anyone fail suppression check?

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  1. I may have failed my suppression check. IDK for sure yet, but they said estradiol was 50something (54 or 57?) and they need to check my progesterone today and will decide then. I guess they want estradiol under 50. I've never had issues with this before! What's gonna happen now???
    Any insight? I'm getting ready for a DE cycle.


  2. I've failed them (for cysts) not levels, but either way its stinks. I had to wait a cycle. If you have insurance coverage it may be that the ins. co. requires certain levels for you to move forward. If that is the case your RE may be able to ask for an exception if it is really close. If it is not an insurance issue I would ask your RE why they need to be at that certain level and what they can do in the next cycle to ensure you reach it. GL, Jasmine

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