Anyone else feeling out of place???

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  1. Hey TMM- how many days post transfer r u- hoping positive thoughts for u-jen

  2. Tm- hang in there I can't wati to hear how tomorrow goes I'm trying to get my gp to do a beta when I'm done the 2ww!! it's like pulling teeth. I finally got it but he's reluctant to write a drs. note when I get the bfp!! My job isn't one of those ones you can make changes yea someone's going to help me lift a rack and I hold up the line??? I don't think so. Washing dishes is a very physcially engaged job

  3. Totally, you can not do a physical job when you are in the 2ww.

    Beta is now 86. Everything going as it should! I'm excited now!

  4. Tmm- good glad to see it doubled. I have always returmed to work a few days after transfer- I am a nurse anesthetist- I just try really hard not to strain, but still have to push stretchers, help move patients and just the intubating of a patient is strenous- it worries me but it is very hard to get time off for all of this. Jen

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