Anyone have success thawing day One embryos?

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  1. I did a fresh cycle of IVF in 2005, which resulted in DD who is now 4 1/2. I did ZIFT, and transferred 5 , Day One embryos. I only got pregnant with a singleton. We froze the remaining 9 - Day One embryos. I am about to do IVF again with the remaining embryos - FET being Feb 22nd. I am nervous becuase I am not sure of the quality of the embryos, as they were frozen on only day one.

    My question is, has anyone had success after ZIFT, and doing a FET with embryos that were frozen on day one? We are either letting them go to a Day 3, or 5 depending on how they look.

    Thank you!

    -Sara (This is my friend's acct. since I have written admin several times to gain access to these forums with my own acct.)

  2. We live in Germany and here in Germany any embryos to be frozen have to be frozen before they make their own DNA, so they aren't really 'embryos' by law here, but fertilized eggs.

    A good friend of ours got pregnant on her first FET after a bfn with her fresh cycle. The pregnancy was successful and uneventful. They transferred 2 embryos.

    Good luck.

  3. Oh, thank you so much for your response. It is good to hear even ONE success story. I have been so worried, since I have no idea of the quality of them, and have never met anyone that has had their embryos frozen that early.

    Best, Sara

  4. i think it is hard to say right now.. i say they have to be cultured to day 3 so if u have god looking 8 cell embryos see if you can take them to blasts.. i youngihmsonally like 3 day transfers better .. but i think you might have to wait and see what you are working with. gl kup the 22nd will be here real soon

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