anyone have a successful pg after a delayed u/s at 6 weeks?

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  1. i had my 6 week u/s yesterday and the dr gave me a 50/50 chance with this pregnancy. we were hoping to see the sack AND the baby, but, unfortunately, we only saw the sack. the dr said there is a chance that it is too early since they don't know the exact date of implantation with an IUI. so, i really won't know more until next week. also, he called with my HCG numbers. based on the doubling, he wanted to see my numbers around 16,000 but they were at 11,000. he said he has seen successful pregnancies in the past with these numbers, but still, he gives it a 50/50 chance.

    i am looking for some positive stories to get me thru the week.

  2. It is too early for anyone to know what is going on this early so really take what the dr. says about 50/50 lightly at this point. Our clinic doesn't even check betas once they reach 5000. A lot of people will wait until 7weeks for the ultrasound just because of this. Keep positive. You have made it this far.

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