Anyone in their 2ww right now?

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  1. markantonis - I'm so sorry for your negative. I hope you are OK tonight and just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you. I'm soo sorry.

    CHPIPI - Congratulations! I am really excited for you!! Yippee!! Thanks for updating us. So, no symptoms until right before the beta, huh? That gives me hope. I can't wait to hear about rising numbers on Wednesday.

    mubark and Hatsidiakou - welcome to the group. I really think it is so hard to tell about symptoms in the 2ww because half the time the supplemental progesterone mimics symptoms of pregnancy. At least that is what I'm telling myself.

    Kezban - Did you get a BFN on a HPT? I think its still too early to tell that it's a BFN. Hang in there.

    Puppylove - have you heard yet?

  2. markantonis- I am so very sorry.

    CHPIPI-Congrats and praying those numbers rise, rise, rise!!

    Hatsidiakou-Welcome to the group! The women here are wonderful.

    AFM-Had my fourth beta today, 612 and I'm 11dp5dt!

  3. markantonis, I am so sorry. What disappointing news. I feel so down for you. Are you able to have a follow up with the doctor to try and isolate where it went wrong? Is it eggs, or sperm, or uterus environment? Can they isolate it specifically like that? I am so, so sorry to hear the news

  4. Hi all!

    First and foremost, markantonis, I am so sorry. I hope you are making it through tonight and the next few days until you can maybe start to think of regrouping with your doc (if that's an option for you - another try, that is). Just know that you are in our thoughts. Good luck with whatever is next for you!

    mubark - I didn't start to feel much of anything until the evening of 7dp3dt, the night before my first beta. I started feeling a bit crampy, like AF was about to come and visit - that has continued on for me. I definitely won't say that I felt positive at all until........well, you'll just have to read to the end of this post to find out more! Try to take some deep breaths though and hang in there - it's still early!

    Susan - I wish you the best of luck with your cycle! When is your beta scheduled? Glad you posted!

    CHPIPI - Congrats, congrats, congrats!!! And did I say congratulations?!? That is wonderful news! Are you at 11dp3dt today? Was this your first beta or second? What time did you find out and how are you feeling now? Pretty amazing news - I'm so happy for you and KMFC for beautiful numbers on Wednesday!

    Now, can I just say, \"Oh my goodness!\". Yep, you guessed it! A BFP for me as well! I honestly can't quite believe it yet. I had my second beta this morning, which is 10dp3dt. I got the call at 2:01 p.m. (sorry for the late post, but as I'm sure you understand, it's been a crazy good rest of the day!). My first test on 8dp3dt was 11 and today I'm at 29 (they didn't tell me either number until today). The numbers do seem low compared to so many that I read about, but they more than doubled and I know the range can be huge, so I'm just focusing on the doubling right now (and my RE's office didn't say anything about the numbers being a concern)! I do have to admit, I POAS this morning and it was a BFN (supposed to detect at 20, but I'm not much over that and I know it takes a bit longer to detect than in a blood test), so I was a bit more pessimistic than before. After my last failed attempt I have really been trying not to get my hopes up this time around. I seriously couldn't believe it. First hurdle is crossed. My next beta is in 10 days (on 9/3) so hopefully my numbers will be nice and big by then! It was so nice that something so planned and scientific could still end up being such a beautiful surprise! I'll tell you this much, the next 10 days, while not a piece of cake, will absolutely not be as hard as the last 10 days! I have this lovely thing called hope (and a BFP)! By the way, I still want to POAS and see a positive - maybe tomorrow!

    Thanks so much to you all for all your check-ins and for letting me share. I'll keep checking in for more news from the rest of you.

    Fingers crossed and baby dust to each and every one of you!

  5. Thank you everyone. My first test is not until Sept 4th. I am 5dpt right now.

    The only symptom I'm having is bad heartburn (but that could be hormones too).

  6. puppylove-congratulations on the BFP! And you are right, your test is pretty early so that is probably why the numbers are on the lower side. I'm really happy for you and thanks for updating us.

    markantonis- just wanted to check in and see how things are today with you? I hope you are doing OK. I am likely going to be in your same boat so we can commiserate together maybe? (Got BFN on a HPT this am and it is already 12dp5dt. That's pretty convincing to me.) What are your next plans? I'm going to try to jump right into another cycle, I think. Anyways, just wanted to wish you the best.


  7. Hi everyone -

    Thank you so much for all the encouragement. It means so much when talking with women who know exactly what each other is going through! I did feel wierd/AF like symptoms last night and still this morning (today is 8dp3dt) - I'm staying positive and will do what you all say and keep up hope!

    markantonis - I'm so sorry to hear your news. We are all here for you and pulling for you. The best thing is knowing that the journey does not end here. Please let us know your next steps.

    Puppylove and CHPIPI - CONGRATS!!!! We are all praying for big HCG #'s next beta!!

    Hatsidiakou - Waiting is the worst part but we have to remain positive and hopeful. Good luck with the rest of your 2WW!

  8. Hello ladies-

    I am with you in the terrible 2ww! I transferred 1-6d blast (FET) on 8/20 so I am 11dpo today....I took a first response and clear blue easy digital yesterday and got a \"pregnant\" and a very faint line on the 1st today the digital came up \"not pregnant\" and there was no change in the faint line on another 1st response! I am soo confused! Could it be a chemical? Uhhh I wish it was either really positive or just negative! The tests were done 1st thing in am.

    Any thoughts? Thanks,

  9. Hi everyone, I had my transfer yesterday. It was a 3dt, we put back 2. Now I am thinking we should have done 3. Oh well, can't go back now. Anyway, my beta is 9/5.....seems so far away. Feel fine today, just resting on the couch. Did any of you do assisted hatching? I was wondering if this affects they implant earlier? Also does it affect when you would get a + HPT???? This is my first attempt with assisted hatching in addition to ICSI. Last fresh cycle we just used ICSI.....

  10. Tracy-Ann--did you use a trigger shot for your FET? Sometimes that happens if the trigger shot isn't completely out of your system. I would test again tomorrow with FMU. It's so frustrating......

  11. Tracy-Ann - It probably is the trigger if you used one. I don't recall if there is normally an HCG with FET...if so that may be what it is b'c I would think it's too early to show anything yet?!

    dtilbury - My clinic uses AH for all transfers so we did AH with 2-8 celled embies on 8/17 (3dt). I wasn't familiar with it before they told me what it is for but I believe it does help with implanting. This is my first transfer without a septum (did a fresh and a frozen with a septum 1.5yrs ago - BFN) and multiple IUIs with the septum - BFN, then as soon as the septum was removed had 3 natural pgs (all m/c). I'm hoping this one works. My lining can't get past a 7 though .

    CHPIPI- when did you have your septum removed? is this your first BFP without the septum? they always said it should not hurt chances of conceiving but I totally disagree.

  12. mubark/dtilbury- there is no HCG trigger for a FET. That is why I am sooo confused!

  13. Tracy-Ann - That is a good thing then! I don't know what else it could be except that there are low levels of HCG in there and it's just so early that they're barely there (but there nonetheless!) Try again tomorrow with first AM urine again. Let us know results!!

  14. Tracy-Ann-somewhere this week (I think on another thread), I read that before you are 14dpt, HCG levels fluctuate greatly. So, something is going on in there. Also, sometimes if your urine is diluted the least bit, it could affect the test. Especially since it is so early.

  15. thanks ladies! uhhhh! I just can't stand the wait!!!

  16. PuppyLove, CONGRATULATIONS! I know you're thrilled. I was 12dp3dt yesterday when I had my first beta and got 65.7 so we've probably got about the same levels relatively speaking, they just tested me later.

    mubark, I had my septum removed in January. They actually discovered the septum right away and that was the first thing they did when we started going to the clinic. So, it's my first BFP since the septum was removed, but it's also my first BFP ever. And my first attempt at IVF. We never got to try a fresh cycle because I had OHSS and my lining was too thick and my estrogen was through the roof. I heard FETs can be better because the body is not in such disarray after the retrieval maybe?

    Tracy-Ann, first of all, congratulations on getting a day 6 blast, that's amazing! Mine had to be transferred on day 3 and none of my other 9 survived even to day 5 for re-freezing. You're ahead of the game! I don't know if a day 5 transfer leads to an earlier result than a day 3? Seems like it should since the embryos are more ready to implant when they go in. All I can say is never trust an at-home test. Mine were all wrong, wrong, wrong.

    dtilbury, we used assisted hatching with ICSI, but ours was not a fresh cycle, it was an FET. The protocol at my clinic is that you always have to use assisted hatching with FETs. I would not say that it made anything happen sooner. I didn't get a positive result until 12dp3dt at the official first beta. Negative results with home pregnancy tests before that. I think you're just going to have to wait out the 2 weeks, unfortunately. Bummer, I know.

    Question: I heard they can tell if it's multiples based on the levels and how rapidly they increase early on, anyone know anything about that? How would you know if it was twins or triplets at this early stage?

  17. CHPIPI- congrats on you beta! Here is the HCG calculator I used my 1st pregnancy...

    I know women who have had really high betas and had a singleton, so I think its hard to tell...I have 8 month old twins and my first 3 betas were: 13dpo-114
    I got my first BFP with that preg, 9dpo.

  18. Tracy-Ann--what is the difference in dpo and dpt??? did you get a negative HPT with your twin pregnancy?

    CHPIPI--I don't think you can put to much emphasis on beta numbers. It is good if they double.....but high numbers don't always mean multiples and vice versa......low betas can be multiples as well. To be sure, you have to wait til the first u/s. The waiting in the whole process is enough to drive anyone insane.......

  19. dtilbury- I never got a negative w/ the twins. The difference between days past transfer and days past ovulation is

    ex. if you are 4dp6dt = 10days past ovulation or 4 days post transfer

  20. I know this is off topic but this 2ww really SUCKS!!!

    I know I'm jumping the gun, but I feel like having a pitty party anyway. I'm 5dpt. I'm so tempted just to stop the progesterone shots because I don't feel pregnant. What a waste of time. My butt is sore from these shots (my butt hurts more than my non-existant breasts do) and it may all be for nothing.

    This whole IVF thing just sucks.

  21. Hi ladies. Just a comforting word for some of you that may be concerned about betas. . . . I have a friend who just had her second daughter a few months ago and her betas NEVER doubled correctly. I think her doubling time was 50 hours. The doctors told her when she began bleeding she was miscarrying, but when she went in for the final US before her D & C, there was her baby's heartbeat! I think it is rare, but I do know some successful pregnancies have non-doubling betas.

    As for me, in my first pregnancy, I had crazy-high betas. My 17dpo was well over 2000 and the nurse seemed concerned. But I only had one baby.

    I am currently waiting on my beta for this BFP on Friday. I am so incredibly nervous. I only took the one test on Sunday. I think if I analyze the lines and if they will get darker or not, I will go insane.

    Congrats on all the recent BFPs and good luck for those of you approaching your time!

  22. Hatsidiakou- don't give up! I know its frustrating.....I had no symptoms with my last pregnancy until after 6 weeks...I think most people that have symptoms before that are feeling the effects of the progesterone...that can make you nauseous and have sore breasts. It stinks that the wait feels a lifetime! Wouldn't it be great if we could find out the next day if it worked! lol!

  23. Hatsidiakou--it is normal to feel the way that you do....there is nothing about this process that is easy. It is so unfair we are the lucky ones that get to go on this journey....lucky us. Not having symptoms is a good thing. My good friend got pregnant with twins(IVF).....had not one symptom til she was 6 weeks.......her twins are 4 now. Everyone is different and every cycle is different. I am sure at some point during the 2ww I will need to rant as well, so you just tell me everything I just told you.......

    Does day one start on transfer day or day after???

  24. day 1 is the day after transfer...

  25. Hatsidiakou - you are not alone. There were plenty of nights when I wanted to stop those PIO shots especially after my HPT BFN's but this board and the stories have really helped.

    Question ladies - I know the instructions say not to but I went back and looked at a HPT test I took yesterday and I could see a faint line. I don't know when it might have shown up because I usually write them off after about a minute. Any thoughts? My temp is up to like 99.2 all day. Will PIO cause that steep a rise? 2 more days to go

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