Anyone Get a postive HPT at 7dp3dt

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  1. Anyone get a postive HPT on 7dp3dt and get twins?

  2. I got a BFP on HPT at 7dp3dt, 8dp3dt and a positive beta on 9dp3dt of 48; waiting on my \"official\" beta number which was this morning at 12dp3dt...

    We put in 2 so I'm really wondering if its 1 or 2...!!!

  3. Yes, and I now have 1 yr old twins.

  4. I didnt get a BFP until 16DPO and now 9w1d with twins. I could have gotten a BFP earlier but I took a 2500 booster 4 days before.

  5. Yes, I got one at 6dp3dt that was pretty vivid---no this a line? I'm 22 weeks pregnant with triplets. None of our embryos were considered good quality, so we put in the 3 best ones (7 celled gr. 2 and 3 ---gr. 1 being excellent) So you never know! I did it thinking it was way too early and never truly believed it until about 2 months into the pregnancy. Those first few days, I POAS'd every other day and loved to see that 2nd line pop up in a second. (I remember so well when it wasn't that way).

  6. I got a really early pos. I am currently pregnant with triplets as well and mine was about 5 days. I don't remember exactly but we put back 2 blasts and one molar (sp I think that is what they call a 4 day) that little one was not doing so well....or so we thought.
    I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with 3 boys!!!!!

  7. I got a + 4dp5dt. Am now 29w2d with b/g twins. We only transferred 2 as we only have 2 really good embies.

  8. I didn't even try until 8dp3dt because I had gone through a chemical and didn't want to psyche myself up. Thankfully, I got a very clear line that day and every day until my beta on 10dp3dt which was 121. I am currently 21w3d pregnant with twins. Good luck!!!!

  9. I got a strong + 7dp3dt. I am almost 10 weeks with quads... Good luck!!

  10. yes my beta was 6dp5dt 17 then four days later my beta at 10dp5dt 112 my twins are almost 2 months old and I only had one put in

  11. Yep, I put two 8cells in on day 3, and tested 7 days later... I got a faint +, but it was there.... I have 18month old twins now

    good luck


  12. Mine was the equivalent- at 5dp5dt I had a + hpt twice with twin pregnancies. First resulted in m/c. Both times we transferred 2 blasts. I now have 2 1/2 yr old twin girls.
    Good luck!!

    Best, Jenbeth

  13. Yes, I got a BFP at 5dp5dt which is pretty much the same as 7dp3dt (both are 10 days past retrieval). I was pg with boy/girl twins and delivered them at 38w1d.

  14. I got a BFP at 4dp5dt on EPT certain digital. Just found out I am having twins!

  15. Yep, I got an obvious line at 6dp3dt. It only got darker each passing day. I now have 5 month old BGG triplets!

  16. I got a negative HPT at 7dp3dt, and a positive the following day (8dp3dt). My twins are now a year old.

  17. Mine was 5dp5dt, 10dpo which is effectively the same as 7dp3dt
    I felt foolish testing this early but it was very hard to stop myself from testing even earlier than that.

  18. I got my first + at 6dp3dt. And yep, it's two!!!!

  19. I got a + EPT at 5days past 5dt. I am not 8wks with triplets.

  20. I also got my first pos 6dp3dt - TWINS

  21. I got my first positive (very faint though!) at 6dp3dt.

    18w5d with twins

  22. i got a positive hpt on 7dp3dt...betas have been:

    we transferred 3 grade 1 could be more, but for the numbers, i am thinking twins. don't have the first ultrasound until Jan 2nd

    ETA- First US today showed quads I am 5W6D.

  23. I got a positive hpt at 3dp 5dt now 11w4d with Triplets.

    First beta 7dp 5dt was 114

    Good luck to you girls and Congrats!

  24. With my DD I had tests turn + just past the alloted test time.

    With this pregnancy, I had faintly + and am preggo with identical twins (from a single frozen embryo)

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