Anyone scheduled for a February ER/ET?

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  1. Just wondering if there's anyone else out there who's scheduled for a February ER? I think the other threads in Jan-Feb cycle buddies were either started last year or have mostly Jan ER/ET cyclers.

    I just started stims last night, with ER estimated for Feb. 4th. This is my third attempt at IVF. The first was a BFN and the second was canceled when my RE suspected endometriomas and I had a lap. I'm hoping the third time's the charm! I'm 33, although I'll be 34 in February, and my DH is 34.


  2. Hi Leah! I'm on the other thread but I'll join this one with you, too! This is also my 3rd IVF attempt. The first was last summer, BFP but ended in m/c, and the 2nd was just a few weeks ago, cancelled after 9 nights of stims for poor response. Hoping 3rd time's the charm as well
    DH and I are both 35. IF is unexplained. What's your protocol? I am on 150 Follistim and one Menopur (not sure if that is 75 or 150?) Tonight is my 3rd night of stims and I go for first follie check tomorrow. No idea when ER might be, since I have a history of both over and underresponse...


  3. Hi Leah...I will join you too if you don't mind, Karen and I are both on the other thread, but the only two cycling in Februaury. I am about to start my 4th IVF cycle, stims should start on Friday with ER on the 11th and ET on the 14th (give a day or so). My first cycle failed, my second cycle resulted in a pregnancy and my 3rd cycle was cancelled Jan 1st after ER due to no fertilization. I am trying a different protocol this cycyle, antagoist, after the last 3 were Long Lupron. Oh and I am 33 and DH is 40 (41 in February). of Menopur I believe is 75iu if it is equal to Repronex (the unpure form of Menopur).


  4. Excuse me for the juvenile response, but, Hurray!! It's so nice to have cycle buddies.

    Karen, I'm very sorry to hear about your m/c last summer. That s*cks. Here's hoping that third time's the charm for you as well. I've never taken Menopur so I'm not sure what that equates to. I'm on the long lupron protocol, taking Gonal-F, and my dosages thus far has been 375, and 300x3. Good luck on your folli check tomorrow!

    Nursun, I hope the antagonist protocol works better for you. There is no way to make it OK to go through an entire IVF cycle, and get to ER but not ET. What stim medication are you using?

    I had my first folli check today, and it went much better than my last cycle. (Last time my estrogen was 18 at the first check, and today at the first check it was over 300). My RE said there's \"plenty\" of follicles developing and he actually lowered my stim dose to 225. It's funny because I had a feeling the stims were working better this time. I had a crying fit yesterday because DH asked me to use a larger plate when eating in his car so I didn't drop crumbs -- in my mind this meant he thinks I'm messy, and apparently this was sufficient fodder for an extended crying jag. Gotta love the mood swings!


  5. Hello ladies

    I think I will join you too! I tried to set up my own thread because I am doing FET so hope you don't mind me piling in here!

    My IVF Story so far... almost got to ER but the cycle was canceled on Day 12 of stims, secnd time we got canceled early because I had cysts, third try we went all the way through if with a fresh cycle only for a BFN. We managed to freeze 4 embryos, so are using two of them in an FET. My cycle is due to start any day now and if all goes well, we will have the ET on day 14.

    It feels weird to be doing this and not be on drugs, and also to know that the chances are slimmer of it being successful. Anyway, on the last cycle i think over half the ladies in the thread got pregnant, so fingers crossed for everyone.


  6. Hi Ladies,

    Do you mind if I join as well? This will be my 4th cycle - 1st (2006) was BFP, and 2nd + 3rd (2009) were big flops. I've switched REs and my new one will have me on the Antagonist protocol, which is new for me (previous RE only does Long Lupron). I think my ER will be in mid-to-late-Feb, but I'm not quite sure yet. AF has been a little unpredictable...

    I'm not even 100% on board with trying again. Thought if I joined a cycling thread, I'd get more motivated! Going through this with others really helps!

    Leah- sorry about mood swings! I almost forgot about those... Ugh. The horror!

    I hope the best for you all,

  7. Hi ladies!

    Ziggy--what are your reservations? (I'm guessing the obvious--what a PIA cycling is, the stress and emotion involved, the let-down if BFN, etc...) Do you have a ds/dd from '06? i'm doing the antagonist protocol too, and boy is it nice not having hot flashes!

    Jo--welcome! looks like you are headed towards a Valentine's day of bedrest, eh? woo hoo!

    Leah--i almost choked while reading your post i laughed so hard. i WISH my dh cared about crumbs in his car! gotta love the mood swings! I watched the movie PS I Love You yesterday and went through a whole box of tissues--never stopped crying!

    Nursun--cheers to this being our cycle!

    AFM--had first follie check today--she only saw 7 follies, but i had 18 at preantral check on Saturday, so i'm hoping some more pop out--does that happen? E2 went from 45 to 145. I go back on Thursday.

  8. Welcome Ziggy and Jo!

    Ziggy, there's nothing like multiple IVFs to bring out the ambivalence in anyone, but hopefully the new protocol (and the new RE) will help make this cycle successful. And we're happy to be along for the ride.

    Jo, I've read some threads on this board with posts from women who actually do better on FET than on fresh cycles. I can't claim to know much about it, but I though I'd pass along what I gleaned from reading threads in my early days on the boards.

    Karen, it sounds like your first check went well. I think that new follies do pop out as you go along -- sometimes the little guys (or gals) just take more meds, and time, to come out and play.

    My second folli check is tomorrow. I had what I think is my final run for a while today because my RE doesn't advise doing high-impact exercise once the follicles get larger. I have the feeling he's going to tell me no more runs during tomorrow's appointment. I also have an accupuncture appointment tomorrow. Is anyone else doing accupuncture, or have you done it for a previous cycle? I didn't use it my first BFN cycle, so I figured I may as well give it a try this time around. At the very least, it's quite relaxing.


  9. Hello Ladies

    I would love to join you all. My IF journey is no tubes from 2 ectopics 2006 and 2007. This is my 3rd IVF and Im praying a successful one as the 1st long protocol resulted in a chemical pregnancy, the 2nd antagonist protocol ending without a ET being that no follies fertilized, now Im on the micro-flare protocol and I just received my box of meds today!!

    I have a Dr. appt tomorrow for sono and nurse will let me know when I can start stimming!!

    Nurse gave me an estimated date of ER of Feb 10 and ET Feb 13 which is also DH 38th B-Day!! Beta will be 2wks later. I pray we get a PPT as this would be the best Birthday present I could ever give!!!

    Oh & I just joined the other thread too! There are some Feb cyclers there too

    Baby dust to all

  10. Hi Ladies.

    This is my third round of IVF. Our 1st round (long lupron) in 2005 made it to transfer (we need to do PGD as well for genetic reasons) but ended in bfn. 2nd round (antagonist) fared much better with bfp and eventually our child born in 2006. So here we are again for round 3, 4 years later. I start stimming on Friday, and as I type, I have a knot in my stomach. I'm not 100% sure about cycling again either. I am so nervous about the emotional and physical side affects and desperately afraid that my emotional health will suffer and make it difficult for me to be a good parent to our first miracle. But, we really want to have another child. So, I need some help staying grounded. I thought I could do this on my own this time, without the added help of a support group. But what I have found is, I am no where the rock that I thought I was, and I need the help of some good women!

    Okay. So, if you will have me. I would love to join as well! I looked into the secondary infertility thread so I wouldn't offend all of you, but it wasn't doing much of anything. I really want to be careful about making you all comfortable, so if anyone isn't, I will step aside. But, I am a wealth of knowledge... and humor... so you would really be missing out!!


  11. Mentar--welcome! I also have a DS as do some others on the thread, so please don't feel uncomfortable. I have ds born in '06 from Clomid (seemed so stressful at the time...boy was Clomid small potatoes!) Speaking for myself, the meds definately are making me grumpy, and perhaps not 100% the mom I want to be, whether it's a shorter fuse than usual, or whether it's leaving for follie checks at 6 am so I'm not around to help in the morning....but the fact is that IVF seems to be what I need to have another child, should I be so lucky. I know the stress of cycling hits the whole family but I just keep telling myself it's temporary and kids are resilient, and before each cycle I apologize to DH for anything and everything, should I act a bit (or a lot) nutty. So that's my 2 gotta do what you gotta do.

  12. I don't even have the excuse of taking meds for my weird moods! I was horrible on the suppressants and the stims and this time I am just freaked out at not being on any drugs because I've come to feel like I can't do anything to do with conceiving a baby on my own.

    Leah - I had acupuncture with my first cycle and enjoyed it, although the appointments started to feel like something else I had to do and didn't have the energy for. I missed out on the acupuncture the second cycle but have taken it up again this time - somewhere not so specialised in fertility but really near where I work, so I can go in my lunch hour. I'm really enjoying it - it has especially helped when I lose my mind over one of my friends/family/colleagues getting pregnant.

    And to those of you who already have children - it's nice to really know that this works for people. After the last cycle I was so down I didn't know if I would be able to carry on. But here we are, trying again.

    Thank God hump day is nearly over! Why would AF pick THIS month to be late?!


  13. Hi Mentar and AMBD.

    Mentar, I would love to have you as a cycle buddy, and it bothers me not the least that you had a previous success. I agree with Jo that it's nice to know that this IVF thing actually does work.

    AMBD, it sounds like you've already been down a long road so I hope this new protocol is the ticket to a BFP. I think you're scheduled for ER around the same time as Tara (Nursun).

    Jo, I hope AF comes soon so you can get started. Thanks for the note about accupuncture. Anything that helps you cope with OPP (other people's pregnancy) has to be a good thing. I can't believe how incredibly relaxing I find the whole experience -- to me, it's better than a massage.

    I went to book club tonight, and I kid you not, there were 3 pregnant women in the room. Oddly enough, it didn't bother me because I'm not close to 2 of the women who are pregnant, and I've had plenty of time to adjust to the pregnancy of the one I am close to. I know that doesn't make any sense, but I've stopped trying to predict my reactions to OPP. It helps that I had my second folli check today and my RE said everything looks good. Crossing my fingers that things are still good on Friday when I go in again.


  14. Id love to join your thread. My Egg Retrieval is planned for feb 17 and not sure at this point if it will be a 3 or 5 day transfer. We have done one fresh cycle in 04 that got cancelled while I was on the table for transfer due to an infection. 2nd and 3rd were FET-BFN. 4th was another fresh and got bfp with twin girls in nov 05! This will be 5th and fresh cycle!
    Love to join the group!

  15. Leah...I did accupuncture back during my IUIs and I think maybe my first IVF...I stopped only due to the cost. I'd love to be doing it again, I found it very relaxing. But again the cost and the fact I would have to find someone to watch my DD to go. And oh the mood swings...they are fun aren't they?!?

    Mentar...welcome, as Karen said you are not the only one with secondary IF here. My DD was a result of IVF also.

    Jo...I have never done an FET, but my sister had success on her's after two failed fresh cycles. And my AF is atleast a day late this cycle too...NEVER had that happen after taking BCPs.

    So nothing new with me, as I said above, just waiting on AF...but fully expect her tomorrow. Especially with how witchy I was at work tonight...yikes!


  16. Hi Ladies,
    I had a follie check this morning. Looks like I'll only have 6 or 7 follies this time...I'm trying to stay positive...I guess it's better than 2-3, which is what I had a few weeks ago when we had to cancel. My new mantra: it only takes one, it only takes one!

  17. merec - and all the other ladies with naughty slow growing follicles - my last cycle I went in for the uls and they told me that there was so little growth, I should expect to have the cycle canceled when I went in two days later. The dr said all we could do was visualise those little buggers growing and stretching - we went away and did this, with my DH talking to them and encouraging them.

    We went in two days later and were told that we had 9 good size healthy looking follicles - from nowhere.

    Here\'s visualising for you all - GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!

    Happy Friday

  18. merec- Look at your progress. You have more than doubled your follie count from your last cycle. Are you 8 days into stims? And when is your estimated retrieval? I agree with others too, during retrieval, more definitely seem to and can pop up.

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I start stimming tonight with an estimated retrieval somewhere between the 7th and 10th. This seems so fast to me. My memory has stimming going on forever!

    Hope the weekend is great for you all.


  19. Mentar...I will be a day behind you in stimming, I start tomorrow night. I tend to stim 11 days so, I think ER will be the 12th for me. But since I am doing a new protocol, I could be off a day either way...I am curious to see how this one goes, my first goal is to make it to ER and then hopefully ET this time!

    Karen...I looked back at my first cycle and they only measured about 9 my last u/s and got don't lose hope. On my second cycle I only got 7, but got DD that cycle... AF did finally show yesterday afternoon, so as I said above, stims start tomorrow night. I am feeling pretty positive this time, I just hope I am not let down by that feeling...


  20. Do you mind if I join you? I have mainly been a lurker on these boards but either need to jump in or not.

    Tara/Mentar - Looks like we are all right together. I am on the microdose protocol, and started lupron yesterday and stimming today.

    Leah - I am a low-responder so we added acupunture this time with hope that it helps, and I have be drinking wheat grass juice to improve egg quality. Yuck!

    JRV - You bring me inspiration... I am now visualizing, visualizing, visualizing!!

    I am going to stay positive, but at my suppresion check yesterday my e2 was 92. Seems way high, but since I had no cysts they said to go ahead and start. My e2 is usually around 50. My acu said maybe it was becuase I just stopped BCP, but I don't think that is it. It didn't effect me last time.

    DD mentioned / loss mentioned

    I do have an almost 3 yo DD who we had with no real difficulty. After that I first suffered from recurrent miscarriage. Lost 4, 3 after HBs... and now, I can't get PG. In the last 9 months I have had 2 failed IUIs and 1 failed IVF.

    Oh, and I get to do it alone this time becuase DH is deployed. More *fun*

    I hope everyone is having a good Saturday!


  21. Karen, you're right that all you need is one to take so don't get discouraged. And I can add to the chorus of people who've had new follies at ER that never showed up on the u/s -- those little buggers sometimes hide. When is your estimated ER?

    Tara, hurray for AF finally arriving! I'm glad to hear you're feeling better about this cycle. I know there's always a temptation (at least on my part) to plan for the worst, but I think it probably helps to be positive and hopeful. Have you ever read Alice Domar's book on mind-body work for IF? I thought it was actually fairly helpful.

    stdelaportas, welcome. I hope this cycle brings you another BFP.

    Susana, congrats on making the transition from lurker to poster! You are a stronger woman than I am if you're drinking wheat grass juice. Do you have anyone there to lean on for support during the cycle while your DH is deployed?

    Mentar, good luck on starting your stims tonight.

    AFM, I had yet another folli check yesterday and blood draws today and tomorrow (I think it's a conspiracy to keep me from ever sleeping in). The number of follies looks OK, but I'm afraid to take the number at face value because in my last cycle more than half retrieved were immature. My next appointment is Sunday, and I'm thinking I may get instructions to take my trigger shot on Sunday or Monday. I am feeling bloated and like a human pincushion, so I am ready to get this show on the road!


  22. Susanna - welcome and I'm glad to be of help! They WILL grow!

    Leah and everyone - I feel for you with the bloated feeling. My nurse tells me to drink Gatorade (I drink G2 as it has 30 calories) - it helps with the bloating. They told me to drink as much of it as possible during my last cycle, saying that water just went straight to my ovaries and made them even more bloated and sore.

    And my good news... AF arrived - only 4 days late! Never mind, I am finally on the path. This natural cycle is a funny thing.

    Happy weekend

    Jo x

  23. Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for all the support. You were right, today I had 13 follies! Yeah!! Tonight I started Ganirelix, and I go back tomorrow. ER estimated for Thursday.
    I'll do personals tomorrow, just wanted to share my great news!

  24. where do you get your wheatgrass juice from...I have been tempted to try that...I have also hear it helps with high FSH levels (but not one of our issues so far). I am amazed at your strength going through this IVF cycle without your DH and also an almost 3 year old. Do you atleast have famiy/friends around to help? I have been relying on my mother and sister to help out with my early morning appts and also the day we had ER in December...we will need them again this cycle. Glad to have another woman on the same schedule as me and Mentar!

    Karen..yay for 13 follicles, that is great news! Wow, Thursday will be here before you know it. I am glad this cycle is going so much better than the last one for me hope! started the stims last night...I HATE Repronex...OUCH! Oh well, in the big picture it is worth it. Just hoping things go smoothly this cycle!


  25. JRV - Glad you are getting started! That is half the battle.

    Karen - 13 is great!! Very good news. Hope things continued to go well today.

    Tara - I got frozen juice from a grower in Canada. Dyn*mic Greens. The first batch was actually *good*, and I don't like many things. I guess I was lucky, because the second batch I got is so much stronger and just yuck. I have to force it down, and can't believe how different it is from the first batch. But I am so close to the prize it is worth it! I've been drinking it daily for 3 months now. I am hoping *fingers crossed* that it helps.

    Leah - I hope the follies are looking good, and mature for you. Hopefully last cycle was just an off one and they are almost all mature this time around. Is it trigger time?

    This has been a very private struggle for us, so the only one who really knows anything other than DH is my sister, but she is out of state. I had to tell my mom enough so she can take me to ER, but she has no idea what it all entails or really means.

    How is everyone else doing??

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