Anyone in their 2ww right now?

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  1. i did the patches when i did my FET that resulted in my son !

  2. Thank you so much girls. I'm so down about this and you made me feel better and that these patches might actually help! They're already making me feel wierd but at this point I'm willing to feel drunk all day if it is going to boost my lining!!

  3. Dazzeee & Irish -

    How did you keep the patches dry when you took a shower? Did you take them off or is it ok to get them wet?? I wasn't sure what to do!

    Thanks so much....

  4. Hi ladies,

    I hope all of you doing well. I feel so down since last night. I have a very bad lower back pain. I even can not move. I called the clinic, they said this has nothing to do with my cycle. I had really good cry this morning I afraid it affect the implantation. Have anyone experienced a same pain ?

  5. LB--Lower back pain during your 2ww is a sign of implantation. With both of my BFP's that was my first symptom. It started about 24 hours after ET and I still have it on/off. I am 5wks today. So, I think it is a good sign. I can't believe they told you it didn't have anything to do with your cycle. Any pregnancy website will list lower back pain as a sign of early pregnancy. With my first pregnancy, it was pretty intense. The only other thing it could be would be a UTI or bladder infection. You could get checked for that. But I really think it is implantation. Good luck and get some rest.....stay off your feet as much as possible to rest your back. Baby dust.

  6. Hi all!

    It\'s been a bit since I've checked in, so I wanted to see where everyone is at!

    dtilbury - How did your second beta turn out? I hope you are still doing well. Your first numbers sounded good - lots of baby dust to you!

    Tracy-Ann - How was your next beta - any word on when your u/s will be? I hope all is going beautifully for you as well!

    CHPIPI - Hope your rest has been beneficial! When do you (or did you) go in for your first u/s? I know you are just two days ahead of me in our schedules. KMFC for more good news from you!

    NikkiRose - Sounds like your beta numbers are on a roll - congrats! Can't wait to hear how your test goes on Tuesday! Good luck and continued baby dust!

    mubark - I hope you are having fantastic results with those patches! When will they check you next? Lots of pretty lining wishes to you!

    LB - Where are you in your cycle? I didn't have back pain, but I had AF like cramping that started the evening of 7dp3dt (and it has never gone away). I was so depressed, but then, a few days later, I got my results from the second beta and it was BFP! When do you get your tests done? I hope all goes well for you! Lots of baby dust coming your way!

    AFM - My recent 12 day wait is almost over. I go in for my first u/s on Tuesday (exactly 7 weeks). I'm super excited but a little nervous at the same time. I keep telling myself there is no reason in the world that I can't end up being one of the success stories! Fingers crossed!!! With each passing event I hope to feel just that much more confident.

    Anyway, sorry if I missed anyone! KMFC for each of you and lots of sticky baby dust to all!

  7. Puppylove- wow tuesday is the big day!! How exciting! My betas doubled/tripled normally so my u/s is scheduled at 7 weeks, friday the 18th!
    I am sooo nervous!

  8. Puppylove--Good luck with your u/s----how exciting!! The first ultrasound seems to be the most nerve wrecking. Can't wait to hear what's going on in there!!

    mubark--I have read taking baby aspirin helps with thickening your lining and drinking grape juice everyday. Not sure if you are already doing those things or not. I hope the patches work out for you.

    Tracy-Ann--Good luck with your u/s on Friday!

    AFM--My bleeding/ spotting stopped about 12 hours after it started. Thank God. First beta was 195-- 12dp3dt. My second beta was 765 at 15dp3dt. YEAH! Felt so relieved!! My u/s isn't until Sept. 24th. I am not having alot of symptoms and that has me somewhat concerned. I keep comparing this pregnancy with my last, even though I m/c last time. I know I shouldn't do that, as I have read each pregnancy can be very different. My only symptoms are sore bb's, fatigue, dizziness, and some acne. Last time I had m/s and heartburn. Guess I will just have to wait til the 24th to see if all is well. I hate waiting...........hope everyone else is well.

  9. mubark, I was on the patches (4 of them, changed every other day) and my lining got to a 10 for my FET. I also had the Endometrin vaginal inserts (1 x daily) and Estradiol pills (2 x daily) and baby aspirin (1 x daily). I didn't have any problems with showering. The patches were SO sticky they even left gray sticky outlines of where they used to be, haha. I found that they were the least annoying if I wore them on my back instead of my belly.

    PuppyLove, I think after all the dust has settled I am 1 day ahead of you. I am exactly 7 weeks on Monday and going in for my first official u/s (not counting the emergency one we had at 5 weeks). I don't feel as distressed as I did the night before the first beta, but I do feel worried. Do you know whe you will be transferred over to a regular obgyn? I don't know if it's after the first u/s or after the whole first tri-mester is over. I think it depends on what they find out this week maybe?

    Tracy-Ann, good luck to you on Friday. Is it just me or does the waiting seem never to end??

    dtilbury, I know what you mean, it doesn't feel like it's really \"working\" to me either.

    Does this mean none of you BFPs are having any morning sickness? I read that 75% of women have it and it starts in week 6, but my week 6 came and went, and all I had were a couple of headaches and some queasiness which I could control by laying down for a few minutes. Again, lack of symptoms has me worried. Can't wait for some official news tomorrow. After cycling I was saying I never wanted to go into the doctor's office again, and now I can't wait to get back in there!

  10. Hi all! (Heads up - long post - antsy fingers - sorry!)

    Tracy-Ann - Glad to hear your betas are behaving for you (hopefully your soon-to-be little one will do the same)! Good luck on Friday!

    dtilbury - Where will you be in your cycle on the 24th (sorry, trying to keep track of schedules, but I'm not always successful!)? It's been interesting to see how many docs do early u/s. Mine won't do it until 7 weeks (not even 6 weeks and 6 days) because otherwise the hb may not show and then everybody panics until they can repeat it in a few more days. I'm sure he'd do it if he felt he needed to keep a closer watch though. Good luck on the 24th - do you have anything between now and then, or just another wait?

    CHPIPI - My doc does 8dp3dt beta, 10dp3dt beta, 20dp3dt beta, then 7 week u/s and 9 week u/s. If all those hurdles get crossed nicely, then he pushes us out of the nest and on to our OB/GYN - I'm sooo looking forward to that day!!! I know what you mean about symptoms - I get a bit scared when I don't have them, but then super happy when a new one creeps up on me. I had some nausea and dry heaves (sorry if TMI) early on, but then it went away until Saturday morning at 4 a.m.! My mom was never sick or even nauseous a single day for either my sister or me and I tend to take after her a lot, so I can only hope that's why it hasn't hit me much (not to say I'd mind much if it did though!). I find if I get hungry and don't eat almost immediately it can hit me like a tidal wave. I don't actually throw up though, just the awful dry heaves. Funny thing was, Saturday a.m. my hubby came to check on me and was about to be all sweet and concerned when it dawned on him what it meant - he then said, \"Morning sickness, yeah! Mommy's getting sick girls (said to my dogs), that's a good thing - yippee - mommy's sick!\". All I could do, while praying to the porcelain goddess, was give him a quick thumbs up. Had to make me smile deep down though! Gotta love those dh\'s!

    I'm at 6wks5days and I have that constant cramping I've had since day 7 (with twinges on the right side), my bb's started getting sore several days ago (which made me quite happy, especially since I'm usually rather numb up there - sorry!), I get super hungry super fast but don't eat much, the nausea if I don't eat w/in about 5 minutes, horrible forgetfulness (I keep misplacing myself while I'm driving and forgetting the silliest things), tired, getting up in the middle of the night at least 1 to 2 times to pee (almost never used to wake up till morning - and I'm talking I could sleep 9 to 11 hours sometimes!), used to only eat a bowl of cereal or oatmeal for breakfast and now I pretty much only want scrambled eggs (egg beaters since I'm eating it so often) with linguica (almost every single day!) and the weirdest of all for me is that I do not want anything to do with fast food or sweets - I know!!! In fact, if I eat anything too sweet (like even french toast) I feel completely ill and rock-in-the-tummy-ish.

    Sorry for so much info - can you tell I'm going stir crazy with all the hurry up and wait?! Trust me, I know what you mean about actually wanting to go to the doctor's office - I mean, really?! It's so hard not to analyze and compare every single thing and just hope, hope, hope. Anyone else want to share what you're feeling? It's interesting to see the huge list of things that come up and how different they all are!

    Thanks all for letting me gush - baby dust to all!!!

  11. CHPIPI - Sorry, almost forgot! Good luck tomorrow! What time do you go in? KMFC for you!!!

  12. dtilbury--Thank you for the information My back is better now at least I can move, I know it is two early but other than back pain I feel dizzy and tiered.

    Emmy-- Thank you for the information. I am 7dp3dt with frozen cycle. MY pain start at day five after the transfer. I have transferred three embryos. MY test scheduled for Sept 23. I really want to do home test now, but DH thinks it is too early.

    I hope every one doing well. Baby dust to all of you.

  13. LB--Dizziness is a good many dpt are you?? Beta??

    puppylove--on the 24th I will be 6wks4days......I think they should do an u/s before then, but at least by then I should see a heartbeat. Hope so anyway. Unitl then I am just waiting.......ugh!

    I think I spoke to soon on the m/s.....although it didn't really happen in the morning. I ate some chili for dinner, it was really good, homeade. Well, about 20 minutes after I ate, I thought I was going to toss my cookies and then some. I hate to throw up......hate it. So, I fought it and didn't throw up, but I am so sick now, that I wish I would have. I am finding I just can't eat my \"normal foods\". If they are not bland....forget it, I will get sick to my stomach. Hope this is a good sign. I am still dizzy....have been since my BFP. Sometimes, its gets bad, and I have to sit for awhile. My bb's are sooo sore, especially when I take my bra off....ouch!!

  14. dtilbury--I am now 8dp3dt. My clinic do not do beta first, they wait 16 day and then do regular pregnancy test, if it is positive then they request a Beta. So the regular test will be on Sept 23. I want to try a home test but I am not sure it is good time to test. Do I have to wait a few days. For sure I can not wait till 23th. All the sign that I have according to the search that I have done can be because of the 6 mg Estrogen that I am taking daily. I am so nerves and confused. This waiting killing me.

  15. Hi everyone -

    I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we didn't have good news at our u/s this morning. What the RE was able to see was way too tiny to be viable. I had some blood drawn and am waiting on the results. If my numbers went down, it is an early m/c. If they are high, it could be ectopic. As of this moment I'm hanging in there, but that could change at the drop of a hat. DH is being very supportive and is super sad as well. Not sure where our path will lead from here. We had thought this would be our last try, but of course we're having a tough time thinking that way right now. Unfortunately, insurance is used up after this one (I'm blessed I had the benefit of two rounds with ins. in the first place!) and we just don't know if the out of pocket costs will be worth the chances with my history. Looks like it's an egg quality issue for me (41 with 1 m/c at 35, 1 IVF w/ BFN and now this one with a m/c).

    I wish each and every one of you success and happiness and dreams come true. I will always sprinkle the baby dust your way! Best of luck to everyone and thanks for letting me join your group for these past few weeks.

  16. i didnt get good news today either .. im having my 3rd chemical mc... my beta dropped to 13.... i dont understand why this keeps happening. i had 2 before i conceived my son.. i thought i was past that .. i thought my body was done failing me .. i was wrong .

  17. Puppylove- I am so sorry about your u/s results today. I am glad you have great support from your DH.

    Dazzeee- Sorry for your loss! I hope your RE can give you some insight on why you have had these losses.

    AFM- I am going for an u/s tomorrow. I don't think I will have good news to report either. I started to spot again today. I just have had a bad feeling about this preg from the start.

    Hope everyone else is hanging in there!

  18. ty.. unfortunately i went thru all the recurrent preg loss bloodwork while ttc my son including chromosomonal testing on me and my dh and everything has come back normal. they just keep telling me its bad luck

  19. Thanks for the kind words!

    Tracy-Ann - I truly hope your instincts are not right in this case! Praying for good results with your u/s. I hope to see some good news on this board soon!

    NikkiRose - I'm so sorry to hear your news as well. I can't imagine how frustrated and sad you must be feeling. I hope you find some peace over the next few days while you regroup and figure out what's next for you. Best of luck to you in whatever you decide!

    AFM - My beta today dropped to 90, so my RE wants to follow it through to 0 (anyone have any idea how quickly the numbers drop?). He will test again next Tuesday and then we will have a follow up meeting with him to discuss the cycle and possible next steps. Had a really good cry a couple of hours ago, but I can still feel those darn tears just lurking at the backs of my eye lids waiting to jump out at me - dang it!

    Good luck to the rest of you and I'm praying for some good news in this thread!!!

  20. puppylove- not sure how long it takes for the number to drop. The last chemical I had my number wasn't that high, so it only took a couple of days. I think it is easier to get a BFN from the start instead of going through the added stress of \"beta torture\", then to have to wait more for an u/s,and then get bad news. It is just heartbreaking. I wish you luck for your next cycle.

  21. Tracy-Ann-Good luck tomorrow....hope you get good news!

    Puppylove--I am so sorry. This just stinks. ((hugs)).....hope your next cycle goes much better. Get some rest and do something nice for yourself.

    dazzeee--((hugs))......the world of IVF is so unfair. We get our hopes up and try to be positive. It is so hurtful when we are let down in the end. I have been there, I know how you feel. hang in there and please don't give up. Take care of yourself and get some rest. Your body has been through alot.

  22. Girls, I am so sad with all this news. I also had an iffy u/s this week. We did have a heartbeat but we're about 6 days behind in growth/size. Three days is ok but 6 is not. We'll go back next Monday to do another u/s to see if it has grown or stopped. I wish there was something I could do.

    This is definitely it for us. None of our embies survived to day 5 (transfer was on day 3) so we have no frozen ones to try again with. I honestly don't know how to even face starting over. I am in total denial with the meltdown still pending.

    I admire each one of you who has had the courage and faith to try again. That says a lot. And I wish each one of you the greatest success in your \"next time\" or in your moving on. Both take strength and great character. God bless you all.

  23. CHPIPI - I am so sorry to hear about your u/s results. I am praying that your follow-up on Monday will show the growth you are hoping for! Hopefully it's just a matter of your little one needing a tiny bit more time - good luck!!! I, for one, would love to hear some good and happy news on this board. It's been kind of sad with not many successes. I'm just sorry that you are now in limbo again, I know that is the most difficult position of all - the not knowing and always wondering. Regardless of what happens, I hope you find peace in whatever you decide. Best of luck to you!

    Tracy-Ann - Best of luck with your u/s today! KMFC for you!!!

    AFM - We were planning on this being our last cycle, but it's so difficult since we obviously didn't get our desired outcome. We will meet with my RE and listen to his recommendations, but we pretty much know it is to move on to DE. We need lots more info before we can decide and we really need to find out the cost. I just don't know what to do...this is one of those times that I really wish life came with a clearer instruction manual! One thing I'm grateful for is that focussing on another potential option has at least kept my mind occupied and given me a glimmer of hope. I just hope the finances can allow us to follow through.

    I know this is a loaded question, but has anyone out there decided it's time to move on in your life without a little one? If so, how are you doing with that decision and what helped you make your final decision?

    Best of luck to all!

  24. Girls - I need advice ASAP! My lining is still a 6. I tried everything under the sun. The doctor calls me back today to discuss options - should I follow through with the transfer (would be Monday most likely since I would probably just use day 3 embryos instead of trying to go to blast) and just pray and keep fingers crossed? I don't think my lining will ever get beyond a 6. The worst would be for it to work but then m/c due to the lining but I don't want to be completely hopeless this cycle. Please help!!

    Thanks for listening....

  25. Wow, Paula, I am so sorry for your frustration! I wish I could help in some way, but my lining was not my problem, mine problem is my eggs. What is your doctor recommending? Can he steer you towards any other possible directions? I just don't know what is out there to help improve your lining. I can, however, wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide. I will have my fingers crossed for you and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck in the coming days!

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