Anyone getting ready for another cycle?

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  1. bakar: Hi! I remember you from the boards back in April. Im so sorry to hear about your loss . I feel your pain. But here we are again. You are so ahead of me this time.
    I had a few complications after the mc, my hcg level was not going down. I did not need a d&c, so i passed naturally but after a few days, the numbers were staying high, so they waited a few days with several blood tests and FINALLY it started going down. It took a while though, but thank God!

    Anyhoo, Good luck to you and I know everything will be fine this time.

    This is your time now!!

  2. Hi evapap - thanks for the support. I am sorry to hear about your complications after the m/c. I had problems too - almost had to have a 2nd d&c, but took the pills instead and luckily after that the values started to go down. Still took over a month though. Sucks waiting and watching your beta go down. Something you worked so hard for and for it to go up and be high, you then pray that it goes back to zero.
    I am glad you are cycling again. It is very hard. I broke down the first day of stims - it was like here we go again, also I felt bad that the baby might think that we were moving on (I know crazy thought, but still). I had a 3 day transfer yesterday of our only 2 embryos (a 7 and 6 cell). I really hope it worked and feel in my heart that my baby is coming back to me (is that weird to think that way). Anyways, good luck with your cycle. Hopefully we will both be pregnant and this time we will both have babies.
    Did they tell you why you m/c? My baby came back as 46xx so I am at a loss why it died.

  3. Hey bakar! No, they couldn't tell me exactly cause they couldnt test....
    But my doctor said that more than likely, it was something chromosomal (sp?)

    All I can believe is, that it wasnt time for us and that God has something bigger and better planned.

    Hopefully I will learn that plan with this cycle : )

    I understand what you mean about your baby, I won't lie, it hasnt been the easiest. I found out today I start stims on the 12th. So I have a little to mentally prepare, but I keep telling myself I am not gonna be neurotic like the first time around. I can\'t.

    Anyways, glad I found you again : ), hope to keep in touch

  4. I think I am starting to get more involved in this cycle now. For a while after I first posted on this thread I was even avoiding this site. I paid the deposit but could not go any further emotionally. Thank God the rule in Czech is that the clinic picks the donor from your specifications. Origionally that bothered me but it was a relief as I just didn't need to deal with it at this point in time. I do wish I could shake the numbness but I think as the date approaches it will go away the rest of the way. Each time I do something new it helps me feel this is more real.

    Sucks waiting and watching your beta go down. Something you worked so hard for and for it to go up and be high, you then pray that it goes back to zero.

    I had the same situation as the two of you. I MCed at the begining of May but had HCG in July. It felt like I was pregnant long after the babies were gone and the morning sickness would not go away. I think if I had been able to plan on when to cycle sooner I would be more comfortable with this cycle but it just seemed to go on and on and it was so draining that I have lost my momentum. With the morning sickness dragging on for weeks after the m/c it was hard to feel like I should be thinking about another cycle. I kept wanting to ask if they could be mistaken. My other MCs were nothing like this.

  5. Well just wanted to update on how my cycle turned out. I am 8dp3dt and today and yesterday have been getting bfp on frer. My beta isn't scheduled until 14dp3dt (why they wait so long I don't know) so I still have a long wait to confirm it. I am more cautious though and worried that this will end the same way as my last pregnancy, but am happy to be pregnant again.

  6. Hi bakar,

    I am so glad to read you had a positive HPT. It is hard to relax after what we've been through. I hope that everything progresses beautifully this time.

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