Anyone getting ready for another cycle?

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  1. I go for baseline tuesday and should start stims on wed.....I'm doing the antagonist protocol. I should have my ER the week of the 17th sometime

  2. jazzy - how're you doing?? Will you be stimming tonight?? Or one more day?

    cathy - stims on Wed? I believe I start on Thurs but I'm not really sure. In the past with this clinic I've started on Fri and Sat...never on Thurs but since my baseline is on Thurs (and I've been on lupron FOREVER) I'm guessing Thurs. I've been on the antagonist previously. Its nice that there's not as many needles. Supposidly you still slower on that protocol but I found it was just as many days as the lupron (mmm, if not even 1 day less on stims).

    happy - I did a cycle once just before Christmas (as in I got my beta on the 22'nd). For me it was a really good time to do it as there was so much going on it kept my mind from stressing too much.

    For any of you who lost in the 2'nd tri are you doing anything different?? I've requested with my RE that we look into doing a single embryo transfer but since I produce such crappy embryos he even suggested adding an embryo. The concenses is my late loss had nothing to do with my ability to carry multiples but rather shit ass luck. How's that for a medical diagnosis. "I'm sorry, you just seem unlucky".

    I've actually asked if we produce a few crappy embryos but 1 good one that they freeze the good one and put back 2 (of if he's serious) 3 bad ones.

    Of course this last pregnancy has me thinking maybe more is more. We put back the two best ones and one ended up a BO while the other of course didn't make it past 9 weeks. Uggh, this is possibly the worst position to be in...put back to few it could result in another failed cycle/early loss, put back too many it could cause a late loss.

    Is anyone else (and their RE) thinking that far ahead?

  3. Play-
    We went through the same thing......I did the lupron protocol 3 fresh cycles with first RE before he recommended donor eggs......switched REs and didantagon and got pg for first time ever w/Tommy & Aubrey. So, stickin with what worked.....but-we are starting out at double the follistem-I am a weird pcos-er that didn't come close to hyper-stim last time so he wants to try to get the max amount of eggs this round.

    When I got pg, he put back 6 embies!!!!!! They were all 8 cell or better and all 0-10% frag so pretty perfect-and that only resulted in twins. He is saying he'll base it on the eggs but w/my history won't just put in 1 or two or even three.......

    I had the same "bad luck" theory because I had my abruption so early (16 weeks) that the dried blood between uterus and placenta caused the infection that caused PTL so early. Peri said if I had had the abruption after 20 weeks like "normal" women do, my babies may have had a shot. And since they don't know what caused my abruption-no trauma was just very bad luck. He also said that women who have PTL almost always have it again so he would not want me to carry more than twins-I have been wrestling with this for a year and have decided to do what RE says to get pg then cross the next bridge when I have to.......

    How you feelin'???

  4. Hey gals...feelin' okay (but don't ask the pin-cushion that is my stomach because it may not feel as good. lol ) Trigger is tomorrow. I'm soooo beyond ready! Not sure what time yet but ER will be Thursday. So far only 5 eggs *sigh*. We've had 7 both the cycle we got pregnant with our son and last cycle (that ended in a chemical). So this is the LEAST ever for me, but I have heard from other girls with this protocol (MDL) that you may get less quantity but the quality tends to be better. I can live with that because IVF#2 this past summer we ended up with CRAPTASTIC egg quality (far from what it was on IVF#1 when our son was conceived where we had all Grade 1 eggs.) So right now I only care about quality. If those 5 eggs end up Grade 1, I will be completely happy with 5! for your question about doing things differently or thinking ahead, yes to both. We are on a different protocol (although not necessarily my idea because I agree with Cathy..."if it ain't broke don't try to fix it" and if we got pregnant with our son on Long Lupron I had no problem going with that again,) but this is the 3rd protocol in as many IVFs. They are trying to find the one that magically produces LOTS of eggs. But...uh, they didn't get the memo that my ovaries are 38 years old. LOTS of eggs just ain't happening. Now when it comes to transfering eggs...well, I'm pretty sure we're going with 3. We tx'ed 2 with my son and he's the one that stuck (although we're pretty sure his twin vanished when I had a clot at 6w 3d). But 3 months ago we tx'ed 3 because that's all we had that had fertilized and not arrested and we did that because they were so cr@ppy my RE said we'd have the best possible chance of at least ONE sticking if we threw them all back in. So when we did a follow-up after the chemical from that cycle she mentioned doing 3 again in case the quality of my eggs isn't as good as it was 16 months ago when my son was conceived. So we'll see what we cook up with this batch of embies...but I'm going for 3 although interestingly enough, my RE isn't really in favor of me carrying multiples since I had an abdominal myomectomy to remove 6 fibroids (which we theorize caused my PROM) 11 weeks post-partum and she fears my uterus may be slightly weaker as a result of the surgery. So she doesn't wanna chance it because she figures with multiples the risk of something going wrong again (i.e. PTL) is a lot higher.

    Anyhoo, I also thought about going to a brand new OB at a new hospital as a lot of things that happened the night we lost our son didn't sit right with my DH or I. We loathed the on-call OB (not my regular OB) and though the some of the nursing staff were incompetent jacka$$es. But in the end, I love my OB (and had she been on-call I'm sure things would have gone much better although I know she couldn't necessarily have changed the end result). So I just have to PRAY that I can make it to a scheduled C-section with her next time around since that's the only way to ensure she is my delivering doc. *sigh* So many makes me mad that it can't just be as easy as it is for any other pregnant girl I see.

  5. Hi All

    Jazzy-How\'d it go? How are you feeling???
    I started stims last night-forgot how much fun this is
    I'm starting on 600ius of follistem w/my part is that the follistem pen only goes up to 475ius at a time si I get a bonus shot-two just for the follistem.......oh well-whatever grows my eggs I guess.

    How\'s everyone else doing?????

  6. Jazzy - thinking of you today. I hope you have something special planned to remind you of how special this day really is. Many, many hugs to you.

    Cathy - I too started stims last night. I'll race you to ER

    I wish I had more time to reply on the other issues but I have to bolt. DH is giving me the eye to hurry up.

  7. Jazzy - thinking of you today. I hope you have something special planned to remind you of how special this day really is. Many, many hugs to you.
    Thanks, nadiafilipfa. I hope the day was easy on you too.

    Cathy, it went well. Seven ret'd, 6 mature, 3 needless to say today we tx'ed all 3 back. Now for the dreaded 2ww...

    Where is e/e in their cycle?

  8. Jazzy-How exciting I had a dream yesterday I was making a twin diaper cake for someone......NO BABY DUST HERE-just maybe a little frosting

    I have had horrible headaches since I started stims thursday...I don't know if it's coincidence, sinus,migraine or what?!?!!? Nothing works but laying w/an icepack-it's brutal. He did start me at double what I did in 2007.....600IU of follistem and 20 units of low dose HCG a night-I go for my first ultrasound in am so I'll ask the nurse if it could be the drugs.

    How are you feeling Play?

  9. Jazzy - how're you doing?? I hope your holding in there. Of course the 2ww isnt' going to be the end of your fears but I hope your managing to stay sane.

    Cathy - I'm right there with you. Headaches have been my biggest grip this cycle. I have u/s tomorrow too but so far I'm prepared for a so-so response. I had bloodwork on Sunday and I know I'm not responding as well as I have in the past. While its far from my best (so far) its certainly not my worst so I know I should have something show up on the u/s screen.

    Happy - how are things with you?

  10. Well, decreased Follistem yesterday to 150 IUs from 600 and now today to 100IUs.....estrogen at 1582 I had 19 measureable this a.m. so RE said that's what he wanted -start out with a bang to get alot growing and then slow down to get them mature-but I am veeeeerrrry nerous......added Gairelex last night to the hcg & folli-we'll see I guess...

    How are you guys doing????

    Jazzy-2ww making you crazy enough yet??? I don't care how many cycles I have been through-I am still a nut in the 2ww fighting hpt urges every step of the way!!!!!!

  11. Ok - I knew I shouldnt' have checked here. Cathy your post just depressed me.

    FCUK!!! I hate being a poor responder. Your E2 levels are literally 10 times mine.

    (cathy please don't think I'm directing this at you... I needed to vent so consider this my vent for the day )

  12. Ok - I knew I shouldnt' have checked here. Cathy your post just depressed me.FCUK!!! I hate being a poor responder. Your E2 levels are literally 10 times mine. (cathy please don't think I'm directing this at you... I needed to vent so consider this my vent for the day )
    If it's any consolation, PLAY, you know my stats...NEVER more than 7 ret'd and this time only 3 fertilized (my worst number yet! ) So ummm...I'm definitely a PR right along with ya! (FWIW my E2 at it's highest was only 1231. )

  13. Jazz-
    I am so sorry-I'll only post symptoms from now on...I wasn't trying to make you feel badly!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vent away-not in fine print-that's what we're here for!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jazz- I am so sorry-I'll only post symptoms from now on...I wasn't trying to make you feel badly!!!!!!!!!

    Either I missed a post or jazz's being mistaken for my vent. (so sorry if the latter is the case)

    Sorry cathy, I was lying in bed last night and thinking it wasn't fair what I posted. You're cycling too and your very entitled to post your wonderful response - and my lack of congrats was more a pity party for me then anything

    I got my E2 levels back yesterday KNOWING they were low (even for me) - it just wasn't until I compared them with yours (on the same day of stims) that I realized just HOW low). I also KNOW very well when being part of a cycling thread that there will be people who are great responders compared to my poor response.

    When I initially chose a cycling board I was actually torn between posting on the poor responders board or the loss board but certainly my losses play a bigger part of who I am now than my poor response. I chose here because I know I'm far more sensitive to my losses than my response...I just got caught in a bad moment.

    Jazz - thanks for keeping me company in the poor response catagory though sorry you too are dealing with that headache. 7 days past are you holding up??

  15. Either I missed a post or jazz's being mistaken for my vent. (so sorry if the latter is the case)Yeah, I think she just confused your post for mine. No problem though CATHY! PLAY and I have plenty in common...maybe we were separated at birth! lol Anyway...holding up? Hmmm...let's see, I was a basket case yesterday because all day I felt nothing, nada, not a single symptom (after having had some cramping the day after ET and the day after that too.) I went back to my obsessive journal that I kept for both IVF#2 (chemical) and IVF#1 (BFP with my son) and looked to see what I was feeling at that time and when it said twinges I freaked because I wasn't getting any yesterday. No sooner did I freak all day at work then I got home and went to bed and all night I was feeling this full abdominal feeling (which was somewhat reassuring) then woke this AM to AF style cramping in my cervix. GAWD I hate this roller coaster!

    CATHY...when is your ER? Hope we didn't scare you off with our poor responder status! It seems all the other girls have left us. It's just us 3 now! Wonder where the rest went?

  16. i wondered wher everyone was too.....I'm sorry I screwed up your posts-Play-i am sorry for my initial post-I know we are all ultr sensitive and should've known better.

    Jazz-I'm praying for you every day!I know it's desperation, but I feel so helpless in these things that it seems that's better than nothing!

    My retrieval will be saturday morning.

    Play-how\'re you doing?

  17. CATHY!!! Wow, your triggering already!! That's great. You must have only done 7 days of stims! I'll keep my fingers crossed for Saturday for you and you MUST post your results from retrieval (please do NOT censor your results because of my vent...that was NOT the point of my vent!!).

    Jazzy - AF cramping it the ONLY constant I've had between my two BFP's. All other sympton for both those were +/-. So I'm hoping that your taking that as a good sign...and 8 DPR is about the exact timing too.

    AFM - E2 levels are going up but they won't end up being that great this cycle...still they won't be my lowest either. I've basically got 2 batches growing of eggs growing...a few very big and many very small. I'll either trigger Sat or Sun (though I'm hoping Sun so that the small ones have a chance to catch up). But my RE likes to trigger earlier than later so it'll probably be Sat. (obviously retireval on Mon).

    Either way, this weekend/next week is a big one for us all which I'm hoping means the days will fly by

  18. Oh CATHY! Good luck! And I agree with nadiafilipfa...please let us know how many they get at ER! I'm excited to hear the report!

    PLAY I hope you get lots more follies than you think! My AFC this cycle was only 5 and since one was playing hide and seek for the first 2-3 u/s they only saw 4! I wanted to cry right then and there on the spot! So I was pleasantly surprised when they got 7 although I know to some people that's a disappointing number. So I hope you get a pleasant surprise too!

    AFM...pee sticks calling my name. I'm 10 days past trigger today so after this I can legitimately POAS and not confusing any lines I see with trigger, but I'm trying to stay strong, not cave, and hold out. (Yeah right...who am I kidding? ) Right now my only symptom is a heavy feeling abdomen (and some slight dizziness and nausea after waking up from a nap if you can believe that! Go figure! Course it could be blamed on that Mexican I ate this afternoon. )

    ETA: This cycle they added AH to my protocol which I'd never had before. But something tells me that's a good thing and may make all the difference in the world (although that let's me know they think my eggs are "hard and old". lol) The nurse the day of ER asked us was this our first IVF and when we told her no she asked had we had success in the past. We told her about DS and told her that is 1st birthday would have been tomorrow and she told us somehow she thinks us having ER the day before his birthday means we have an angel looking down on us this cycle. I figured you ladies could appreciate that story.

  19. Jazz-I know your son is rooting for a little brother or sis.....I'll be thinking of him tomorrow on his birthday.

    I will post tomorrow if I'm up to it-retrievals always really hit me hard-I'm usually laid up for at least a day...otherwise sunday for sure.

    Play-good luck w/the trigger-I too I think went a little earlier than i should've-he was worried about my estrogen -it was up to 3200. So, you see it may not have been a good thing that I was so high.

  20. Since you may not get the chance to check in tomorrow morning I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK tomorrow.

    We\'ll be thinking of you during ER!!

  21. Looks like a Tuesday retrieval and it looks like this cycle will be similar to my first's E2 levels are now officially right on par with my worst cycle.

    I have a feeling I'll end up with a very mixed bag of eggs (some disintergrated, some mature and some immature) since right now they're all over the board. (but I have about 12 of them in there )

    Still, since they range in size from 2.3 - 0.4 cm its doubtful I can properly count them all.

    Cathy - I hope retrieval went well.

  22. Thanks Cathy...his birthday was actually on the 7th (last Friday, the day after my ER). I hope everything went okay with your retrieval...anxiously awaiting your update!

    PLAY...wishing you good thoughts. I will have to PM you as I am having some ideas about a topic we previously discussed in another thread that I want to run by you.

  23. Well-still super sore-I don't understand the women who have retrievals then go back to work...I could hardly walk last night and today stairs still kill me!

    They took out 21 eggs-inseminated 18 and 14 took. They'll call me back tomorrow to let me know if they are growing and about retrieval.

    Play-How\'re you doing?
    Feeling full and horrible yet?

    Jazz-How are you-have you caved and odne an HPT yet? I haven't even had transfer yet and am already fighting the urges for the next two weeks.

    They already told me my beta will be on Dec 1st -which is DHs bday...I'm hoping it will be a great present year. My twins' original due date was the 6th so I already know I'm going to be an emotional wreck that week regardless

  24. cathy - wow, sounds like your off to a very good and promising start with this. 14 sounds wonderful (and that means you had 18 mature so they didn't trigger you too early at all - that's great).

    jazzy - I know you must be feeling the emotional toll on this cycle. I hope the next few days go quickly for you.

    AFM - unfortunately (cathy to answer your question) I don't really feel that full until just before ER (or fortunately because that means I don't really feel that horrible either ). That's what only having 3-5 follies growing on each side does

    They're stimming me for another day (the longest stim for me yet) and are trying to maximize my yeild (for lack of a better term) of mature eggs.

    I'm all over the map in size so they're trying to target the biggest size group and ignore the rest. That means that 1-3 eggs will be overcooked and about 5 eggs will be immature. In the end if I end up with 5 mature (reasonably healthy looking eggs) I'll be pleased. Though I am hoping for the best, I'm expecting the best response and embryo quality has been with a shorter stim period so stimming for a few extra days may not have its advantages. Time will tell I guess

  25. Well, my re has decided to do a 5 day transfer this time....1st ever in 6 ivfs- I'm really worried! Shouldn't they be put back in where it's safe???? I spoke to embryologist who said only 12 continued to grow but they look good-he said little to no fragmentation and all almost 7 cell so according to him that's why we're waiting-but I have a baaaad feeling about waiting-I mean my only bfp was w/a 3 day so why mess w/what works?!?!?!!

    Play-how\'re you holding up???

    Jazz-feeling anything funny yet??

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