Anyone heard of being told sperm not moving?

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  1. Good morning, ladies. This is my first post on this site. I'm kind of new to the process!

    I had my first retrieval yesterday and I thought it went well until we got some news that I'd never heard before. The good news is that I had 13 mature eggs. The bad news is that my RE told us the sperm were not moving when it was time to do the lab fertilization.

    She said this has never happened before, and my hubby's samples up to now looked fine and were moving at least a little!

    She told me they'll do ICSI, but that it doesn't look good. Has anyone heard of this situation?

    Hanging in there and staying positive..

  2. i believe that is the sperms motility and it is someting that they look at during the sperm analysis. My husbands was very poor as was everything else about his sperm. we ended up using donor sperm for our second and third cycles.

  3. My DH's sperm was tested and he had poor motility. They didn't move. We had to do ICSI to get the embryos for transfer. It's not uncommon and ICSI is the standard option

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