Anyone getting ready for another cycle?

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  1. jazzy - how are you doing??

    cathy - your just motoring along (to me anyway ). Do you already have 7 celled embryos on day 2??? or am I counting back the days incorrectly?? As for the arguement of day 3 vs day 5. This is what I know.

    Any embryos placed on day 5 have a better chance of pregnancy than day 3 due to:
    1. being able to identify better quality embryos (day 4 morula stage is a defining moment of the embryo development and is where many embyros fail, knowing they made it to day 5 gives very good odds of their survival)
    2. a calm uterus is a better more friendly environment for embryo transfer. Transfering on day 5 allows for the uterus to be calmer (than day 3 - the uterus is generally still irritable due to ER on day 3). Several studies I have read support that the success of day 5 transfers may in fact be due to a relaxed uterus more than they thought (previously it was always based on the embryo advancement.

    That all being said, if you start out with 10 fertilized eggs...the chances of losing more embryos by day 5 are obviously higher (so it equates to the fact that you'll lose more embryos in a 5 day cycle than you will in a 3 day cycle).

    So, in studies, it still shows a slight advantage to do a day 5 transfer but as mentioned, recent studies are considering the fact that the relaxed uterus is more to blame for this slight success than the actual quality of the embryos in that cycle. Also, the ability to determine which 2 to put back is also easier done at day 5 than day 3 (again, most week embryos may look fine on day 3 but won't survive the morula stage).

    IF you have a large number of embryos its very difficult at day 3 to determine which are the healthiest to put back. So going to day 5 allows a better determination of the embryos for transfer (and hopefully a higher degree of success).

    IF you have a low number of embryos, doing a day 3 transfer is recommended (as most RE's will agree that the uterus - though not exactly the same as the follopian tube) is a better environment then the lab). If its easy to determine the quality of the embryos at day 3 then putting them back sooner than later is probably for the best.

    All of this info I found from various sources & in discussion with my RE when we made the very difficult choice to take 3 embryos (1, 8-cell and 2, 6-cell) to blast. I did a lot of research and thought that it was the best decision (based on the embryologists assurance that they believed the 3 embryos were strong enough). The reason the RE's recommended it was because they were ONLY transfering 2 embryos and at day 3 they couldn't tell which of the 6 celled embryos looked healthier. In the end one was definitely better than the other and of course that's been our only "healthy" (despite the loss) pregnancy to date.

    AFM - trigger tonight (finally )

  2. oooh play - trigger finally!!!! I am so excited for you! hank you for your input-I guess after calming down and thinking about it, it does make sense. He said he didn't have the report in front of him but they were all between 4-7 cell today so they were waiting. I do know w/my only bfp 3 day transfer, I had one 8 cell, one 6 and all 4s the maybe these are better-who knows....I am totally in agreement about the relaxed uterus too. Also my only bfp I was sedated for the transfer because my cervix is horrible to get too and he had to use a tenaculum during sono and I refused to be awake if he had to do that again.... so, for thursday, I will be knocked out again.

    Fingers ,toes and legs crossed for all of us.

  3. CATHY...sending you a PM!

  4. Play-I'm saying an extra prayer for you tonight that retrieval goes well tomorrow.....sorry, but that's all I got

    I was just ambushed-my cousin and his immigrant wife whom he married for convenience (last year at this time he had kicked her out and told her to go back to Poland-that he'd never love her) took my dh and I out to dinner-so they could tell us they're pg........great!

    He told his brothers he was marrying her because he "only" had two daughters w/1st wife and really wants a son & she just wanted to get marrid and stay in this country-AND THEY"RE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!

    I almost wish he would've just told us at Thanksgiving w/everyone else because I couldve shrank away-it was just the 4 of us and they were all staring at me waiting for me to do or say something. I plastered on my best fake grin and congratulated them. He said he wanted to tell us alone in light of "what happened last year" I can only assume he's referring to our twins dying and not him kicking her to the curb.

    I half listened politely through dinner about their baby names, 1st dr appt etc and just when we got out the door, she asked me for some of my baby books if I wasn't using them......grrrrrrrrrr. So, although my transfer is thursday, I came home and opened an extra large bottle of wine.

    All I can say is all this praying better get me in to see God because I have a huge list of questions he needs to answer!!!!!!!

  5. cathy - isn't that the worst!! I just hate those cosmic slaps in the face. And to think they thought it was a good idea to tell you face to face in a restaurant. I guess it says something that they 'thought' to tell you seperately though it never ceases to amaze me that fertiles only think about 5 inches in front of their noses.

    jazzy - sending you some thoughts and hoping things are going ok with you.

    AFM - ER went well today. They retireved 10 eggs which is pretty typical for me on max stims. I'm concerned/curious/hopeful that the long stim did more to help my eggs then hinder so despite getting 10, tomorrow's report (for me) is the first real hurdle. (cathy - thanks for the thoughts/prayers)

  6. Well-had transfer today. I was really disappointed. Of my twelve, we had 5 make it to day 5. We transferred two early blasts and two morulas. The 5th wasn't doing so hot so they will probably be discarding it tomorrow. None to freeze. The embryologist was optimistic, but did say they were growing slower than they'd like to see. She thought they should all be blasts by day 5. So fingers crossed. Now on to the torturous two weeks wait (well, 11 days)

    How you doin Play-heard anything about your embies yet?

  7. cathy - I know your not overly optimistic about what you had on day 5 but 40-50% survival for blast is avg. (mmm, I don't think I'm doing a good job with the pep talk so far ).

    BUT - you've put back 4!! day-5's. That's far more superior than the 6, day-3's you put back previously. I think your sitting in a very strong position and I hope that you end up with the perfect number for a long, healthy preg.

    we found out today that 6 fertilized (that's been a pretty typical result for us so nothing stellar/amazing there). The biggest improvement was that we had 8 mature so we're ahead of the game with maturity rate for this cycle. I just hope the fertilization rates are a bit lower then previous cycles due to human error (ICSI) rather than egg/sperm quality. Its funny how much stressing one can do in a 24 hr period.

    As long as we achieve our token 2 'good' embyros I won't complain (well, maybe just a little).

    jazzy - thinking about you

  8. OMG - sometimes I amaze myself that I can be so insensitive. I just re-read a post of mine on one of the loss boards. A question was asked so I answered it...what I didn't do was offer my sympathies. Sometimes I think I have concentration issues because I tend to do that a lot and I find I have to go back and re-edit my post.

    Seriously, I think I am so desensitized to loss/failure/heartbreak now so I end up completely skipping over it.

    (I'm going back to edit it...though its probably too late **sigh** )

  9. Don't feel bad. I feel the same way-and almost like a "we've seen it all" mentality that gets the better of us occasionally.

    It sounds like you're on your way with 6 fertilized......I think you'll be have two great embies to transfer back then we can switch boards together. Maybe we'll create a new one....

    "our previous pregnancies were awful, we lost our babies but are just crazy enough to go through this again -anyone wait out our crazy,terrifying 9months with us????"

    I know about the stress, but try and relax. I'm really starting to buy into the whole relaxed uterus **** you fed me .

  10. GOOD FOR YOU CATHY! 4 tx'ed is great at day 5! I only tx'ed 3...they won't do more for my age range. How old are you if you don't mind me asking?

    PLAY: Can't wait to hear how tx goes!

  11. HEY JAZZ!!!!
    Glad to see you're still lurking!!!!

    I am 36-my only bfp though we transferred 6-so, RE thought we should still be aggressive just to get pg-he knows our concerns about twins again, but I trust him and we agreed that we'd do what he wanted so I hope hes right again.

    I hope all is well w/you-I'd love updates-keep in touch!!!!

  12. jazzy - we missed you (of course). How are you doing??

    cathy - when's beta for you??

    AFM - we've ended up with 3 "good quality" embryos for today so for all intense purposes we'll be doing a 3-day transfer tomorrow. Though we are trying to touch base with our RE to review some options.

  13. Good luck tomorrow Play!!!!!

    My betas on 12/1...I have always been a POAS freak during previous cycles and am already resisiting the urge to stock up on a variety. How do u feel about hpts????

  14. Oh yes, CATHY that makes sense...if I could have tx'ed 4 I would have because I'm two years older than you! But we only had 3 make it. As for HPTs...LOL Well, how I feel about them is...let's just say I took 3 this cycle! If I could have held out I might have...but if you have to POAS I won't fault ya!

    PLAY...that must be a lucky number (3) because that's what I ended up! I will definitely be hoping and praying for ya! I did see you post on GBB about the "options" you're reviewing and I know someone else who did that exact thing you're considering. Remember the person I mentioned on PM pg with twins? I had hoped she'd come in your thread and comment, but I guess she hasn't seen it yet.

  15. Sigh - we're heading for a day-5 transfer. I think I do this to myself just to keep my stress levels above a certain level.

    Its been a difficult decision to make, especially since we're relying on essentially 3 embryos - BUT, its worked for us in the past so we're going on the assumption "if its not broke don't fix it".

    The good news (though the embryologist did say not to rely too much on them) is that our 3 embyros that were written off have cleaved and though they are definitely behind, they are still alive and cleaving.

  16. Hi Jazz

    Play-That's great news!!!!!! Yo gave me the pep talk about waiting it out 5 being hard but you will get the best I am convinced of it!!!!!

    I am still a wreck waiting now-I forgot how horrible this is! To top it off-I have had horrible gas/bloating w/the occassional diarreah-sorry if TMI-I'm assuming it's the crinoine-I don't remember that reaction before but feel fine so I don't think it's the flu-or should I say hope I am not sick and compromising this transfer. Other than that not feeling anything yet.Although it is only 2 days past transfer. Been trying to take it easy but DH has magically picked this weekend to fight over our Christms budget-Ain't Love Grand?!??!?!

  17. PLay-How'd it go??? Feeling okay?

  18. Ladies - just a quick post that we did make it to transfer and transfered 2 blasts. Now its just the wait.

    cathy - I hope you can manage to stay sane these last few days. Will you POAS?? or wait for BETA.

    jazzy thanks for the thoughts. I think I got a grade A core body work out over the weekend since my stomach was tied in knots for so long.

  19. Play-that's great! I am so worried since ours weren't completely there day 5. I am trying not to POAS but i doubt I will make it til monday. I had some brownish w/a little blood discharge once last night when I wiped (sorry if TMI) I am hoping its implantation, but strained earlier in day while going to bathroom (again sorry) and am worried I just screwed something up instead!

    Just usual progesterone symptoms to report. Super bloated, occasionally crampy,sore bbs and some weird twinges....all the typicals.

    Do you know when your beta will be? Are you going to POAS? If so, when?????

  20. Hi everyone,
    Haven’t posted for a while, so I hope you don’t mind.
    Trying my best to be positive, but just a little frustrated and need to vent to someone who will understand. I’ve been lurking and haven’t really have much to post, but you guys have been an inspiration to me .
    My story again, I had my 2nd mc, a fetal demise at 10 wks earlier this year after our 1st ivf . My RE is great and we did all the rpl workup- which has been basically ok.
    I’m scheduled for ER tomorrow, but I have ½ the follicles I did last time (6 measurable and a few right on the cusp)
    2 factors contributing to this: I got a bad gonalf pen (go figure ) and 2 of the most stressful weeks at work EVER.
    To make a long story short I got little or no fsh on day 3 and 4 of of stims. After 5 days of stimming- my E2 was about 100 and no measurable follicles to speak of.
    We figured out the problem and tried to salvage my cycle by increasing my dose and my E2 is good now, but still concerned about egg quality and quantity.
    I’m off for 2 wks, so the work part is ok for now.
    I guess all I can do is pray and hope for the best .

    nadiafilipfa, jazzy , cathy- good luck during your 2ww-


  21. Busy-I am praying for you. It is awful that you got a defective pen.....obviously RE is confident if he is doing your retrieval though so the eggs you have must look good? Take it easy and try not to stress yourself out. I know it is so hard. I'm having a bad day too-Tommy and Aubrey's due date was 12/6 and just coming up on this time of year again is getting to me. I was putting up some Christmas stuff today (I'm doing a little everyday so as not to overexert) And just lost it.

    I am so thankful for you ladies!

    Well, I'm editing to add I am officially freaking out. Was laying on couch watching tv , got up to go pee and found pink in my undies that went right through to my pjs......more when I wiped-bright a few hours later a little more pink but alot of brown WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had a horrible headache all day too!Calling Re in am

  22. cathy,
    omg- are you ok?

    im praying its implantation bleeding. keep us updated.

    anyway, thank you for being there. Im getting ready to go for my ER.


  23. good luck busy!!!!!!!

    I got up early for a meeting today (normally work midnights) I can't call my office til 8 so I took an hpt-of course it's negative. I'm starting to doubt it was implantation-wouldn't I show a pos then?????

  24. Cathy - your 4 days ahead of me. The earliest I've ever had a + is equivalent to this Saturday (yesterday) and that was due to both embryos implanting.

    A singleton would be later. At least 2 days (half the HCG) so equivalent to tomorrow and thats if your prone to early + betas. (I've always had early +HPTs but low relative betas, I think my body just gets it into my urnine faster). If your a slow urine processor, then it would take a bit more. HTH\'s

    I'm sorry your going through so much with the bleeding. I've never been a luteal phase bleeder (not sure if you are) so it would be concerning me too. One thing to focus on is that bleeding can be due to so much, especially if your on Baby asprine. I hope your wait to see someone is quick. ((HUGS))

    Busybee - welcome back and I'm sorry you've been through the wringer with the stims. Studies have shown that slower stims 'can' be really good and while that's not necessarily a comfort for you right now, hopefully it'll be a little bit less stress as you wait to see how things turn out with your ER and fert report. Can I ask who's fault it was with the Gonal F pen?? Expired meds? Pen that malfunctioned? Hopefully there's no ill effect (other than stress) because of it (and I have a history to prove stress doesn't affect \'success\')

    Good luck with ER. Looking forward to your update.

  25. I still have alot of broenish **** when I pee-she said thats from the crinoine-coffegrounds looking stuff. I am even more of a wreck now. They didn't see me-said take it easy put feet up and wait til monday -that's its too soon for them to do anything. I asked if they should at least chk my prog level to see if I have enough and she said don't worry, you have enough-they'll check it at, I'm left until monday to wait.

    Hope your waits are going easier

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