anybody either), but to not have your partner on top of it.... At least you can vent here. (I am so thankful for these boards!)

    Leilla/Amber - I did acupuncture for my 1st BFP cycle, and my 3rd cycle. Although that 3rd cycle was a bust (empty follicles), I had a great E2 & my dud ovary had the bulk of my follicles. I do feel it helped, but who knows. I won't be doing it again because I don't have the time & I exhausted my insurance for accu. If nothing, it is very relaxing!

    Karen - Good luck on Thursday! So exciting. Are you planning a 3 or 5 day transfer?

    Leah - How are you doing? Did you get instructions to trigger? I kwym about taking the follie number at face value. (Learned that the hard way.) Hopefully your RE has learned from your last cycle and made necessary adjustments.

    Jo - If I had more time, I'd love to try a natural cycle. I can't wait to hear how yours goes.

    Sorry if I missed anybody.

    AFM, I got AF on Sat, so going in today for my CD3 B/W (yikes). I think I'm way behind all of you. I checked my chart and realized Doc wants me on BCP for 2 weeks. Can't believe I forgot that (must be blocking cycling out of my mind). Is anybody else having ER late in the month?

    Happy Monday everybody!

  5. Ziggy...don't worry about having a later ER than the rest of us, we'll be around for you! Unfortunately my gonal-f is in a pen, so can't mix it with the repronex. I did give it very slowly last night which seems to make a difference to some degree.

    Jo...I really hate the mood swings that come with these meds. I feel like such a crappy mom during these cycles...I have not patience with my DD. And really find I have to take a few deep breaths at work in a stressful situation so as not to say the wrong thing or bust into tears...

    Susana...good luck with this second \"not so good\" batch of the juice. If it comes to us cycling a gain maybe I will look into it. Just trying to increase my protein and taking fish oil until ER to see if it helps with my egg quality. Just so afraid of having a horrible cycle like my one in Decmeber...

    So just living on Tums due to the awful heartburn I am having while not taking my meds. My RE did not tell me to stop it, but my last RE did when I cycled in I figured whatever I can do to possibly help this cycle I will!


  6. Jo, hurray for AF. What's the next step?

    Karen, all that willing your follies to grow obviously worked. 13's a good number.

    Jo and Tara, the meds do a number to one's emotional equilibrium, so I think we should all practice self-forgiveness while under the influence. Tara, are you going to ask your RE about anything else you can do for the heartburn?

    Ziggy, happy Monday to you too! I believe I'm ahead of everyone else so we'll just bookend the month of February.

    Mentar, I think the accupuncture really helps with relaxation and it's just plain nice to take an hour out of the day to chill. How are you feeling on the stims?

    Amber, are you doing yoga this cycle? I haven't done yoga because I'm too competitive with myself -- I don't feel zen, I just feel like I need to hold the pose no matter what.

    I hope I didn't miss anyone!

    AFM, I took my trigger shot Sunday night and ER is tomorrow morning. I cannot wait because I am so physically uncomfortable. I don't remember feeling this way last time, but I'm ridiculously boated and headache-y and just generally feeling yuck. My estradiol level didn't really go up from Saturday to Sunday and my nurse told me that my RE was worried that I had prematurely ovulated. Fortunately they ran my progesterone and I hadn't, but now I'm worried that I'm going to ovulate before tomorrow morning. Need to stop worrying . . .


  7. Leah, Hope the retrieval went well. Looking forward to hearing news! Hope you are getting some relief from feeling so... yuck. When in the cycle did you start to feel uncomfortable?

    Tara, hope you are feeling better and the Tums are doing their job! I get what you mean too about short temperedness. That has been my biggest fear with this cycle.

    I have my first u/s tomorrow. It will be good to see how things are going. I am feeling remarkably fine. Last night I was a bit uncomfortable sleeping, but for the most part, things are going smoothly. Which.. of course worries me, it is like we want to feel crappy in order to feel like the meds are working!

    Hope the rest of you are well!!


  8. Hi ladies!

    Mentar--good luck on tomorrow's scan! don't worry, you'll feel crappy soon enough just kidding...i'm day 11 of stims and other than being bloated, i feel pretty normal

    Leah--\"under the influence\"--I love it! how was ER? can't wait for the report!

    Tara--I\'ve been on Protonix for years--old RE and this one both said it's OK to take it. I take it as little as possible (about 2-3x/week) but I definately need it! I hope the stims are going well.

    Ziggy--I loved accu too. I'm not doing it this time b/c it's about 45 mins each way and I just don't have time...trying to get there became another source of stress so I let it go, but I miss it! so sorry you are deserted for this cycle, that stinks! how did day 3 look?

    Jo--I think we can all relate to those mood swings. Yuck. Hang in there!

    Amber--I love yoga. I did it before and during preg with ds. I need to start again! Good luck on Thursday!

    Susana--I'm so sorry for your losses. I hope this is your cycle. And to do it with dh deployed, wow. You are one strong woman. We will see you through! When is your first check?

    Molo--how are you feeling? Are you stimming yet?

    AFM--they measured about 12 follies the last few checks. anything other than \"you are cancelled\" is fine with me! yesterday E2 was up to 1400, today I forgot to ask! largest follie is 20, a bunch of 18s, and then some smaller ones. I go back tomorrow, trigger tomorrow night, and ER will be Friday. I am so excited! I am getting worried the bigger ones might ovulate before then? let's hope not!!!!

  9. Karen - That is awesome!! 20, a bunch of 18s, and more smaller sounds great! I am always worried about ovulating early too... I am only on day 4 of stims and already worried about it.

    Leah - I hope everything went well at ER. Can't wait to hear the report.

    Mentar - I have my first u/s tomorrow as well. I feel fine also, so let's be glad for that and look forward to hopefully good u/s tomorrow!

    Tara - I haven't heard about protein or fish oil helping with egg quality, so I stepped up the protein today. I will try anything. I would have got fish oil as well if I had time to go to the store!

    Ziggy - We will all be here for you as well!

    Jo - Sorry it is catching up to you... IF suuuucccckkkksss! It is just not fair. It always helps me to focus on my next step, but I do have those down moments too. I hope you are feeling better!

    Amber - I wanted to do yoga as well, and bought a DVD awhile ago but haven't tried it yet. I am always too tired at night after a long day. I am hoping I don't kick myself and wish I did it... I could certainly use the relaxation and any de-stressing. That is great you get to keep up your herbs through this. I find they really help me but stopped for this cycle since my RE doesn't like this. I hope there it not another cycle in my future, but if there is I will probably do the herbs as well.

    ASM - I have a u/s tomorrow. It wasn't supposed to be until Thursday or Friday, but I went in today for blood work and my e2 was way up there. I am trying not to get my hopes up, but I am hoping it is good news. Last cycle at this point e2 was 135, this cycle it is 692. WAY different. I don't even think I got over 600 before ER last time, and today was only day 4 of stims. Maybe the acupuncture is helping??? We will see!

    I hope everyone is well!


  10. did the ER go??

    Karen...glad to hear there are 12 follicles growing away in there, I stress about ovulating early all the time, but so far has never happened and is supposed to be rare. So trigger tonight, wow, that is great. So glad you got here this time! My goal is to make it to ET this time! Well and a BFP too of course...

    Susana...I am sure it is all anecdotal about the protein and fish oil pills... I kept seeing women talking about research on increased protein and better egg quality and some REs were even telling their patients to increase their protein, so I figured why not. As for the fish oil pills...only saw a few women mention it, but have some in the house as DH is supposed to be taking them and fish oil is supposed to be good for you. Hope your u/s went well.

    Mentar...hope your u/s went well too. So far the Tums are doing their job. my first u/s and b/w are tomorrow morning. I have a horrible headache that I woke with...making typing on the computer oh so much fun! I am guessing it is the meds, but I also feel like I am coming down with a cold, so who knows. My ovaries are a bit uncomfortable, so hoping that this protocol is doing the trick for me.


  11. Hello Ladies

    Well Tara I'm also going in tomorrow for my 1st u/s and I'm so excited to see how many follies we have for this cycle. My ovaries are already twingy so I'm hoping this means lots of follies!!! I'm also getting headaches and I thought it was just me but maybe it is the meds & a bit of nervousness too I'm sure.

    Well guess I'll try and get some rest my appt is at 8:00am and it's an hour away

    Well I cant wait to hear everyone's updates this week!!


  12. Amber and Tara, I hope they find lots of little (soon to be big) follies growing at your u/s tomorrow! I'm looking forward to hearing about the appointments.

    Susana, it sounds like they want to monitor you more closely since they're having you come in a day early. That's probably a good thing because it means your follicles are busily growing.

    Karen, your ER is right around the corner! I had the same worry as you (that I might prematurely ovulate) but all of my follicles, including the ones that measured 23 at my last ultrasound stayed put until ER. Good luck!

    Mentar, it's probably good that you feel OK so far -- the crappy feeling will come soon enough! How did your u/s go?

    AFM, I had ER yesterday and I slept most of the day afterward. My RE got 20 eggs, 14 of which were mature and 12 of those fertilized. So we're working with 12 embryos, which is much better than the 5 we had last cycle. I am thrilled, and now will just pray that they are good quality. I won't know if we're doing the transfer on day 3 (Friday) or day 5 (Sunday) until Friday. I really, really hope the embies are good enough to go to day 5. And in the meantime, is there anything you ladies know of that I can do to make the extreme bloating go down? I gained at least 3 pounds overnight and I seriously look 5 or 6 months pregnant (no exaggeration) and I am incredibly uncomfortable. I don't think it's OHSS because other than a ridiculously distended stomach I feel OK . I called my nurse and she was absolutely no help, so I though I'd turn to my cycle buddies for advice.


  13. Leah, Sounds like OHSS to me. The only thing I can think of is to drink a lot of electrolytes. I'd stay away from all other liquids, which only really go to enhance the bloating. Keep an eye on your stomach bloating, maybe measure it and see if it continues to bloat more, in which case, if it does, call your RE.

    I had mild OHSS with my first cycle, like you, I was quite bloated but also very uncomfortable. It never got worse. I drank a LOT of Smart Water and it did seem to help.

    Amber and Tara, I am getting terrible headaches too. Terrible! So I feel your pain for sure!

    merec, Susana, Tara, Amber... you all have u/s today. Good luck! And merec, this is the day. Good luck with your trigger tonight!

    AFM, I had my first u/s yesterday. I have a whopping 31 follicles working. It is very reminiscent of my 1st cycle that failed and I overstimulated. So I am lacking in the confidence department with my clinic. My 2 leading follicles were measuring 10mm and my estrodial was 592. I was also instructed to start the ganirelix on Friday. I didn't remember seeing it in my box o' drugs, so I called my pharmacy and sure enough, they never got the prescription. Nice. So now I have to scramble today to get my hands on some ganirelix for tomorrow am. I haven't been stressed until now!

    All right. Off to call my clinic. I have another u/s tomorrow. Hope those follicles are maturing. 31 would be great, obviously, if they were ripe... but I have a feeling they may not be. Call it a hunch based on experience!


  14. Amber...hope your u/s went well!, 31 follicles! My E2 usually doesn't get that high until after about 8 or 9 days of stims...I am the opposite of you, a slow, rather low responder.

    Leah...what a great sounding ER!! Sounds like you should make it to a 5dt. I think Lelliah's suggestion was a good one.

    Karen...hope you are feeling more hopeful today.

    AAM...all my follicles this AM were <10mm, so not expecting my E2 to be very high...which is the norm fo me. Just frustrating after 5 days of stims, I had hoped without the Lupron there would be a difference...


  15. Hello

    I am back and feeling a bit better.

    So exciting to hear about uls and follicles and stims!

    Leilah - 31 follicles is amazing! Keep visualising them all growing and healthy and ripe!

    Tara - you keep visualising too - you never know what they're up to in there!

    Susanna - how did your uls go?

    Leah - I'm happy that your ER went so well. The gatorade I mentioned before is really good for the bloating. I was told last time to stop drinking water at all because it was just going straight to my ovaries. I was drinking about 2 litres a day of G2 (the diet version). It has the electrolytes in it that Leilah was talking about.

    AFM I am waiting for my uls next Monday (Day 10) and am expecting FET (5 day embryos) anytime next Friday or over the weekend. I'll find out on Monday if they want me to start any meds next week. It's so odd hearing everyone's stims and stories and not even having regular uls yet - makes me feel like it's not really happening! Nervous though.

    Nearly the weekend...

  16. Hey Ladies

    Well went to u/s appt this morning & it went better than I thought it would go. We found 8 definite follies and 5 that are possible canidates not too far behind. The nurse said may catch up with the others being that Im only on stim day 3. So 13 in all so far!!!

    I start ganirex tomorrow AM & I believe it's so that I won't ovulate prematurely, so now Im at 4 shots a day

    But whatever we need to do we'll do. I'd take 10 a day if need be to get me a BFP! lol

    My next appt is Sat AM!!!

    Leilah- Wow! 31 follies is awesome. Wish I could get that many.

    Tara- Don't be frustrated & it was the same way for me. I did the antagonist protocol last cycle and actually loved it but it just want the protocol for me!! I've heard many that say this protocol is the only one that they've gotten a BFP with. When is your next u/s?

    Leah- 12 embies is great!!! I was bloated like that my last cycle & ugh I know how you feel. Just stay rested because it is so uncomfortable.

    merec- Good luck with your ER tomorrow!!!

    Susana- Glad to hear your appt went well. The accupunture is helping me too. My RE and office actually recommends my accupunturist and I didn't even know until I started cycling. oh & im doing micro flare protocol too!!!

    Ziggy- Don't worry we'll be waiting on you!!!

    Jo- I had the same feelings last cycle after it failed. We made it to ER but no ET & 1st cycle ended in chemical preg. It was devastaing & I thought I was crying all the time for no reason but it was because I felt like IF is so unfair. Something that many take for granted is something that is an emotional rollercoaster for us. But I just sit and thank God that we even have the option to go through IVF to have children. I couldn't bare the thought of not even having the option of even trying. With God all thing are possible!!

    Hope I got everyone & Baby Dust & Sticky Vibes to ALL U STRONG LOVELY LADIES!!!


  17., starting the ganerilix tomorrow...are you on the antagonist protocol this time? How big are your follicles that they measured? I think I am supposed to start when mine reach 12-14mm. Good luck with your next check!

    Jo...I think my ER/ET will be about the same time as your FET. I can't imagine what it must be like to put embryos back without having to do all the shots (I have never had an FET)...but it sounds needles! Did I mention I got myself GOOD the other day. Not sure how I managed to nick a blood vessel on my stomach to the degree I did, but leave it to me! I was a little concerned to see blood in the syringe when I removed the needle...and now have a lovely bruise to avoid!

    Karen...good luck with your ER!!! I just know it is going to go well! no real new news tonight as I missed the call from my nurse and only got the basics left on my voicemail. So continuing my meds at the current doses and then back for another check on Saturday morning.


  18. Hi Ladies,

    Glad to hear so many positive comments about the antagonist protocol! This thread is encouraging.

    Tara - good luck tomorrow morning. Sorry about the bruising. This is a good reason to cycle in the winter time, so nobody sees our war wounds!

    Amber - congrats on 13 potential follies! I'd be over the moon with a number like that. Actually I'd be really happy with half that many!

    Jo - Glad you are feeling better. IF does a number on us. Did we cycle together in November (40+ board)? Do you know how many you'll transfer? Next week will be here before you know it!

    Mentar - Hey-oh! I'm blown away. 31 follies. I can't imagine. Are you feeling ok? Were you able to get your ganirelix on time?

    Leah - Congrats on your 12 embryos!! How are you feeling? I hope the swelling has gone down & you can go forward with your ET.

    Susana - Glad your E2 is rising nicely! Maybe acu is the trick! Any new news?

    Karen - Nice E2 number! I hope your ER went very well today. Pls check in when you can!

    AFM, boy I feel ridiculous reporting my cd3 numbers, but it's all I got! E2=53, and FSH=6.1. I'm actually really happy about the numbers because my FSH was a little over 9 (10 months ago) & I thought for sure it would be higher. Glad I'm only taking BCPs for another week, because they make me super b*tchy. Anybody else?

    I hope you all have a great weekend!

  19. Hi Ladies--

    Tara--oh that's so annoying (and par for the course, no?) that you missed the call! The news must be good since they didn't bump your doses. Let us know how tomorrow goes!

    Ziggy--great FSH! BCPs definately make me nutso, too.

    Amber--great news on the follie count. can't wait to hear how the little ones perk'd up tomorrow. i definately agree that even though we all can't get preg the usual way, we are SO luck to have ART's hoping for a thread full of beautiful bfps

    Jo--is this your first FET? have you decided how many to transfer? It's OK to be nervous, we are all here for you!

    Mentar--were you able to get the ganirelix? how stressful! keep us posted on today's check. Hopefully there are tons of perfect ones within those 31!! What happened last time you overstimulated? (sorry if you've said, i'm in a fog!)

    Leah--how are you feeling? how are the embies doing? I'm dying to know if you did 3dt today or are doing 5dt on Sun? hope the bloating is better!

    Susana--how did yesterday's check go? sounds like this is your cycle!

    Hope I didn't miss anyone!

    AFM--had ER today--great news--12 follies and he got 12 eggs. yay! my left ovary can be quite pesky (my ER last summer my old ER couldn't reach it at all) so I'm totally thrilled with 12 for 12! now i'll be on pins and needles waiting for the fert report. there's always a next step of stress, i guess. I was a total basketcase before ER b/c the surgicenter was running behind and RE was late and all you ever read about is that the timing of ER (36 hrs after trigger) is so crucial, I just felt like I was sitting there ovulating those great follies, one by one, as the clock ticked on and on and on. So I went under anesthesia crying and woke up crying and they all think I'm totally nuts. This cycle is definately taking its toll on my sanity--maybe b/c i went back to back with a cancelled cycle for not enough follies.
    Anyway, I feel silly now, knowing he got 12 for 12. So I'm going to enjoy my new favorite # 12 tonight, and hope for a great fert report tomorrow. I am really hoping to make it to blast for eSET. Sorry to babble, I must still be under the influence of anesthesia, thanks for listening!

  20. Karen...that stinks that you went under crying, it seems most people come out of anesthesia the way they went under. I am glad that you can atleast relax about not having ovulated all those follicles after worrying the last few days they were too big and then the RE running behind. Can't wait for your fert. report tomorrow! I forget...are you doing a 5dt??

    Ziggy...glad your #s sound so good and your FSH is down! Here's to hoping it's a good sign that this cycle will go perfectly!

    Leah....yeah, wondering if you did a 3dt??

    Hope everyone else is doing good! In tomorrow morning for u/s and b/w again. Feeling fairly laid back about this cycle, or atleast telling myself I am!!!


  21. Karen, hurray for a good ER! And you're not crazy for worrying about timing. They're so particular about when you trigger that it would make me worry too if the RE was running late. Every single darn egg is precious and you don't want a single one to prematurely ovulate!

    Mentar, how stressful to have to jump through hoops at the last minute for medication! And, wow, 31 follies. Have you had another u/s yet?

    Nursun, good luck at the u/s tomorrow. Think positive, \"get bigger\" thoughts in the direction of your ovaries.

    Jo, thanks for the tip on dealing with the bloat. I'm going to head out and buy some Gatorade tomorrow (I should have done it already, but I just kept hoping it would go away on its own!). How far out is the transfer of your frozen embies? (Sorry if I'm asking a question you've already answered.)

    Amber, 13 follies is awesome for day 3 of stims. But with 4 shots a day, by the end of the cycle you're going to have to find new places on your body to stick!

    Ziggy, every step in this process that doesn't go horribly wrong is a victory, so your cd3 numbers getting better is great news. BCPs don't effect my mood. They do make me gain weight, but so does every single other drug I've taken for IF.

    My ET was going to be either today (day 3) or Sunday (day 5) depending on how the embies looked this morning. Well, my clinic called and said the embies look good so we're doing a day 5 transfer. When the nurse told me about the embryos she said a few were compacting and I had to ask what that meant. The nurse said, \"it's good news!\" I told her that I wasn't used to good news so I just assume new things are negative. I was glad to be wrong. My few embies last cycle were much poorer quality and the word compacting never came up. Anyway, I'm going to have an accupuncture treatment before and after ET. Now if I can just keep from throwing things at DH in the meantime. He got snippy with me for giving him the schedule for Sunday last minute. Hello! I told him about the schedule 10 minutes after I found out about it. *sigh* As hard as he tries, sometimes he just doesn't get it.


  22. Tara, I too am feeling fairly laid back. Any other cycle I would be a basket case. I guess it is some form of protection. If I don't care, it won't matter if it fails. Seems silly looking at it. But I'm self analyzing, so I really have no idea.

    Leah, Great news on your embryos!! And hooray for the day 5 transfer. Things are looking pretty great for you! And husbands, ugh. Sometimes they don't think.... it isn't as if this is a completely unemotional time for us!!

    merec, Great news on your 12 eggs. That is excellent! I will be waiting as well for your fert report!! Let's keep this good news rolling.

    Ziggy, Maybe THAT is it. I have been on BCP's for the last 3.5 years, no wonder! I couldn't figure out why I am feeling so great during this cycle and maybe the lack of the BCP's has something to do with it. Glad to take a break from those suckers!! (BTW, I take the BCP's to prevent getting pg naturally {which probably wouldn't happen} because my DH and I are CF carriers. )

    listead, I am so envious that you are avoiding any meds! Will you still have to do the dreaded PIO after the transfer or only suppositories?

    Tara, I know the stress of not getting to talk to the nurses. I too think it is a good sign that they are having you stay the course. Great news. Maybe on Saturday you can get all of the info!

    Amber, great numbers for stim day 3, you will likely get many more!!

    I had another u/s today. E2 was 1700ish. Follie count is getting higher. I think 37. But many are pretty small, <10mm, so maybe I won't hyper stimulate. I had a 16, some 15s, etc, so I too am staying the course on my meds. They did add ganirelix today though. Hoping for ER Tuesday as I am getting very tender and full feeling. I have another u/s on Sunday.

    Have a good Friday!


  23. Mentar...glad to hear that many of the follicles are small, hopefully they stay small until retrieval and you only end up with enough eggs to not cause hyperstim. Just days away from trigger it sounds like...good luck! Glad you were able to get your ganerilix.

    Leah...whoo hoo, glad to hear you have some great embryos this cycle and a 5dt in the works! My DH is the same way...I had to call and reschedule an outpatient procedure for him...he scheduled it on this coming Friday, I have been telling him all along that I figure ER will be Friday or Saturday. I said how are we both supposed to be going under sedation (possibly) the same day...who is going to drive you home? Plus I really don't want him to have sedation the day before retrieval if it happens Saturday either. His procedure is necessary, but elective at this point based on a incedental finding they want to be sure is nothing...but he still gave me attitude about changing I called and did it. Now it is on his birthday, HA!!! Ok that was accidental on my part, but still pretty funny...


  24. Wow, you ladies are rockin' & rollin'! So glad to read all the great updates!!

    Mentar - 37 Man, that is crazy. Makes me realize how far behind the ball I am. It should mean you have lots of good eggs! 16 and 15s at this point is great. Hopefully you won't hyperstimulate, and all will be good! I think I am right there with you with ER on Tuesday.

    Leah - Wow, day 5. That is excellent news! I would be ecstatic!! So glad this cycle is turning out so much better for you. Did they try a different protocol? Sorry if you already said. Those DH can be so supportive, but sometimes so *funny*.

    Tara - Laid back is a good thing, and can really help. I am for the most part trying to do the same, but sometimes I slip. I think I am with you on the slow and low responder issue. Good luck tomorrow. Hopefully you will see some growth start to kick in!

    Karen - 12 for 12!! I am doing a little dance for you here. Great news. Sorry you went under and came out like that. For me that can be the most helpless feeling, coming to in tears. I have been there before. Sounds like you have a good chance to make it to day 5. Can't wait to hear the report!

    Ziggy - I have borderline FSH, so hearing that number makes me do a little dance too. Great start to the cycle! Did you do anything special to get it down??

    Amber - That is awesome for stim day 3! I bet they do catch up. Do you have another u/s tomorrow? Sounds like you are going to have a great cycle too! Hopefully 3 times is the charm! I am right there with you on the 4 shots a day... I use to hesitate before sticking myself, but not anymore. After what feels like the gazillionth time I just want to be done with it.

    Jo - I think I felt like you right before my stims started. You know it is going to happen, but it doesn't seem real. Hopefully you will be nice and relaxed going into the FET without all the mess and stress of injections and follicle counts going into it. I think a lot can be said for trying to keep the stress level low. I am doing lots of visualizing!! I am finding that even helps my stress level too.

    AAM - Had my second u/s today. RE is very pleased with where I am compared to last cycle, but really the number of follicles is about the same. My e2 is just much higher. Hopefully that means better quality because I can use it! Right now I have 5 follies (1L, 4R) between 11 - 15. There are maybe 2 smaller that might catch up. I'll be happy if I can get those 2, but it is hard to tell at this point.

    My next u/s is Sunday and looks like ER Tuesday.

    I am so exhausted from these early morning appointments, I am going to have to go to bed early. I had to go in 3 times this week, leaving the house at 6 AM to make it there for 7:30... I am not a morning person!!

    Everyone has such good news, I hope it keeps coming. Can't wait for more updates.

  25. Tara - That is too funny... That is what he gets for not thinking when he scheduled it in the first place.

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