Anyone on early bedrest with an SCH?

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  1. I am in week 3 of bedrest now, with a rather large subchronic hematoma. First high risk OB vist today confirmed that I'll be here for another 2 weeks at least. I am only at 9w3d. Just wondering if there are any others out there in a similar situation?

  2. Hi! I was on bedrest for 3 weeks from a SCH. It eventually reabsorbed and I had my daughter at 37 weeks. Good luck!

  3. Hi Shiva,
    I am 14 1/2 weeks and have been on bed rest for 3 - been bleeding like a heavy period (sometimes clotting) for 4 weeks now and no doctor can figure out what this is - I don't have a SCH. Looks like I may be on bed rest for a LONG time.

  4. I am 15 wks w/ twins, and am just starting week 3 of bedrest. I had a HUGE bleed and subsequent SCH/clot just over two weeks ago, following a bad vomiting episode. Spent 4 days in the hospital.

    Initially the clot was higher in the uterus, closer to baby B, and measured 6 cm x 3 cm or so. Now, it has thinned and spread out, so it's more like 7 cm x 1.5 cm. It has also moved down and is near baby A and the cervix now.

    Just hoping that the clot does not dislodge baby A and cause an abruption.

    I go back to the high-risk OB in two weeks. It's so hard to wait ... I spend a lot of time imagining the worst, if that makes sense.

    Hope everyone else is doing better than I am!

  5. Hi all,

    Thanks so much for your replies, I had not checked back here in a while as I was finally taken off bed rest last week. I was on for a total of 2 months, but the hematoma did ultimately dissapear and now I can just enjoy being pregnant, finally!

    I hope you all are finding some relaxation and comfort in the time you have to rest and let these things resolve. I will say I was shocked to see that it had just gone away after sticking around for so long, so keep the faith, there are a lot of happy endings...

  6. Shiva -

    That is great news!! I am currently on bedrest for SCH @ 10 weeks. I am so happy to hear that yours resolved so quickly - you mentioned that it was large, how big was it? Did it pass or absorb? My OB mentioned that mine was small, under 2cm and reduced slightly last week. I am seeing the peri tomorrow to get an update on the baby and sch - very anxious and looking for positive stories.

    Congratulations - I hope I can join you in the enjoyment stage soon!!

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