Anyone in their 2ww right now?

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  1. It's only been 2 days since my FET and I am already going nuts. Anyone else hoping the next 2 weeks FLY by?

    So far I feel nothing. No cramping, is that a bad or a good sign? This is my first 2ww. Any advice on what to expect?

  2. CHPIPI,

    I just had my first FET yesterday (have had four fresh transfers). The 2ww is a bad, bad time! My beta is supposed to be on a Saturday, but they are wanting me to wait until the following Monday! Eeek!

    I can't concentrate on anything during the 2ww except bad television and People magazine.

    Symptoms come and go. Progesterone is responsible for most of them. My boobs were super sore even before the transfer this time, and I obviously wasn't pregnant yet!

    I usually get pretty tired and then a little dizzy towards the end of the 2ww.

    I had to travel for this transfer so I'm finishing up bedrest in a hotel room.

    Good luck,

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  3. Hi ladies. Maybe we can keep each other's minds occupied. I just had a FET today and it was a little bit of a disaster for a number of reasons. I won't go into the details but we transferred 2 fragmented embryos that didn't look so good, so my hopes are not high. I hate that, because I really do think that a good outlook on things could make a difference. Ugh! I'm still so frustrated over the whole thing this afternoon. I'm trying to let it go, because I am now in the 2ww. My beta will be on 8/28. Can I wait that long?

  4. Hi ladies!

    I am 2ww-ing with you--it's so painful!! I love to go to the gym and I like to have a drink now and then--with both of those taken away, how's a girl to relieve stress???

    I had a 3dt 8/11. Beta is 8/25 but let's be real, I will POAS before that--I am a POAS junkie. My doctor said \"don't cheat\" and I asked \"why not?!?\"
    He didn't have a good answer to that one so he said, \"fine, go ahead, cheat.\"
    I thought that was worth a chuckle.

    bethp--so sorry you are bummed about your transfer. i keep thinking of my friend who only had two eggs from ER, only one fertilized, and the embryo was REALLY slow and REALLY fragmented; RE transferred it but told her not to get her hopes up, and now he is her super cute 7 month old baby! I have heard lots of stories like that, and i've read plenty of threads here with bfns following transfer of perfect embies, so i'm not sure that's always the bottom line....hang in there and be optimistic
    there is a thread in the general IVF board about embryo quality and lots of women had bfps from embryos that didn't look so great--read it, it will cheer you up!

    markantonis--now that's just mean! they seriously would make you wait another 2 days??!! will you POAS?

    CHPIPI--my first 2ww too! nice to meet you! last night i had lots of pain on my right ovary and thought oh no, here comes the ectopic. today i have lots of cramping in the uterus. I am trying not to read into these things but what else will i do to pass the time i am constantly nauseated but for me i think it's the PIO. progesterone has never been my friend.

    Ladies, it's so nice to have you all to go through this time together! Super sticky vibes and baby dust to all

  5. Hey ladies I am in the 2ww too! I had my ET yesterday of two blasts. I'm having some mild cramping, I sure hope it's implantation. My Beta is scheduled for 8/27

  6. Hello everyone-

    beth - Sorry for the difficult transfer experience. I know they don't transfer non-viable embryos, so once they are in there, it is hard to predict the outcome. I like to believe in the power of positive thinking, too. Maybe it doesn't affect the outcome but it can make you feel better along the way. Do you do any meditation?

    merec - I don't know what I will do about POAS before the beta. I never have cheated in the past. I just couldn't take the bad news or be the one to tell my dh if it was bad news. But this time...we'll see. Beta should be on the 22nd but will probably be on the 24th. Could go a day early but then it will be very low if positive and that creates stress, too. I'm also working with two different clinics since I traveled for my FET.

    alicia - I had a little cramping yesterday into the afternoon (transfer was in the morning). Honestly, it has been 4 years since my last transfer so I can't really remember all the details and whether or not I was crampy right afterwards. It seems familiar so probably pretty normal.

    One minute I'm thinking really positive and then the next I'm terrified. As much as I enjoy taking it easy in bed I am also looking foward to being distracted at work again.

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  7. What's a POAS by the way?

    Are any of you doing any exercising at all? I usually do yoga every day and not being able to do it is stressing me out. Is it just that I shouldn't do inversions during the 2ww? And not twist? I am going to have to do *something* soon!

    I still have zero symptoms. It's like nothing even happened. Weird because I know they put my embies in, I saw them on the ultra sound! I've got 3 grade 3+ embies that were transferred on day 3 swimming around in there somewhere...hopefully stuck, that is!

    I also should be having a prego test over the weekend and they've asked me to wait until Monday. How rude, eh?

    Today is day 6 for the rest of my (9) embies they didn't transfer. I should be getting a report on their growth today and I'll know whether or not I have any to refreeze. On day 3 they were all pretty much runts, so we'll see. By the way they were frozen, some on day 1 and some on day 2, and I am just glad we had 3 viable ones on day 3.

    What has encouraged you ladies to try more than once? Has there been a significant change in protocol the second time around?

  8. CHPIPI-POAS means \"Pee On A Stick\".

    Is anyone else getting antsy? I am on my last day of bed rest (should be enjoying it) but I am so BORED and there is nothing on television. I've watched movies, read, and even crocheted. I'm online all day long.

  9. One more day down...

    merec - thanks for the positive story. I need to hear those right now. My RE called me last night because of the disaster of the transfer and even he said that he doesn't really have hope for a positive result. But, I'm going through the injections and meds and just not getting my hopes up too much. Like you though, I really wish I could go exercise or go for a run right now to just lift up my spirits. Instead, I'm just eaitng chocolate. Ugh!

    markantonis and alicia - how many days of bed rest did you do? I went back to work after the transfer yesterday and though I wanted to, I've not really been able to rest much today either.

    CHPIPI- Any word yet on how many made it to freeze?


  10. Hello everyone,

    I did two days of bedrest. Yes, I know the benefits of rest of hotly debated. But my RE is good and I do what he says. He wants me to rest, so I rest. But I followed that up today with getting on an airplane to travel home. The exact opposite of rest.

    I finally got back into somewhat of an exercise routine this summer so I am also going to miss getting to the gym. I will probably do some light stretching at home, maybe walk around the block kind of thing. I would think that some easy yoga would be helpful for mood and attitude.

    I cut back on caffeine before transfer and definitely want to limit it now. But I miss it!!! I love my coffee and diet cokes!

    CHPIPI, I know what you mean about it feeling like nothing happened. I didn't tell anyone about this transfer. No one except dh, of course. So if it doesn't work it will be like weeks out of my life that didn't happen in a weird way. I'm thinking I might need to tell a friend tomorrow just so it gets out there in the universe. I get to tell all of you, which is good!

    Leading up to transfer I did a lot of online shopping!!! Yikes! Now I can't amuse myself that way because I've already spent too much money!

    The boards always get so quiet on the weekends and that is when I usually have more time to read and catch up. I hope you are all relaxing as best you can.

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  11. Hi Ladies,
    Happy Sunday!

    markantonis--i hear ya with the soda--i actually cut out caffeine about 5-6 yrs ago b/c the withdrawal gave me horrible headaches (actually, similar to clomid, lupron, and synarel--I never thought about that!); but i am addicted to caffeine free diet coke (what's the point, i know, i know)
    so i have cut that out b/c i am sure it's full of nasty chemicals
    but it is so boring to drink water all day
    i actually am drinking chocolate milk for a treat these days!

    bethp--so sorry about your RE's lack of optimism. don't want to get your hopes too high, but again, that's what my friends's RE's friend to her, too. try to hang in there. it must be so aweful to do the terrible PIO knowing it might be in vain--that just stinks.

    CHPIPI--it's driving me nuts not to exercise, too. i think i might start doing some very light yoga at home. just no aerobics!

    AFM--another big \"X\" on the calendar--woo hoo! my RE doesn't do bedrest at all, so the day of ET I laid down all afternoon and evening, and went back to work the next day. i run around all day at work so i hope it's ok...i asked them 1000 times \"are you SURE it's OK to work????\" and they said yes, studies have shown no benefit to bedrest. it makes sense to me you should lay down to allow the embies to stick, but i decided to go with doctor's advice and work. so i tried to take it \"easy\" at work, like taking the elevator instead of the stairs. this weekend i've been running around, going to target, cleaning for an open house, etc etc. g-d forbid i get a bfn, i'll do 2 whole weeks of bedrest next time!!

    hope everyone is having a great weekend. sticky vibes to all!

  12. Trying to stay positive because of the 3 little floaters inside me right now, but we got the bad news that none of our other 9 embies made it to blast and none were re-frozen, so I am totally bummed. I keep talking to my belly and saying \"come on gang, it's all up to you 3 now!\"

    On a positive note, my bedrest is over so I can be up and about, and that makes a world of difference. I am going to try some yoga this afternoon and see if it feels weird or anything. I hesitate to buy a pre-natal yoga video because, well, I am avoiding all of that stuff until we know for sure. I guess I am trying to protect myself from the fallout, in case this doesn't work. I still have absolutely no symptoms.

    maine, you've been freed from the bed today too, right? Isn't it GREAT?!

    markantonis, how was the flight home? Was it long, how far did you travel for the transfer? I feel so lucky to have the CCRM clinic very near where I live. When my obgyn sent me upstairs on a referral one day, I had no idea I was walking into one of the best. It would be so hard to have to travel to do this whole process, especially cycling. I don't know how people do it! I could barely drag myself in for blood tests and ultra sounds every other day.

    beth p, how fragmented were your 2? All 3 of mine were in the 10-20% range on day 3. I don't actually understand what 'fragmented' means, do you? I get the 8-cell, 7-cell, etc. measurement. Anybody care to explain fragmentation to me (explain it like I am a 7 year old please, lol).

    merec, when are you planning on a POAS? Do you do that, like, now?? Or near the end of the 2ww? I thought I heard a POAS will usually be positive because of all the hormones they've pumped us up with. Can those really tell if it's working or not? If so, I am on my way to get one right now!!

  13. Hello everyone-

    CHPIPI, definitely stay positive. I'm talking to my two little ones, too. They were also not in the greatest shape, but I was shocked they even survived the thaw! The only two embies out of four cycles that made it to freeze! Most just don't make it, which is so sad and frustrating. Means absolutely nothing about the ones they transferred to you, though. I believe embies prefer to be in their natural environment asap.

    I don't really understand fragmented, either. I think of it as \"fuzzy\" around the edges. I know that most are somewhat fragmented (10-20% doesn't sound that bad) and it is only one measurement of quality that they use. On day 5 for the fresh transfer from which these were frozen, these two were really crappy, like grade C. Lo and behold, the next day they were grades A and D. Things can change overnight, including the amount of fragmentation.

    I moved out of state last year, only two states away. I looked around for doctors here, but I just didn't have it in me to deal with the logistics of fed exing the embryos, especially since I really like my RE. I couldn't stand the thought of yet another doc poking around down there. It seemed easier to make the trip. Logistically it was hard, but still easier than the alternative. I was even able to use frequent flier miles to cover the airfare! How amazing that you are local to CCRM! You are in good hands, indeed.

    merec, you know, I like endulging in strawberry milk every now and then. Thanks for the idea! I also tried a strawberry banana viviano smoothie thing from starbucks the day before my transfer! It was yummy and had 15 grams of protein and less than 300 calories.

    beth and alicia, how are you doing?

    I am getting a huge lump and RASH on my *** from the pio! This has happened before and I had to change the oil base. But can't I at least get thru this week before dealing with changing the prescription? The shot itself isn't too bad for me, but darn I am really allergic to the sesame, I guess. What are you all taking? I am scratching like crazy!

    I have another question -- this is my first cycle with estrace. Do any of you take it for a fresh cycle or is it just for frozen ones? Can you get too much? My dose is 2mg three times a day (with meals). But I don't always remember if I take it, so then I have to take another one. Maybe I will post on the general board, too.

    Question of the day, what do you usually do all day? If you work, what kind of job do you have? What kinds of things do you like to do (drink lots of coffee? exercise?)? I am a professor and the semester starts next Monday, which I just realized today is when I am supposed to have my beta test. Hmmm...not sure what I am going to do about that.


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  14. Hi Ladies! Another day we get to X off the calendar!

    The embryologist explained fragmentation as being like pieces breaking off a cookie. She said the less fragmentation, the better, but fragmented embryos sometimes are successful, too.

    markantonis--we should meet for a \"drink!\" I love the choc banana vivano! i've been good but tonight i was at work and just had to have soda so i had a sprite. yes, you might need to change to olive oil. so weird that we put olive oil and sesame oil into our gluts!

    CHPIPI--i think i will POAS 8/22--11dp3dt and 3 days before my official beta.

    AFM--just 2wwing I am not on estrace--my RE doesn't use it. i have an ultrasound and labs tomorrow (7dp3dt)--he said if the lining is too thin he starts the estrogen then. Seems like at that point it would be too late, so I am trying to have blind faith!

    Oh, back to PIO, a friend is 10 weeks preg with IVF twins and had pain/rash/itching from PIO. She changed to 25 gauge needles and feels much better. She said it takes forever getting it through that small needle but it's worth it. I get about 2 hrs of stinging from the PIO, which starts about 30-60 mins after the injection. Last night a heating pad helped but tonight it didn't. I think I will try the tiny needle tomorrow night--I'll let you all know if it's better.

    Well baby dust to all, it's great to have everyone to go through this with! Anyone got a good joke?

  15. (Previous successful pregnancy mentioned)

    Hi, ladies. One more day down and just a little over a week to go. Is anyone feeling anything? I haven't done this in a long time; it's been over 3 yrs and I can't remember what symptoms I might have. (I had 3 previous failures and one success.) I have some cramping but I honestly can't tell if I'm just imagining it b/c I still have hope.

    Regarding the fragmenting issue, I think it means that part of the cell walls don't look to be intact and are starting to break down/fragment apart. I have no idea how fragmented mine were. I was too upset at that point to pay attention which is driving me crazy now.

    markantonis, merec - I wish I could help with the Pio problem. I've heard that the oil base is the reason for the reaction and I think you can get it without the oil. I ice first for 10 minutes and hardly feel a thing that way but my butt is starting to bruise and be pretty sore.

    CHPIPI, alicia- how are you guys doing off bedrest?

    markantonis - What a good idea to do question of the day! Maybe that will be distracting. Your classes start already? Does that mean that summer is over already? I feel like it just started. As for what I do, I actually try to avoid this one on these boards b/c I'm a physician. So, while I know the medical terminology with IVF, this is not my field so don't know specifics about protocols and variations with meds, etc. Anyone else?

  16. Hey ladies! Yes, another day down woohoo!!

    Beth-How are you doing today?

    markantonis-I am on estrace. I was doing 2mg three times a day but Monday they bumped me up to four times a day. I take it sublinguially though. I like the question of the day. I am an Accounts Payable Supervisor for an oil and gas company. I am also a student in community college. For fun I like to surf the internet, shop, eat, and read.

    CHPIPI-Looks like we got off of bedrest about the same time. I did a total of three days.

    Ok ladies so Monday I went to the doctor and they did bloodwork. My estrogen was 677, progesterone greater than 20, and beta 3.75. I have been driving myself crazy trying to figure out if that was a good number or not. Monday was 4dp5dt so I'm not sure how much, if any HCG I should have in my system. I didn't trigger with HCG so I'm not sure why I have any at all. I'm totally freaking out and thinking I'm not pregnant. If I were, shouldn't it be higher? Well I have another test tomorrow and the nurse said tomorrow will give me a better idea of whether I am pregnant or not. I sure hope my numbers go up.

    So does anyone have any symptoms yet? I had cramping up until today. I also have back pain and headaches but all of this could be from the PIO. I was a little sick the other day but not sure if it was all in my head.

  17. Alicia- Wow, seriously, I think it sounds good. I know, hard to tell so early, but that is exactly the point! My clinic didn't really want me to test 8dp5dt because of the possibility of ambiguity, meaning it was still on the early side. They prefer I wait thru the weekend rather than go one day early. If you didn't trigger with hcg, hmmm...I will be thinking of you tomorrow.

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  18. Evening ladies!

    Are we there yet???

    markantonis, wow, I feel lucky I'm not having reactions to my pio. It's bad enough getting poked in basically the same place over and over again, but if I had an itchy rash too, oh my! Can you use anything topical to help get you through the 2ww at least? I would hate to switch oils, or change anything, really, right now. My only symptom from the shots is a little pain in the area of the poke, and I find that if I do leg lifts or glute exercises it takes the pain right away. I heard you really need to try to get that oil dispersed by rubbing the spot a lot and don't just let the oil sit there in one spot or it will hurt more.

    Is estrace the same as estradiol? That's what I am on, 2mg twice a day. Plus the pio shots, the patches (4 every other day), 1 baby aspirin in the morning, pre-natal vitamins, and the prometrium (gross!) only at bedtime.

    I finally had a symptom last night, major cramping. I was just sure I was about to start my period. Turns out (warning.....TMI coming up) all I needed was a big poo LOL! I felt way better after that and am back to having no symptoms at all. My doctor said I could take Colace to help with that problem, but I am trying not to take anything I don't have to take, you know?

    I did my yoga this morning, felt great, although very tight in the hip flexors and belly area. I avoided back bends and anything with a jump. I am going to take it slow, 3 times a week maybe, and hopefully I am not jeopardizing everything we've been through to get here. Honestly, it relaxed me so much I can't imagine it's bad.

    Oh, and I just figured out that my 2ww is actually 2 weeks starting on the day the embryos were fertilized and not 2 weeks from the transfer date. That means I'll do my official beta 11dp3dt. Seems very soon. I wonder if we'll get some kind of ambiguous result and have to stay in limbo longer? Since it was an FET and there was no HCG trigger, then maybe it's okay. So, there's really no point in a POAS because my doctor is basically beating me to the punch.

    Let\'s see, what do I do all day? I guess I would say I am kind of a consultant. I am considered a 'subject matter expert' for one of the products we sell so I mostly consult with sales people and clients all day about that product. I work from home and am usually on the phone all day. I've had to cancel 2 trips already for this FET and if I can't travel during the 1st and 3rd tri-mesters of a pregnancy, well, I am not sure how that's going to work. Perhaps I can quit and become a lady of leisure, ha!

    Are any of you guys going to be limited to travelling only during the 2nd tri-mester once we all get our BFPs?

    One more question, do you have any thoughts about the fact that I have my (very warm) laptop sitting on top of my legs right now? I am not letting it touch my belly, but it's definitely warming up my legs. Let me guess...that's bad, right? And I need to stop?

  19. H ladies. I am entering the two week wait with you, but am posting from my phone via bedrest.I read that pineapple helps with implantation, so I am just laying around eating massive amounts of it. Hope all of you are doing well!!

  20. Oh my, I just found out that the clinic doing my monitoring will do pregnancy tests on Saturdays after all. So that means this Sat., the 22nd! I had accepted that I wouldn't find out until Monday. My heart is pounding - that is only 3 days away!

    I've started feeling \"full\" down there. I know, could be anything, could be something.

    I will write more later, but wanted to check and see if we can all post our beta dates to help us keep track!

    Alicia, how did it go today?


  21. Add me to the wait. I transferred 1 blast on 8/17 and have 9 frozen. RE and I didn't want to risk twins due to a previous lost but I'm starting to regret my decision. I do better with FETs so I'm not very hopeful about this fresh cycle. I should have just told the RE to freeze them all and come back for a FET in a month.

    I'm going crazy looking for symptoms - dark urine, implantation bleeding, anything and surfing the internet for answers to this 2ww. I think I suffered from OHSS this go round so for a week after retrieval i've been bloated and cramping. However this morning when I woke up all my symptoms were gone like overnight. I was given IV meds at ET so that may have made me feel better. The only thing I have now are large boobs which I had before the transfer due to the estrogen levels I guess.

    I've also been taking my temp morning and night previous + cycles my temp would rise each day.
    Luckily I'm in class this week so I've able to keep my mind off of it so much but next week will be a killer.

  22. alician - OMG, have you heard yet about your beta? I've been thinking about you and just praying for rising numbers. Let us know...

    CHPIPI- doesn't it sound insane when you actually list out how many meds we all have to take daily? I'm not on any estrogen tabs and just on 2 patches every other day. But, man, I hate the endometrin. I have to insert them twice a day which sucks b/c it just leaks out during the day. Yuck.

    manricotesti, kadmom - how are you guys doing? When are your betas?

    markantonis - I'm so jealous that you get to test this Saturday! That's soo exciting.

    merec- how are you doing?


  23. My official beta 8/27. I'll probably POAS around Sat 5dp5t. Here is a website I ran across where people were talking about how soon to test. It's for surrogates but it was interesting reading.

  24. I finally have a symptom, yay! My boobs are starting to get sore. I am taking that as a good sign!

    My beta should be on Sunday, but I have to wait until Monday, 8/24, to do it. I am kind of okay with that because I am worried about ambiguity. It's just one extra day. On Sunday I am sure I won't agree with that statement.

    markantonis, awesome that you don't have to wait until Monday. We're on pins and needles. Can't wait to hear the good news! Looks like you're first to beta so get us off to a good start, would ya?

    manricotesti, hang in there on the bedrest. It DOES end eventually. I love pineappple. I'm putting that on my grocery list!

    alicia, we're all thinking about you and sending good vibes your way. Let us know how it's going.

    Here are our beta dates in a list. Check to make sure I have yours right.

    markantonis - 8/22
    CHPIPI - 8/24
    merec - 8/25
    alicia - 8/27
    Kezban - 8/27
    beth p - 8/28
    manricotesti - ???

  25. Hi everyone!

    I have solved all my PIO woes--I changed to a 25 gauge needle and it's made a world of difference. The injection is much less painful. Then I do the heating pad for 20ish mins, and no more stinging for hours. Yay! DH doesn't like it b/c he has to push much harder for longer to get the oil through such a tiny needle but oh well, it's my tush with the needle in it

    So my beta is 8/25, I was going to cheat 8/22, but now that BFPs are popping up on the August thread, I am very tempted to cheat tomorrow! that's 9dp3dt. Is that crazy?!? My two friends who had IVF several times are telling me NO WAY DONT DO IT but I am a junkie, how can I resist??

    markantonis--that's great!! can't wait to hear your bfp!! sending you serious babydust!

    beth p--can you change your settings to accept PMs?

    Kezban--good luck sat! if i resist the urge to poas tomorrow, i'll be there with ya on Sat! \"killer\" is a great word to describe the 2ww! so painfully slow....

    manricotesti--hows the pineapple? you made me laugh! welcome to the 2ww sounds like you had a wonderful transfer--so happy for you!

    CHPIPI--good for you for doing yoga! i would love to but i am having trouble getting off the couch phillies are too hot right now
    speaking of hot, I can't imagine laptop is a problem right now. however, i'd keep it away from your pelvis from bfp until 6-7 weeks, since heat is bad for the neural tube. and no hot tubs--like any of us would be so risky! i always made dh keep a pillow between laptop and his little swimmers--read somewhere it's bad for sperm count!

    well ladies, i wish i had a funny story to tell you but i can't think of any so i'll just wish super sticky sticky vibes and baby dust to you all!

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