anyone else have their beta on 11/23 and wanna wait?

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  1. Ziggy, am so sorry that you got that result - I hope you are hanging in there ok and I hope you can go again.

    Angel - WOW what a massive beta! How many days past is that? Maybe two little ones are in there?

    Welcome Brenda - hopefully your symptoms are all good signs. 5dp is still early so fingers crossed everything is on track nicely.... but the waiting is terrible!

    Jo, my DH is of the same mind set, but with each subsequent cycle, I just insisted on doing them! But it is a very personal decision which huge emotional outcomes, either way - so it's important to do whats right for you.

    AFM -Well I did my second HPT today and line is getting thicker and darker, so that's very exciting. Am going to be sneaky tomorrow and go to my GP for a beta, cause I can't hold out til Friday. Not sure how I'll go, but I just want a number!

  2. Z and Ashley,

    I am so sorry for your result. I am sure that I cant give you any comfort for how your feeling. I have all been there too and many threads helped me get past them and on to another journey. Take some time and enjoy the holiday

    My Best

    I thought I posted this earlier, I'm really loosing it!
    My Manic Monday rant at the REs about the headaches and blood must have really questioned my RE.
    He does a 1 week lining and esterol check. Called later and I am officially 100% prego. BFP
    Becca, I am 7dp5dt with a beta of 137! Kinda High HUH??I didn't believe him so I took a HPT and yesm 2 lines!
    Angel, I am stunned too. Congrats to you

    Brenda, Welcome
    Jo, I was not going to POAS either.

    Girls, this 2ww is so hard. After 3 BFN You'd think it would get easier. For now, I will try to be happy. 2nd beta friday!

  4. mark_H CONGRATS! What a fantastic beta, nice and strong. My DS beta at 8dp5dt was 133, so it's slightly higher, one day earlier. Cant wait to see how your next one goes!

  5. I really am going luney! I poas at 4 am with a ClearBlue EPT and again it said not pregnant!! I am now 7dp5dt Does this mean it's over????? I go for my bloodwork tomorrow. I've read about some girls that have had neg hpt the day before and still end up with a baby from their cycle! I used 2 different boxes though...ugghhhh.....
    Congrats to the girls that did have positives.

  6. Ziggy - I'm so sorry. Hope you are able to take some time for yourself.

    Becca and mark_H - brilliant news - many congratulations.

    I started bleeding this morning and phoned the clinic and they've asked me to go in for the test tomorrow (Wednesday), 2 days early. I know that sometimes a bleed is a good thing and sometimes it's just your period. I am now 6 dpt on a 5dt so they said they will know either way tomorrow.

    Please send me good thoughts - I need them!

    Will let you know how it goes.

  7. JRV- sorry about the bleeding..but with my first pg, I bleed like I was getting my period and then it stopped. Has it continued?? I am hoping implantation for you. It is great you get to have ur beta 2 days early. Wishing you all the best. My clinic would make me wait till the end.

    Jake- that is a great beta!!!! congrats!!

    Becca- that is awesome your tests are getting darker..when is beta day?

    Brenda-sorry about the neg, but I wouldn't give up just yet. you are still early. Good luck with your beta and keep us posted!

    Ashely and Ziggy...thinking about you ladies. How are you guys doing. Please keep in touch!!!

    My beta was 12dp3dt...just waiting now till next monday. I'm going to check back later for more updates!!

  8. I went for my second draw this morning. It feels like a totally cruel joke to even do it. This was our fifth and final IVF, we've spent 80,000 and are out of money. I can't believe my life ended up like this.

    It\'s good to see all the positives on here--to see that putting yourself through this @#$% can actually work! Just not for us I guess. I'm hoping for a zero today so I can just be done.

  9. Thanks Angel - I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The bleeding has got much heavier throughout the day, accompanied by cramping. I am at work because I can't face being on my own at home. There's nothing I can do anyway is there?

  10. Ashley - Thinking of you.

    JRV - Good luck tomorrow. Nothing about this can ever be easy, can it?

    Angel - Congratulations! I must say, I don't know if I've ever heard of a beta that high this early. Since you say your previous pg was pretty high as well, I won't go guessing about multiples. Enjoy!!

    Brenda - Good luck tomorrow. I hope your HPT was wrong! I love hearing those kinds of stories.

    mark_H - Congratulations! That's great!

    bijukvr - That IS sneaky! But if they'll do it for you, more power to you. Good luck!


  11. I have been so sad and depressed all day today. DH and I both cried this morning at the "not pregnant" hpt. At 4 pm I went to pick up our mail and it happens to be next to a pharmacy. I ended up buying another HPT but the CVS brand. I poas and I see a very slight positive!!!!!! I asked my friend to look at it because I think I want it so badly so I'm seeing things. She could faintly see a light line if you angle it a certain way. I just realized that today is 6dp5dt NOT 7dp5dt as I originally thought!!! Maybe there is still hope???? What a crazy roller coaster ride!!! I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy!!!!

  12. Ashely- any news on your beta?? I am so sorry you are going thru this. I wish there was something I could say to help. We are here if you need to talk.

    JRV- sorry the bleeding has gotten heavier. It is good you are at work...its is a good distraction. Good Luck tomorrow, anything is freaking possible.

    Brenda- that is awesome!!! I am hoping this is good news for you guys. It is a horrible rollercoaster ride, emotions all over the place. Those HPT are evil.

    ziggy- how are you?? Have you made any plans for another cycle?

    AFM, I am wondering about multiples. Not sure what to think, it seems like it could go either way. Guess wait and see monday!

  13. All I got was an "It's going down" from my robot unfeeling nurse. I didn't even get an "I'm sorry." The only way we could do this again is if we won the lotto. We're just out of funds for this kind of gamble.

    Good luck to everyone else. I guess I'll always have my one day of a positive HPT.

  14. Oh Ashley, how cruel. She should not work in a place like this filled with such emotion. I am sooo sooo sorry!

  15. Ashley, it truly is an awful thing you're going through and I agree with Angel, that person shouldn't be employed there if they cant show a little empathy. Please know my thoughts are with you.

    Brenda, there certainly is hope! That's fantastic that you got a faint line. Any plans to re-test before your beta?

    JVR, I'm praying your bleed is just implatation. Because it is too early for AF isn't it?

    Well I did my sneaky beta today. It was 96 at 9dp5dt - which I'm feeling a bit unsure about. The betabase suggests that it is ok, but my DS beta for the same time was 133 - so a bit higher. So now I'm panicking a little that it's not strong enough. Or are my worries unjustified? Please let me know your thoughts?


  16. Bec- I think that is a great beta for being so early!!! CONGRATS

  17. Becca
    96 is good! I think it is right on the money. What did your RE say??
    When will you test again??
    Ashley, I am so sorry, I just dont get nurses. Dont they know we can go postal at the drop of a hat! LOL Maybe you should mention it to the office manager. Like how many clients do you think she upsets?? we are here for you, sounds like chemical?? what is the next step?
    Brenda, sounds encouraging girl. I get confused with dpt and dpo etc!!
    JRV, Any word on the bleed?
    Angel, I here ya! I am thinking multiples however your DD was high too??
    AFM, I will go back in on Friday and get another Beta and find out what is next!

    Happy Thanksgiving future new moms to be...

  18. Well today is my birthday! I turn 41 years old and got THE BEST birthday present ever......I'm pregnant!! I had my beta drawn at the RE's office and they called me to say, "Congratulations, you're pregnant!" My hcg was 51.7 and she said that it was good, that they want it to be around 50. Today I am 7dp5dt. I go back on Friday at 7:45am to recheck to make sure it's still going up. Does anyone know of a site I can look at beta numbers? Time to start obsessing about something new!!!............

  19. CONGRATULATIONS BRENDA!!!! You can go to the following website (The Beta Base) to look at all the numbers....
    and a very Happy Birthday to you! xx

    mark_H, my GP who did the beta said that level was inline with a 3-4 week pregnancy, which I guess is ok. But the real beta is tomorrow when the clinic will have a better idea of how things are travelling.

    I hope everyone else is doing well.


  20. Brenda- CONGRATS and Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day!!

    Becca- good luck with the beta, but don't think you need it! Keep us posted!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

  21. Congrats Becca and Brenda!! Yippe, hurray, great job
    I love posting this!
    Now more worrying begins. Anyone have advice of helpful books or must haves to help with all the changes and developments?

  22. And I'm out.

    Test came back yesterday negative. We knew before the call because we went to see our nurse and her face said it all. So we went to work for the morning and then to the cinema for the rest of the day to sit in the dark and cry.

    Congratulations to everyone who is pregnant on this thread - I take your joy and great news as my inspiration that this can and will work.

    To everyone who had a negative result this cycle - I share your pain and join you in a little wallow of rubbishness.

    Happy Thanksgivings to the Americans here.

    Jo x

  23. Jo- I am sooo sooo sorry! Have you thought about what is next? I understand all too well the saddness of a failed cycle. I am sending many hugs your way!

  24. I wanted to wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving.
    Even though I am cautiously joyful right now, my heart is a little heavy for the women that got negatives. I've been there before and know the heartache that you are feeling. I hope and pray that somehow we all get to experience the joy of parenthood.

  25. Jo

    I am so sorry for you. Many ((hugs)) and anything you can do to comfort yourself. I hope you and DH hold each other close over the holiday

    We are here

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