anyone else seen these? IF related youtube cartoons

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  1. ive watched these so many times

  2. I have seen those all before and love watching them again and again.

    So often, when I am looking at my mom and my kids together, I have wanted to tell my mother who said maybe I should just give up (after 3 IVF's and 1 FET), aren't you glad I didn't give up?

  3. *sob* thanks for sharing these, Moms. They are beautiful.

  4. What OA said. Thanks for sharing!

  5. a smiley face is too short of a reply apparently

  6. I can't watch any of these IF cartoons and songs on youtube. I cry for hours!:*(

  7. i cry when i watch any NICU videos or IF struggles(with no baby at the end) or any lost/deceased babies.

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