Anyone in their 2ww right now?

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  1. i have a consult with my re this thursday... im hoping he will give me some sort of insight as to why i have had my 3rd chemical preg... im sure hes gonna say that since my first two were before my son this 3rd one is just a fluke. i talked to my dr last week when she called me with the bloodtest results from my thyroid last week.. she said my thyroid was a bit elevated. so now they have proof that once i get preg my thyroid goes wacky. i really think my thyroid is the reason for the mc's.

  2. dtilbury-- Good luck with your US tomorrow. I thinking about you.

    CHPIPI -- I am so sorry about last week result. I hope you get better result today. I pray for you.

    Emmy-- I am so sorry, I hope all the best for you.

    NikkiRose-- I hope you get a clue on Thursday that why this is happening. I am so sorry.

    mubark-- sorry I can not help. But I think you should see what your feeling is. I wish you all the best.

    AMF-- I still have a very bad lower back pain. It is killing me . I have to wait till Wednesday for my beta. I am going to be crazy till that time.

  3. dazzeee--Educate me a little......what is the relation between thyroid and m/c?? When thyroid is high that can cause a m/c?? I have history of m/c...just curious. Good luck on Thursday.

    LB--have you POAS yet???

  4. from everything im reading online they said theres a link between mc and hypothyroidism.. i know for a fact that when im preg my thyroid goes wacky.. with my son i lost weight the entire time i was pg.. they are attributing that to my thyroid. this last preg they checked my thyroid at my 2nd beta and it came back a bit high... i cant wait to talk to the dr thurs about this. im really annoyed because this has NEVER been brought up with me .. even after i lost 2 babies before my son and all the recurrent preg loss bloodwork came back normal.

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