Anyone have implantation spotting with small clots?

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  1. I am 4dp6dt and am having a little bit of spotting but did have a couple small small little clots has anyone had this and gone on to have a positive beta?
    Any help would be so appreciative

  2. I had brown spotting from 6dp5dt (11dpo) until 13dpo. It was brown and quite heavy altho I never had clots, I did see some brown membrane stuff...sorry tmi. I got my beta HCG done on 12dpo at it is 173 which is quite high! Im due for two more beta's so Im still waiting myself for the outcome.

    I\'ve been told that brown spotting is OK so long as it's not accompanied by pain or heavy cramping. I dont know what my spotting was (perhaps implantation) or maybe I lost an embie that tried to implant.

    Have you done a POAS?

    PS: the spotting you are experiencing does sound like implantation to me as it's usually around that time it happens so good luck!

  3. Ahmet: I had my 3-day transfer on Saturday the 5th of December. I started spotting--sometimes heavily, including red blood--on Friday the 11th (I have a short cycle and luteal phase, and the spotting began around when I would get my period during my natural cycles w/o progesterone). The spotting continued, and though it had tapered off by yesterday, when I had my beta, I was absolutely positive I was not pregnant. Well, my beta came back at 52, so it can happen. Not sure if my story is going to have a happy ending--I've started spotting again more heavily--but I just wanted to let you know you can have spotting during your luteal phase and turn out to be pregnant. Good luck!

  4. Thank you girls fro responses I did get a bfp this morning on clear blue easy!!!Thank you Jesus!!

    Mochi, I will keep you in my prayers that everything goes smoothly and positive!!!

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