anyone else have their beta on 11/23 and wanna wait?

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  1. Oh Becca! I'm sorry to hear of your news! What a roller coaster ride this has been. We all feel for you. I'm sorry for the other girls that have received unfavorable news too as I am getting a little confused as to who all the girls are (I joined in late so am not familiar with everyone). THis is truly one of the most difficult journeys one can make.
    I have my ultrasound on Wed the 9th at 9am and am so frightened to have the same thing told to me, "You're not pregnant anymore". I feel like I'm having panic attacks over it. It's really hard to be positive sometimes especially when you know all the wrong things that can happen. I try to not let my mind go there and try to preoccupy myself till then with hobbies or getting ready for the holidays. I try to remember that IVF has worked for me once already and that it can again.
    It seems that these holidays will be very joyus or very sad for some of us.

  2. becca- I am so so sorry to hear about your news. It is so sad. I am praying for you and your family. Please keep us posted on what the dr says on monday.

    Jake- congrats!! We are in the same boat. How are you feeling about two? I am still in shock and its been just shy of a week. I go in again on tuesday to see if they are both progressing.

    Brenda- I know how you feel about the upcoming ultrasound. I am feeling nervous too. I am also so cautious about things, always worried that something is going to go wrong. GL and keep us posted!!

    Dixie- Any news? Hope you are well!

  3. Thanks for your support ladies. As devistated as I am, I'm so happy to see that angel and jake are doing so well, congratulations - and fingers crossed for your ultrasound Wednesday Brenda. I totally understand that fear that something will go wrong, but do try and enjoy your pregnancy as well - I'm sure it'll be easier as time goes on and you get past all your milestones.

    Jake to clarify, as it was Saturday morning here, I did actually contact the RE and they told me to go to hospital as they were not open. They will be consulting with the hospital over the blood results and scan on Monday.

    We do have 2 embies in storage - they're not great quality, but nor was my DS so I just have to hang onto that. I'm praying the RE will say that I just have to wait one period and can start FET in January some time.

    Will keep you all posted as to whether I have to have D&C - am hopeful that I wont have to.

  4. Becca- Glad to hear about your embies on ice..don't worry about the quality too much. Like you, I got pg with dd and they never thought it was going to work due to the quality!!
    Good Luck on monday and keep us posted!!

  5. Angel,
    Thank you for asking about me.
    I have read the posts the last few days but no posting personally.
    My beta was negative on Thursday.
    I knew things pointed that way but I thought maybe I would be that rare person that appears to have AF but still a successful transfer. It knocked the wind out of my sails. Many tears and low points since Thursday around 1pm. We have a meeting with the doctor on the 14th to discuss the cycle. We have four in storage but like some of you have stated, two of them of lower quality. From what I hear, I shouldnt worry about that so much. I am just afraid they will need to thaw all four in hopes of having two to transfer. I am hoping we can just try two and if something goes astray we will have another chance.
    I just wanted to be able to share at christmas that we were expecting! Now I would just like to sleep thru the holidays. I keep analyzing the whole tranfer and wondering when I lost the "two best blasts". I feel so guilty like I should have done something differently and then the outcome would have been different. This is such a tough thing and add the financial aspect, the holidays, and working full time and sometimes I just need calgon to take me away. LOL.
    I dont want to give up hope, I am just so shocked. My heart told me we would be successful the first attempt. I prayed constant. I just cant grasp it yet.
    THANK YOU for making my day and thinking of me! It meant the world to see you inquire of me.

  6. Dixie- I am so so sorry for your negative beta. It is so hard to deal with. My first cycle, I swore it was going to work. It had to (I thought) and when it didn't, it was devistating. I got so depressed. I do know how hard it is. And for this time of the year it is probably even harder.
    Don\'t give up hope. You are so lucky you have 4 frozen. Like you said, don't worry about the quality of the embies. Many people have gotten pg with FET even with less quality embies, including me. And I am sure you will get 2 tries with the 4 of them.

    Just try and focus on what the next step is. Its is great you have an apt set up with RE to discuss whats next. Try not to focus on this cycle not working and what is to come!

    Please keep us posted on how you make out and what RE says!!

  7. I'm wondering if everyone got busy at the same time preparing for the holidays......I haven't received anymore postings and wonder if this thread has been abandoned? The girls that tested positive please let me know and maybe we can start a thread on the pregnancy page. Please let me know if anyone is still interested in conversing!
    Happy Holidays

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