anyone else have their beta on 11/23 and wanna wait?

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  1. Well I got my beta back today and it was 155 at 11dp5dt. The clinic were happy with it, so I guess that's all the matters. I'm going to just try and enjoy being pregnant and not worry about the figures!

    Jo, I'm so sad for you that things didn't turn around. I have been in your position and it is so heartbreaking. But my next FET cycle, I had my DS, so please have hope that it can happen for you - and you now know you CAN get pregnant.

    mark_H, I did read the book 'What to expect when you're expecting' and found it really good. I also signed up for weekly newsletters with - very insightful.

    I'm from Australia, so I don't really know much about the Thanksgiving tradition, but I wish you all a wonderful holiday.

  2. Bella, Thanks for the website! I need all the help. I am so clueless right now.
    I have been running a temp and having flu like symptoms thinking I'm hurting my chances! Ugh isnt it always something.
    For now, I'll take it. My Beta came in today at 652. Seems like both might have took

  3. Becca-congrats on the great beta!!

    Jake- your beta # is around many days after transfer is that?? When do you have an ultrasound. Mine is monday..and I am anxious to see if more than one!

  4. Hi Angel,

    I think yours were higher!
    7pd5dt was 137..11dp5dt 652. I will have an ultrasound next friday 12/4.
    It feels weird to not have to go in and repeat. Should I pinch myself

  5. Jake- We are almost the same. I was 732 at 12dp3dt..i know it was weird not to have to go in for a repeat beta at all. RE was pretty confident the numbers were good he didn't have to repeat them. We are a week apart! Keep me posted how you make out!

  6. Hey girls! My first beta was on Wednesday the 25th and was 51.7 (I'm trying to figure out is it post retrieval or is it ovulation???) When they gave me this number they said I was 4 weeks??? My next beta was done on Friday and was 125. They told me to come back on the 1st for another blood test and ultrasound on the 9th. They seemed very happy with my numbers. Boy! It seems like there are all kinds of results and varying numbers!!!! It's a little confusing! I took a look at the betabase website that someone mentioned and my doubling time was good.

  7. That's fantastic Brenda! Our numbers are similar, Wednesday's was 96 and Friday was 155. I'm guessing only singletons for us. I don't get to have my ultrasound til the 16th.... when I'll be 7 weeks. They like to wait til then when they should see a heart beat.

    Angel, good luck for your ultrasound tomorrow! Cant wait to see how many are in there!

    How are you all going with the fact that your now pregnant? Any symptoms? I've started getting quite tired and getting sore breasts on and off.


  8. Brenda..those numbers are great!! Congrats.

    I can't believe that I am pregnant..I have to wait till mondays ultrasound and see something before I believe it! I am not really having any symptoms. Occassional slight cramps and some sore boobs. That it really.

  9. Hi, OMG girls, we all sound so "the same" it is so weird to actually be pregnant! I know it is so preliminary and early but I am still freaking out. I was nauseous then I wasn't. I wanted to buy another test just to make sure I still am! I'm nuts huh?

    After my Ultrasound friday, I am hoping to start and join the AUG 2010 or if multiples end of JULY!!! OMG, You too Angel huh??


  10. JRV - I seem to be in your footsteps. Had 5dt on the 23rd and started spotting early on the 27th and heavy bleeding by late afternoon with cramps. Flow still here though less than a normal af. my first test is the 3rd. I know worrying wont change anything but I am just consumed. I appreciate your story as it is helping me to prepare for similar news. Everything went so great for us that I just cant believe this. I had the feeling from before we decided we could do ivf that we would be successful in attempt # 1 so this has me so disallusioned.

  11. Oh noulis! I felt the same way!! I was sooo confident it would work for us the first time and when it didn't I was shattered!! The second time we tried I was a nervous wreck! I was so anxious and the hormones didn't help making me feel less cuckoo!! I had a negative feeling it wouldn't work and it did!! Not many people are lucky on their first try. SOme are but not alot. DOn't lose faith. Maybe you can try again? I did accupuncture and DH took Proxeed to help his sperm and it seemed to make a difference. This is our 3rd IVF to get DD a sibling and it worked too!( I did accupuncture twice/week for a month up until retrieval and just before the transfer and just after) I'm just keeping my fingers crossed till I see a HB on the ultrasound then I breathe out a sigh of relief!

  12. Well....the ultrasound showed 2 sacs!!!

    I am in shock...but happy. I won't lie- I am nervous too. But one sac is a little smaller than the other, so RE said it might not develop all the way. So I have to wait again and see what next week brings.

    Jake- you are totally not crazy! If I had tests in my house..I would have taken them too! I can't wait to hear about your ultrasound! Maybe twins too. We can both join the multiples board!!

    Dixie- I felt the same way too. Thought for sure, first IVF would work. I was devistated when it didn't. I felt like if this didn't work then nothing will. Please don't give up. I did one fresh and 2 FET before having DD. Now had to do the same, one fresh and 2 FET to get pg again. I swear I have the biggest chart at the RE's office. But I had to keep trying. So don't give up!!
    When is your official beta?

    Brenda- when is your ultrasound?

  13. Hi Ladies

    I took myself away to another board for a bit as didn't want to be a damp squib on all the good news - but I still like to read all your progress!

    Dixie - I'm glad it helps you to read my story but I'm still crossing my fingers for you and sending positive thoughts. Like our counsellor said, there's nothing that can prepare you for any bad news in this process, so you might as well keep hoping and visualising the good stuff.

    We had our news 5 days ago now and we saw our dr this morning. We're going to go with a FET late January, giving us some time for a rest and get ourselves together. We're still reeling a bit and looking forward to spending time with our families (and a little bit of time apart!!) to recover.

    There are some other good groups on here if you do get the worst news.

    Good luck - keep breathing.


  14. Thank you for thinking of me.
    I heard from my doctors office finally today and they didnt sound to positive about af appearance but did say they have seen positives come out of situations like mine. They called me tonight and suggested I start the intermuscular progesterone injections starting tomorrow. My beta is thursday so I just dont see the point as the first shots would not even by in my system yet. I am thinking positive. The nurse mentioned that one of the blasts could have not implanted and that side of the uterus is shedding its lining. Also that they have seem people with multiples bleed heavy like a period so we just wont know until Thursday. My appt is at 9 but since it is just labs I am going around 8 so that hopefully they will get the results back sooner. There would be no better holiday gift so I say a little prayer off and on thru out the day.
    I fear the call with the results. I dont know how I will react with a negative especially since I will most likely be at work. This has been such a eye opening experience and the determination that so many of you have is so amazing. We were lucky to have four to freeze so I am thankful for that. Just dont know how to build up the courage and might to try again. Thank you for all your stories and encouragement.

  15. hello

    Jo, thanks for checking back. It sounds like a plan is the right think AND SPACE,
    I totally agree. Take care over the holiday

    Dixie, You never know. I am not a vet on this cycle but after reading these boards for almost 3 years, anything can happen and its never A SHOE IN!
    Brenda, I think you have another beta?? Let us know

    Angel, CONGRATS (I think!?) Now your gonna start obsessing about two little ones. I'll cross my fingers for you

    Becca and the rest, Hi!
    Nothing new today and just waiting for U/S friday

  16. Hi Everyone!

    Congrats Angel, that is fantastic.... and a bit scary! But you'll get through it - I think you'd just have to be very prepared for two babies!

    Dixie, hang in there - I've seen lots of folks who've gone on to have healthy pregnancies with early bleeding, so you may still be in the race - fingers crossed!

    Jo, I'm glad you've got a new plan in action and hopefully with Christmas fast approaching, January will be here in no time. I send all my hopes for you.

    Well I've been feeling increasingly tired, which I pray is a good sign. It's still so far away till my ultrasound - 2 weeks! But I'm sure it'll be here in no time at all with my DS keeping me on my toes. mark_H, I'm glad you don't have to wait as long! Especially seeing twins are on the cards for you!

    Hope you're all well.

  17. Thanks Bec- It is a little scarry, but wonderful. I would not change it for a minute. I am hoping it works out and they both do well. I am excited for my next sono next week.

    Dixie- its true is itsn't over until the beta. Keep a little hope. I had bleeding with my DD and thought for sure I was out.

    JRV- that is great you have a FET planned for Jan. FET's are great. I have my DD and this pg from FET. They are so much easier. GL. Enjoy your break and re-group. It helps a lot.

    Jake- GL on friday!!

    Anyone have any symptoms?? My beta yesterday was 9112. I did have some nausea yesterday. I am definately feeling tired. Wondering when these symptoms will be full force.

  18. Thanks Ladies

    Angel - that helps a lot! Makes me feel a lot more positive. I shall now be enjoying a glass of mulled wine at Christmas!

    Oh, those of you that are pregnant must be just bursting with excitement. It's the best gift ever xxx

  19. I did my first beta at 8am today so I should hear by mid day. As I drove to the appt I questioned if I was crazy for going since I appears Af visited last friday though the bleeding has been much lighter than my normal cycle. I have felt all along that this ET was successful, but as I drove I felt the negative feelings begin to creep in. I shared with the nurse that maybe I shouldnt be doing the beta considering the AF but she was convincing that I should and to cross my fingers and think very positive thoughts. Once I got in the car I just broke down and cried all the way to work. I know I have no where near the experience that many of you do with these procedures but they are so gut wrenching! I just keep questioning why if two great blasts transferred so easily and with so side effects, why did AF come 4 days later. Could it be that it was just from all the meds and that it was coming anyway.
    I am at work and doing my best to hold it together. No one outside of my DH knows about the procedure. I have been able to have appts at lunch and on weekends so there was no hint of anything. But at the same time I just want to cry and I know that isnt being positive. If anyone should read this please think positive thoughts for me and if you are a person of faith please pray for me!

  20. Dixie- I can totally relate to all the emotions you are going thru right now. It is horrible. I will be praying for you today and thinking of are not alone in your feelings. I think all of us have gone thru exactly what you are feeling. It is an emotional rollercoaster.
    Please keep us posted!

  21. Dixie - you are not alone!!! We are all thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts and prayers.

    Let us know how it goes x

  22. Hi Everyone,

    Have a bit of a miserable posting today unfortunately..... yesterday I was very unwell and had lots of cramping and this morning I started bleeding. Have been to the hospital and they said everything may still be ok, but I have to wait til Monday for an ultrasound - which seems ages away.

    Feeling rather numb about it all and very sad/scared.

    I hope everyone is doing well.


  23. Further to my last post, the hospital just rang to say my beta was back down to 8 - so I have lost the pregnancy. I still have to have ultrasound on Monday to check that everything has gone.

    Am so devistated - we were just leaving this morning to do Santa photos with my DS and I was thinking 'if I'm in the photo, the baby will be in it too' - then I discovered I was bleeding as we were heading out the door. Until yesterday I had no indication that anything was wrong - my boobs kept seeming to get bigger and I was getting tired, so I thought everything must be going well.

    I think it will take a few days to get my head around it all.

  24. Oh Becca, How horrible!! What and how does this happen??Did you cann your RE? I mean, the hospitol ER cant deal with our stuff??? I am heart wrenched for you and for this mews!? Please know you are in my prayers. This will be a LONG weekend. Can you go in over the weekend, did they tell you to do anything specific??
    Here for you

  25. My second post comes bittersweet. My Beta came in at 6700 and we saw 2 sacs on U/S. I am shocked and in a bubble as to the next steps etc.
    Angel, we are soo similar!
    I will be graduating to another thread for preg/due dates etc next week but
    Like I said, this board has been a rollercoaster. This is so hard,
    I am thinking of all of you and will keep up o the events

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