Anyone in their 2ww right now?

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  1. Welcome oxana! Hopefully you have a busy weekend planned to get your mind off the wait!!

    Puppylove- Good luck to you tomorrow!! Only big numbers!!! How many days will you be tomorrow?

    My RE keeps doing betas every 48 hours (except not weekends) until you reach 1,000...then they schedule your u/s for a couple weeks later..
    around 7 weeks...I remember the first time I was preg. I couldn't wait and scheduled it when I was like 5w6d and I couldn't see HB or a fetal pole on one...that was worse that just waiting a little bit longer!! So this time, if I make it to u/s, I will wait until the 7 week mark!!

  2. WOW I would love to have the reassurance of having beta's every 48 hours just to know things are going well. My clinic will only do two (least with dd that is what they did) if the numbers doubled like they are supposed to then they schedule for an ultrasound between 6 1/2 to 7 weeks. Last time during that wait I took a couple of home tests because I had no symptoms and was worried something had happened but all was well. If I get good betas this time I will probably do the same thing.


  3. Dream- I wish we could have a pregnancy light go on so we know! The funny thing for me is...all my cycles that were BFN, I could have sworn I was pregnant! I felt nauseous and had sore breasts....With my BFPs I have been so negative because I have felt nothing! I only time I get nauseous is when I take my vitamin! lol! The cruelness of the whole thing is that the progesterone can make your breasts sore and give you other preg symptoms! Not fair!

  4. Evening ladies.

    Hatsidiakou, I was right there in that same pile of tissues last week. All my HPTs were negative but my beta was a BFP so try to just rest tonight. Hopefully you're sleeping already and not reading this. At my clinic it only takes a 5 to be a positive result and of course they monitor to make sure it's rising. Tomorrow will probably be the hardest day waiting for that call. I'll be thinking of you.

    Tracy-Ann, great job on those betas! And I love that you get so many. I'm jealous, actually. Keep on manufacturing that hcg stuff, girl!!

    dtilbury, congratulations on your BFPs. That's a very good sign and should help make waiting on the official betas much easier. I'm so happy for you!

  5. Hmm, my iPhone decided I was finished with that last post

    Just wanted to add, AFM, I'm doing half days on bed rest because I can't take off work and do 7 full days. This is because I've been bleeding and in the ultra sound they can see the spot that's bleeding and they just want me to calm down and not to agitate it. On a bright note, I was able to see through the u/s that there is in fact one baby. Although I expected only one based on my betas I wasn't sure.

    This is a cool thing I never knew, if you do get a BFP on your beta you're probably already considered to be 4 weeks along. They start counting way back at your last period. I feel like the last one to know everything, ha

  6. Dream #2 - I hope you have a pleasant weekend without too much stress. It never seems like it will, but eventually Tuesday will arrive and hopefully bring you some extremely happy news! Lots of baby dust to you!

    Tracy-Ann - Thanks so much for the well wishes. I've been doing all right during this wait, but the closer it gets, the more nervous I become. Hoping for all things good! Wow - you have betas every 48 hours - I think I'd prefer that! My last one was 10dp3dt and my next one, tomorrow, will be 20dp3dt, so I've had to wait 10 days between number 2 and number 3. But now it's tomorrow - yippee!

    CHPIPI - I hope you are feeling well and that your rest isn't driving you too crazy (I know, it's an oxymoron isn't it?! We always seem to want to rest until we're told we have to!). Hang in there and fingers crossed for continued good results!

    Sprinkling baby dust out to each of you! Hope your tomorrow is a happy day!

  7. Hi Everyone!

    I just wanted to let everyone know that my BETA came back negative. I think the nurse was more crushed than I was (I already had my good cry the day before). But I'm doing much better now.

    I plan to do another cycle but they are making me wait until November. They will probably do assisted hatching and the nurse told me they will probably get more aggressive with it this time. So I will see my November buddies on the November board when that time comes

    Thanks for all the hugs and well wishes!!

  8. Hatsidiakou---((HUGS)) I am sooo sorry! I hope your next cycle gives you the BFP you deserve.

    puppylove--hope your beta went well today!

    CHPIPI--congrats on your little peanut! Sorry you are on bedrest, but if it is good for the baby, then so be it.... take care of yourself.....

    payphone--thanks for sharing.....hope you are right, hope this is my time to finally be a mom!

    AFM--I have had a bad day as well. Woke up this morning to brown discharge(sorry TMI), it was on my pantyliner. It isn't heavy, but I am still spotting this afternoon. I hope it is implantation, but my luck it is AF. I took another HPT this morning, another digital, and it was still positive, but I swear I think it took longer to pop up the result. So, this afternoon I took an EPT and it was positive. It was around noon. I don't know what to think. I hope it is ok, and I am not having another chemical........gosh, this whole process is just exhausting!

  9. dtilbury- It is very common to have brownish spotting like that during implantation. I had it the last time I was preg for a couple of days. You must be soo excited for saturday! How many days will you be?

    Puppylove- good luck tomorrow!!!! I would go crazy if I had to wait that long!!

    AFM- I am hoping my number continues on the right path! Tomorrow I will again wait all day and jump when the phone rings!! I love the nurse that calls..she always says,\"Hi, how are you today\"? And I say, \"I don't know you tell me\"!!

    ***only doubling + numbers tomorrow!!**********

  10. Hi all!

    Hatsidiakou - I'm sorry to hear your news, but you sound like you have a new goal in mind, which is good news. I wish you the best of luck with your November cycle! ((HUGS)) Hope the time passes calmly and quickly for you!

    dtilbury - I hope everything is all right for you! Is your first beta tomorrow? If so, good luck to you! Will you get the results for your first one (I didn't get any numbers till after 2)? KMFC!!!

    Tracy-Ann - Good luck to you tomorrow! KMFC for fantastic numbers!!!

    AFM - I had my 3rd beta today and it was 637 (20dp3dt). Here is my progress:

    8dp3dt - 11
    10dp3dt - 29
    20dp3dt - 637

    I'm happy that it is increasing, as is my doc, but I know they would have liked to see it right around 1,000. My nurse told me she has had successful, healthy babies born with as low as 222 at 20dp3dt, so I'm hoping for the best. They wanted at least a 50% increase, which I guess I got (not too great with the numbers!). No more betas for me, just another wait - 12 days, to be exact. My first u/s will be on 9/15 at 7 weeks exactly. She said there can be so many reasons for the number and to just let them know if I have any major cramping or spotting, otherwise they'll see me in 12 days. I'm really trying to be optimistic and happy (I think I can safely admit to you, without sounding like I'm ungrateful, but sometimes I wish I was naive and optimistic again like I was the first time I was pregnant until I found out about the m/c). Sorry, temporary pity party - I'll shake it off. As I said to my sis today, I'm about 85% relieved for now - I'll take a solid B! Anyway, that's my scoop and I'm looking forward to seeing some of my family this weekend for a relaxing visit and a wedding (gonna be tough keeping my secret from many of them though - only my parents, my sis and a couple of friends know so far). Thanks so much for \"listening\" to me!!!

    Best of luck and lots of baby dust to you all!!!

  11. Tracy-Ann--I hope you are right! I didn't have this last time, so I am just concerned because it is a new symptom for me. Tomorrow is my beta and I will be 12dp3dt. I am still spotting today, no more no less. I am also having some lower back pain. I have had it since 3dpt. I also had it with my last pregnancy. So, I am not sure if that is just a symptom I am going to have no matter what, or if that is a negative sign. My last cycle ended in m/c at 10 weeks. I took another HPT this morning and it is BFP. Guess tomorrow I will know...........good luck today with your beta.....big numbers!!!

    Emmy--Yes, tomorrow is my first beta. I hope it is a high number. I have no idea what time they will call me. I think they are only open til noon on Saturdays, so hopefully I will not be waiting all day. Congrats on your beta!! I think that is a great number. It is so hard to be worry free through this whole process. Most of us have experienced the worst, so we know what can happen. But we just have to stay positive and think happy thoughts........gosh I know how hard that is to do.

  12. dtilbury- Thats nice you won't have to wait all day for your results!! Don't know about back pain...I have started to become really really nauseous. This am when I was walking to the subway I was gagging the entire way! It was garbage pick up day and smells seem like there are 100xs worse these days!
    I really think my level must still rising! I'm sure you'll get a good number tomorrow!! Fingers crossed!!!

  13. update:

    well it looks good so numbers are low, but they are tripling...
    30 to 99 to 279!!! I have to back on Wednesday and I am hoping it will be over 1,000 so I can schedule my u/s!!

    Hope everyone is doing well!!

  14. Hi ladies, just wanted to give an first beta, 12dp3dt is 168!!!
    However, I am still spotting. It had stopped.....but then this afternoon I started again and this time it is red(TMI). So, I have a bad feeling, not sure how this is going to turn out. They are repeating the beta on Tuesday

  15. dtilbury- Thats a great number! I hope your bleeding stops and you get another good number tuesday.

  16. dtilbury, good number! I also have red bleeding but things still appear to be going ok, so try not to worry too much about it. Good luck for Tuesday!

  17. awore--the bleeding is something new for me. Did your RE give you any indication as to what causes it?? It does have me worried, I try not to think negative.....but, it is hard.

  18. when i was pg with my son that was the first clue that i was pg .. it lasted for about 2 days then stopped. when i was 6wks1day pg i started spotting again and it lasted for a day. i actually went to the ER cuz i was scared. they did an us and bloodwork and my baby was fine. my re told me that it happens because as the embryo burrows into the uterine lining it pops tiny blood vessels and its totally normal as long as it is not coming with cramping.

  19. dazzeee--thanks! i hope that is my case.......for now the bleeding has stopped, thank God. My second beta is Tuesday, so hopefully those numbers go up. I am staying off my feet as much as possible. I haven't had any cramping, but my lower back hurts, and has been hurting since ET. Only time will tell I guess. Got to think positive!!!

  20. dtilbury, mine was probably due to 'overdoing it', lifting too much, carrying heavy things around, etc. I had a pretty 'active' weekend right before mine started and we think that's what caused it. I am now taking it VERY easy and doing as little as possible, even letting my DH put the dishes away and fold the laundry

  21. i had my beta today... BFP !!!!! but its low only 19.6.. im nervous due to the fact that i have had 2 chemicals before conceiving my son... my nurse said dont focus on the number just hope it doubles by friday !!!! so .. needless to say im excited but cautiously excited. im currently 11dp5dt

  22. Congratulations, NikkiRose. Can't wait to hear how Friday's numbers turn out. KMFC

  23. i got the call from my re office.. beta came back at 116 !!!! prog is 50.4 !!! ive never had a prog level that high !!! i go back on tues for a 3rd beta !!!!!!!!

  24. Congrats dazzeee!!! That is awesome beta rise. Good luck on Tuesday - have a restful (and stress free) weekend. Well, try at least!

    AFM - today I had my lining check - it's a 6...GRRRRRRRR. I can't believe after all the estrace and viagra (7 days worth) it is still a 6. I have 7 more days to get this thing thicker - does anyone have any suggestions? They let me get a patch - 2 of them - on my belly - to change every 3 days. Anyone have any good stories using the estrogen patch? FET is supposed to be 9/23-ish but who knows if I can't get a thicker lining if they will even do it...

    Thanks all and have a great weekend!

  25. mubark - To boost my estrogen (same way of boosting your lining) I take 2 Estrace 3x a day, one vaginally at night, and three patches of Vivelle Dots on my stomach changed every 3 days. I absorbed the medicine much better vaginally and my numbers shot up. Maybe ask if you can do that?

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