Anyone have 2 separate MTX shots and still rising beta?

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  1. I'm curious if this has happened to anyone. My beta did go from 1600 to a 370 but now it's going up a bit again. Would I need another shot or just go straight into surgery to remove the ectopic. I've already had two separate methotrexate shots and can't imagine having any more. I feel horrible physically. I'm having some spotting and some pain right behind the cervix area, which is new.
    This ectopic has been a nightmare.

  2. mereoni... I'm sorry you're going through this and for your loss... I did not have an ectopic, but my g/f did last year. She had 2 Mtx shots. The 1st one lowered her beta, but it slowed and went back up. She had her 2nd shot, it went down but slowed... Then she had severe pain, and it ruptured and started bleeding out. It was just horrible. I know you probably didn't want to hear it, but please go and get checked out ASAP...

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