Anyone in their 2ww right now?

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  1. CHPIPI-Congrats on the symptoms!!!! We are so happy to have sore boobs! KMFC for Monday.

    Kezban-KMFC for that BFP.

    markantonis-Good luck Saturday. Keep us posted!

    merec-I\'m no help but POAS!!! OK, no, don't. But if you decide to sneak please let me know!!

    Well ladies I had more b/w. Thank you so much for the prayers and kind thoughts. My beta today was 42.9!!!!!!! I am PREGNANT. The nurse was happy and I think kind of shocked. That's high for 6dpt from what I have read. I bought a HPT today just to see the word pop up. I have never taken one and it was positive!

  2. Well, the lady who took my initial call to set up my beta said I could do it Sat., but the nurse said, no, I have to wait until Monday after all. Sigh. Looks like I will be with CHPIPI on the 25th. I will have to go across town for the blood draw at 7:00am, then back home, then to campus to teach at 9:30 and 2:00. So I'm going to tell the nurse not to call me until 4:00 or so. Can you imagine taking a call like that during a class?! Eeek!!!

    Welcome new folks! Best of luck in keeping your sanity during the 2ww!

    CHPIPI,you should become a lady of leisure with a bfp! To be honest, I will be too nervous to travel at all probably. My RE says, why chance the stress? Not necessarily because the trip itself is bad, but if the trip while pregnant causes stress, then put it off if possible.

    My hips are still itching pretty bad. I've been using a super duper prescription cortizone creme that I had around for something else. I think it has helped a little. But I will definitely change to olive oil or something else next week.

    How can our minds be so fickle? I know I am pregnant with twins one minute and the next I am convinced af is on the way. This is insanity.

    Hmmm...what is a good question of the day? Who will you tell about your bfp and when? I will try not to tell anyone other than dh until I burst. I would prefer most not know until through the first trimester, but don't know if I can make it that long. My mom has a knack for figuring these things out.


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  3. Alicia! That is such wonderful news! Congratulations! When do you go in for more blood work?

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  4. Alicia - Great News to start us off!!! It's great that your clinic does testing that soon.

  5. markantonis, what do you teach? I used to be a math professor in my previous life. Well, only for 2 years, so it was not a long career, but I do miss teaching a lot. It's definitely an option for me to go back to teaching after this next year.

    alicia, many congratulations! And how exciting to know already. I feel like you've really set this group off on the right track, so thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Who am I going to tell first about my BFP? Well, I am writing a blog about this whole process, so my blog readers for one (and that includes my mom, sister, grandma, mother-in-law, 2 aunts, and 2 cousins.....basically all of the girls in my family.......and a few of my closest friends). I am basically the last of all my (very fertile) cousins to get things underway so I pretty much had to admit it was not because we didn't want to, it was because we couldn't, so now they are really rooting us on, which is fab.

    Oh, and I'll tell my neighbors. They're a lovely couple who drove my DH and I home from the retrieval when we were both loopy and feeling very violated.

    I refuse to tell anyone at work because you never know these days. Sometimes a pregnant woman becomes a target, sadly. At some point I will have to fess up to my boss because we'll have to plan for a maternity leave but I will try to put that off as long as possible.

    What\'s everyone doing this weekend to pass the time? I want to go see a movie, but I don't know about all those loud booms. I don't want to jar anything around, you know? Any thoughts on loud music or movies during the 2ww? We also have tickets to Def Leppard, Poison, and Cheap Trick for Monday night. How's that for a blast from the past, eh? I'm trying to decide if I ought to give them away. It is outdoors, so I am thinking we can get on the lawn at the back and be okay. Would love to hear what you guys think.

    Happy Friday eve to you all!

  6. Alicia- I know I'm overly obsessive but did your urine darken when you got your BFP? Mine is clear as water but I drink a lot of water and clear liquids also.

    Any other symptoms?

    Hi everyone!

  7. OMG... I am a big fat cheater and I got a BFP!!

  8. YOU GO GIRL!!! Congrats!!!!~!

  9. Congratulations merec!!!! Awesome news!!

    markantonis and CHPIPI, I also teach. :-) I swear sometimes there is a connection with teaching and infertility. There are so many teachers I know who have had problems conceiving.

    As for me, I am still waiting. I loathe the 2ww. My beta isn't even scheduled until next Friday, which would be 10dp6dt. Grrr. I do have a few tests here, so I may test Sunday or Monday, but I am so afraid of disappointment. While I don't have any other symptoms, I have had some mean cramps all day. They feel like my ovaries, though, so I don't know if it is maybe a cyst or just the ovaries shrinking and calming down. (Or a baby implanting! Thinking positive thoughts!!) I had bloodwork today and my progesterone is 27, so that is good.

    Eat more pineapple, girls! :-)

  10. Well, ladies, either the trigger is still floating around my system or CVS brand pregnancy tests are very very good! So after my BFP this am on a CVS brand test, I bought a ClearBlue digital test on the way home from work b/c I was so excited to see \"pregnant\" pop up. So dh and I just did the test together and it popped up \"not pregnant\"
    I am not freaking out, b/c it was not FMU, and the digital test says accurate from the date of your missed period, which I guess would be tomorrow, 2 weeks after ER.
    So I'll try again in the morning.
    I guess this is why my RE said \"no cheating!\"
    Wish me luck!

  11. Pity Party mentioned...

    First, I wanted to congratulate alicia and merec for their BFPs!! I am truly happy for the both of you and hope to just hear about more and more BFPs.

    I have been avoiding posting for a couple of days and almost didn't post tonight b/c didn't want to bring everyone down. I guess I'm just frustrated and wishing I could be like all of the women around me who can get pregnant so easily. And I swear everyone around me either just had a baby, told me they came off the pill to start trying, or are pregnant. Ugh! I was walking yesterday when the thought came into my mind, clear as day, \"What am I doing. I'm fooling myself and making up imaginary symptoms because I AM NOT PREGNANT.\" I just kind of instinctively knew that this cycle is not working and would not work for me. Of course, I followed this thought up with a FRED this morning that was negative. (I'm 7dp5dt/FET cycle). And I really just wanted to relax tonight with a good glass of wine, but I can't b/c who knows? I am starting to accept things tonight and hopefully will try again with a fresh cycle next month. I'll go through the motions of the stupid pills and shots for another 6 days though. I'm lucky to live in MA and have insurance approval for one more cycle. I'm not sure why I wrote all of that above, but it did feel nice to get it out there and not keep it all bottled in. I think my friends are tired of hearing me whine and complain. They don't understand completely either, again since they are all just newly post-partum, pregnant, or about to get pregnant. Thanks for listening.

  12. BethP-I am so sorry you are feeling down. May I ask a question and I just want to make sure I have the facts right, you have not had your beta correct? Please keep in mind that some babies implant a little later than others. 7dp5dt may have been too early for your little one. Don't lose hope until you know for sure. Remember urine pregnancy tests only test HCG levels above 20 and an early can only detect levels of 12. You might be close to a 12 today but not quite there yet and that is why it was negative. DO NOT THROW IN THE TOWEL. Easier said than done I know. But on Wednesday I met a lady at my doctor's office who had her transfer the same day as mine within 45 minutes of eachother and she was already at a 6 on Monday and I was at a 3.75. I got so depressed and scared. Then today we met again and she was 36 on Wednesday and I was 42.9. Today she got a 54 and I got a 166. Everyone is different and every baby is different. Your baby may just take a little more time to implant than others. And don't forget, there are women who take pregnancy tests and get negatives but are actually pregnant. I have a co worker who got a negative urine pregnancy test until she was about six weeks along. DO NOT GIVE UP.

    merec-Congrats on the BFP! I can't wait to hear updates!

    manricotesti-I think there is a baby implanting!!!

    Kezban-Yes my urine got a little darker. I didn't have any symptoms other than a little nasuea up until about two days ago. I got a little implantation bleeding yesterday along with mild cramps. Today my breasts are starting to itch.

    markantonis and CHPIPI-Sending sticky baby dust your way for Monday!! GL ladies!

  13. merec, you just made me feel a lot better by posting about your ClearBlue digital test. I admit, I got so impatient today I marched myself down to Walgreen's and picked up an EPT test. I tried to consult with a list I found on and picked one that would detect HCG levels <25. Anyway, it was a BFN, and today is 10dp3dt. Oddly enough, I did not feel disappointed. I immediately thought, hmmm, I just took it too soon.

    beth, I have been struggling to figure out what my \"instinct\" is telling me. I usually just \"know\" things, and I am sure most of you (and probably most women) would say you do too. But this time I either really don't know, or if I know, and it's good, I don't want to jinx it by admitting it, or if I know and it's bad, I don't want to admit it and get depressed. Am I making any sense?

    The truth is, we're probably all too full of hormones and emotions to rely on our intuition like we normally could. For once, things are out of our control, and that is scary, and very annoying

    I am trying really hard to stay in the here and now. I mean, it's not like I need to mourn alreaady for something I KNOW I will mourn plenty over later if it happens. And if things turn out for the best, then I would have wasted all this worry for nothing. So I can find no good reason to let myself go to that bad place today.

    beth, I would try to remind yourself of the reasons your intuition could be confused right now, and let yourself let it go, promising yourself that you will deal with it (whatever it turns out to be) next Friday. And see if you can find something that is \"just right\" about your here and now that you can focus on. For me, my DH brought me home a donut from his team meeting this morning and that is \"just right\" for tonight. I am happy.

    Good night, ladies.

  14. Hi everyone,

    Hope you are hanging in there this weekend. I think I'm also feeling a little down. I should know by now, darn it! I hate waiting until Monday! And I think I feel a little bit crampy. Think I do, that is. So hard to tell when I am analyzing every single little twitch and tingle. Sigh...

    Everybody who has done an hpt -- okay to do them but we all know they are complicated! I am dying to do one myself, but I just can't bring myself to make myself see the bad news. I will make the nurse call me.

    I even pulled out my old journals yesterday to compare symptoms from previous cycles. With one I seemed pretty sure of the outcome, but with the others, it was like now, mostly in the dark. But I think I feel more negative this time than before.

    Sorry to be a downer...I will try to post a more positive message tomorrow!

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  15. Hi all!

    It\'s pretty nice to hear all of these BFPs coming up - congrats to all!

    This is my first ever post on any IVF site, so thanks for making me feel welcome to join in the discussion!

    I'm on my second IVF cycle. First attempt was in May with 3 fresh embryos and a BFN. This time we transferred 4 on 8/14 - 3dt. Had my first BETA this morning and my second will be on Monday morning (10dp3dt). My doc won't give any results until the second test, but I guess I shouldn't complain because it sounds like that's quite early compared to most others. I'm 41 (dh is 47) with two beautiful doggies to love - we'd love to give them a little one to lick!

    Joining you all in the going nuts area. Last time I was fairly certain it would be positive, I mean, come on - 3 embryos?! Shows what I knew way back then! This time I started feeling that lovely crampy/bloated feeling I get right before AF late last night and it just seems to be gradually increasing. I was a bit down, but then after breakfast this morning I almost couldn't make it to the bathroom quick enough due to extreme nausea - wishful thinking? Then I started reading some other hopefuls on the boards this evening and found confirmation that cramping CAN be a good thing as well. Just have to say, it really stinks that the symptoms of the two P's can be so similar - it's maddening!

    Anyway, I'm really trying not to focus too much on one or the other but it certainly isn't easy - right?! Thanks for letting me vent a little with those of you who truly understand. I do appreciate it!

    Baby dust and fingers crossed!

  16. markantonis-GL tomorrow I am KMFC. It's ok to be down, it's only natural.

    Puppylove-So glad you posted. Like you said the symptoms for them both go hand in hand and it's hard to tell them apart. KFMC for you tomorrow. Praying for a good number!

  17. Welcome, PuppyLove. Any more nausea this morning?

    I am having a few more symptoms now. Major (wake you up in the middle of the night) cramps last night. Only on the right side, though, and very low down, not near my ovary and not the way I usually feel my mentrual cramps. And I am not sure, but I sort of think it only happened after sleeping on my left side. I hope a little embryo wasn't trying to cling to the right wall and I was letting gravity work against it by sleeping on my left side! Isn't it amazing all the science we can invent for ourselves during the 2ww? Ha!

    Also, I have been dizzy today, had to sit back down 3 times today after standing up (not standing up in a rush, just normal). Let's see, breast tenderness, check, still got that. General moodiness, negative thinking, impatience, check, check, check


    Best of luck to PuppyLove and markantonis tomorrow.

  18. Hello ladies . . . just wanted to let you know I got to see those two pink lines this morning! I am 5dp6dt and my beta isn't until Friday. I hope everything works out with this! Trying to think positive!

  19. Hi, guys. Thanks for the positive words. I'm feeling a more positive today. I think that even if this cycle doesn't work, I'm ready to move on to the next one. Bring it on.

    CHPIPI - 10dp3dt is a bit early to test. Hang in there. What do you go for your beta test again? Is it tomorrow you go in? I hope...I hope...I hope...for positive tests.

    markantonis - I can't wait to hear from you tomorrow and your results. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for good news. As you likely read a few days ago, I know exactly what you feel like and feeling like things are not going to work out. I'm sorry you were feeling negative but hope that today is brighter.

    Puppylove - welcome. Those sound like pretty good and convincing symptoms to me. Please let us know how tomorrow's test comes out.

    manricotesti - two lines???? That's great. This is turning out to be a lucky thread for everyone so far. I'm so happy for you.


  20. Hi all!

    Thanks so much for all the support and good wishes! I don't think I have to explain to you what it means to me during these last few hours!

    Alicia - Thank you for the crossed fingers - I'll take them!

    CHPIPI - Just a couple brief glimpses of nausea, but completely fleeting. Definitely still crampy and bloated. I just don't know if it's AF or PG - frustrating. It seems more constant than what I normally experience before AF - it hasn't gone away for even a minute since it started a few days ago. It's mostly in the middle but today I've been getting several more twinges on the right side as well. It also seems lower and not at all in my back like it normally is. I'm really trying (and might I stress - trying) not to analyze every single twinge too much, but it is so hard not to! I just don't know - but I will tomorrow! I have also been crying like crazy today (stupid movies, commercials, whatever!), but I'm pretty emotional anyway - yep, I admit it! Your symptoms are sounding interesting and promising - KMFC for you!

    manricotesti - Congrats on those pink lines! That's fantastic! KMFC for Friday.

    Beth P - Thanks for the welcome and I will keep you all posted. I'm hoping to know by around 3pm (I can't remember when my nurse called me last time but I think it was around 3pm). It will be a loooooooong day!

    Well, thank you all again. You've taken a bit of the pressure off just knowing you're all out there and in such a similar situation. Here's to lots of deep sleep for all to help the time pass more quickly (any ideas of how to be successful at that?). Good wishes, fingers crossed and baby dust to each and every one of you!

  21. manricotesti - Wohoo!! Way 2 Go.

    Beth - I think it's OK if we go through mood swings blame it on all the meds and hormones going through our body. I don't think anybody experiences ups and down like we do.

    Puppylove - Nausea is a good thing (where else would you ever hear that ) in our world. Let us know the results.

    AFM - BFN last night and this morning 7dp5dt. It's funny how at 5am in the morning you can make yourself see 2 lines. I swear on Saturday I started having all kinds of wierd symptoms - breast tenderness, weird smells at Chinese restaurant so I really think I may have been preggo for a moment and then it stopped or it could have all been in my mind.

    Oh well I have 9 on ice to try again maybe in a couple of months. I don't know why my FET's work better than the fresh cycles...

  22. Hi everyone - I'm 7dp3dt and feel NOTHING. I'm so discouraged and was up all night thinking it failed. I had two great 8-cell embies transferred but thin lining - 7mm on transfer day). I was hoping this transfer would work since it was the first since having a septum removed after many BFNs on IUIs and previous IVFs and 3 natural pg (all m/c). Any of you out there feel completely nothing at all at this point and still have confidence of BFP? Congrats to all of you on this thread who already have youre BFPs!

  23. Hi Ladies,

    I\'m so glad I found this board. I am 4dpt. The transfer was done on day 5 with 3 of them. Glad to meet you.

    1st IVF cycle

  24. Are you ladies sitting down? Because I have some news to share. I am pregnant! My hcg level was 65.7 today, that, my friend, is a BFP for me

    I will go back in on Wednesday to check again and make sure it's still rising. My doctor scolded me for cheating and said never trust an at home test.

    Hatsidiakou, weclome to the group. I wish you lots of peacfeul thoughts and patience for this next week!

    mubark, I also had a septum removed and felt generally nothing until the last couple of days of my 2ww, so do not be discouraged! I can't say that 2 hours ago I had great confidence in a BFP, but that's what I got. So ignore those negative thoughts, and keep heart.

    manricotesti, good job producing 2 pink lines! Now let those little pinkies carry you through the rest of this long week full of hope and excitement! It's the best way!

    Kezban, a BFN at home means absolutely nothing, as I just found out. Blame it on the test, and dwell on the good things like the mood swings and the weird smells at the Chinese restaurant. That sounds like a symptom if ever there was one!

    puppylove, how did your second beta go this morning? I am thinking about you!

    markantonis, I am thinking about you too. I am going to check every hour until I hear some news

  25. Hey everyone,

    Not good news - it was a negative for me. I have to say, I was expecting it by the time I called for the result. Just didn't feel right this time.

    Congrats CHPIPI!

    Good luck everyone!

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