Anyone given themselves the Progesterone shot?

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  1. Hi, chooks,

    You can absolutely do the PIO/IM shot yourself. Sunshine's link to her youtube video is very helpful and there are several more you can find on youtube that help to show that there is not ONE right way to do this. We all develop our own set of tricks that work well for us. I say this only because that was one of my own biggest fears, not doing the shot in the most perfect way. There are many, many perfect ways.

    Please forgive the cut and paste below, but this is the set of tricks that has worked for me:

    Self-administered PIO is still not my favorite thing to do, but it has become more manageable since my first cycle in 2005. Some of the things I do differently now that seem to help:

    - heat a wet washcloth in the microwave 30-60 seconds (depending on how strong your microwave is) and wrap the warmed washcloth around the prepared syringe with the cap still covering the injection needle. This helps to make the oil runnier and easier to inject.

    - no icing of the area - it just draws out the event and makes it harder for the oil to disperse.

    - use a wall mounted mirror such as in the bathroom to see what you are doing.

    - stretch the skin with the fingers of one hand rather than "pinching" the skin

    - place the tip of the needle beveled side UP against the skin and poke around LIGHTLY looking for a less intense spot

    - with the beveled side still UP press the needle in SLOWLY rather than jabbing - the first 1/8 inch stings a bit but the rest is really easy (this part makes some of my friends cringe but it really does work better for me)

    - then inject oil slowly, leave the needle in for a count of 3 or so and withdraw again slowly. Waiting a bit seems to help keep the oil from running back out again so much.

    - use a tissue or sterile pad to dab any blood or oil that may come out. (If you pass through a blood vessel near the surface, it can be quite a show.)

    - have the piece of chocolate you promised yourself before starting this process.

    Good luck in developing your own perfect technique.

  2. Thanks Sandra!!!

    Thanks for tips, and I do not mind the cut and paste. I really like the part about the chocolate. Not like I need a reason to eat a piece of chocolate though

    What I really appreciate, is you saying there are many perfect ways. That helps take the stress off. I did worry about doing it wrong and "messing things up". I am not so worried about that now.

    Thanks again. Best of luck to you.


  3. You are very welcome. I'm glad to hear you are less worried. That's half the battle, isn't it?

    Here's hoping that you get to practice your technique for 11 weeks!

  4. Thanks again, Sandra!

  5. MY DH travels and I am too chicken to give myself IM progesterone and delestrogen. I don't have family in the area. What are some options/solutions that any of you did if your DH was not available? I called Visiting Nurses Assoc. but the lady who I spoke with said she wasn't sure if they did "self pay" for injections (only insured patients) -hey money is money right? She is getting back to me.

    I also asked a nursing student at my local Quest today (I go there for b/w monitoring only). I am going to call her. Do you think $25/injection is reasonable to pay her?

  6. Wouldn't it be nice if we could hook up regionally and give them to one another??? Save the money, and save my dh from fainting dead away.

    ikontozisi - Good luck to you! I hope you get some good info about hiring someone.

  7. I just had to add that I did my own PIO injection for IVf #2 while standing in a stall of a women's bathroom while waiting to get in to see a movie! I was amazed at how easy it was!

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