Anyone have low hb\'s, when did you m/c?

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  1. Hi,

    I had an u/s at 7w and there are twins with low hb's also measuring behind a few days. I was told the hb's will stop and I will m/c. I have to have a weekly u/s until the hb's stop. So depressing as this is my 4th loss in a row

    Anyways, I am still feeling all the symptoms. Very nautious, extemely tired etc.. Is this normal???? When I had my other m/c, I hardly felt any symptoms at all.

    If anyone else has been told there pgcy wasn't viable, how long did it take for the hb's to stop ticking? One hb was 90, the other low 100's both measured 3 and 6 days behind.

    Thanks, sorry to others who experience this.

  2. I would say about a week for the HB to stop. I am so very sorry, I was also told the same thing in June at my 7 w 5 d appt. I had normal doubling beta's and we had a nice HB and measured right on at my 6 w 4d appt, but at my 7 w 5d appt I was still measuring 6 w 4d with HB at 120. I was told the HB was too low and the growth too behind and the pg was likely not viable. At my 8w 6d appt the HB had stopped. We did the d&c the next day at 9 w 0d and the fetal testing showed it was a boy with trisomy 22 (always fatal).

    As long as there is HCG from the pg in your system you will feel pg, at least I did. I no longer felt pg after the d&c.

    It was devastating and I am so very sorry you are in this position. Try to keep postive and just hope it can turn around.


  3. Thanks so much Matty. It is so hard to know that these little one's don't have a chance and we are just waiting for them to die. It breaks my heart

    It's just weird b/c with all my other m/c's I didn't feel any sickness, not even with my successful pgcy, but this time I'm feeling super nautious all the time. Maybe b/c this is twins, I don't know, but I'm surprised that I'm feeling so sick when this isn't a healthy pgcy.

    Thank you again and I'm sorry for your loss as well.

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