Anyone else feeling out of place???

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  1. Tm- thinking of you!!! I'm very interested in how you make out!! We're cyling right now with an egg donar as well I'm getting excited and curious as to how she'll respond.

    Jen- yes I'd love to have started the adoption process long ago and I can't convince dh otherwise. Maybe after this cycle

  2. Great news Kooka! Those 2 beautiful embryos are now safely in my uterus. Everything went well today.

  3. Hi:
    I just read some of the posts on this thread. I don't feel like I belong anywhere on IVFC right now so this place is very inviting to me!

    First off, TMM congrats on your ET and best wishes for success!!

    The short story about me: (m/c ments)
    I just had a m/c on my first DE cycle. The embryo's heart stopped at 7 weeks. I had so much faith in donor egg. We are waiting on the results of the d&c. At least we have 5 frosties so we are planning a FET as soon as we can.

    I will post more later but just wanted to get on board and say hello.


  4. Hi Bah,

    I'm so sorry about your recent M/C and D&C. I hope that you get some answers. I'm thrilled that you still have frozen embryos!

    I'm doing well. On day 2 of bedrest. This has been probably one of the more positive cycles. I'm just trusting in the process. I even had DH buy me a pregnancy test yesterday when he went to the pharmacy to pick up my Valium for the transfer. I plan on taking it the morning of the BETA, before I go in for the blood draw. I'm going to wait until that day because I don't want to obsess over it, but at the same time, I feel like it's something I need to do to feel "normal" again. You know??? I think I can safely say that as far as we've come w/ all of this, it's not easy to feel normal.

  5. Tm- are you doing bedrest? and if so, how long? I"m planning on doing that this time around I'm waiting to do some extra work before the transfer.

    Bah-welcome to the boards and sorry for you loss I'm in the process of doing an d/e cycle. When will you know you're results of your d&c? again, welcome and sorry for your loss.

    afm- donar should have u/s on Friday and will phone clinic later.

  6. Hi Shannon,

    Is your donor having her baseline on Friday? You must be getting so excited.

    I had my transfer at around 1 pm yesterday and I won't go back to work until Wednesday.

  7. Tm- donar is supposed to have u/s on Friday but I just got off the phone with her and found out she's gotten af why hasn't the clinic phoned her or me???? why aren't they getting her in for b/w???? WTF, I'm worried they're screwing this up for us I'll have to phone the clinic tomorrow and find out what's going on. I also asked donar if she can phone as well. I"m really ready to yell at someone!!! I was going to phone the clinic tomorrow anyways and let them know my af hasn't left yet either. Will that affect anything??? ugh I'm so freaken frustrated!!!! Why isn't anyone on the ball????? GRRRR


  8. Shannon -- I'm so sorry. It's so frustrating when things don't happen the way we expect them to. I'm sure everything will work out, but I'm sorry that you are dealing with this extra stress...Update us when you hear from the clinic. ((((hugs)))))

  9. Hi Shannon,

    When did she get AF? My clinic usually does baseline on day 2 or 3, so maybe it's not too late.

  10. shannon, hope you are ok.
    bah-welcome. sorry for your loss too. this is so hard.
    tmm-how are you feeling?

  11. Hi Comma,

    I\'ve been getting cramps in my abdomen. I don't remember this w/ prior transfers. I'm trying not to make too much out of it, but it is bugging me!

  12. Tmm- for both of my -+ ivf cycles I had cramping a few days after transfer- so hopefully this is a good thing for you.jen

  13. Shannon -- how are you doing? Did you get things sorted out with the clinic? Give us an update when you can.

    Tmm -- how are you feeling? The 2ww is the worst part!!!

    Hope everyone is doing okay.


  14. Jen--Cramps are a good thing? Thanks for the encouragement. I thought maybe something was wrong.

    govaris--thanks for asking. I'm doing ok. The wait hasn't been that bad. I've been working on getting enough sleep, taking care of myself and keeping my mind off of things mostly. I will admit this morning I woke up w/ the urge to PAOS, but I didn't. I figured it was pointless, I still have 3 more days to go. Back to the plan of PAOS'ing the morning of the BETA. I only have to hold out until Wednesday!

  15. Shannon--how RU doing?

  16. Tmm -- glad you are feeling good. You have good will power. I would have POAS. But I think it's a good idea to wait til Wednesday, if you have the will power. Only two more sleeps. Let us know what happens!

  17. Hi govaris! How RU doing? No, I have still not PAOS. I'm terrified if it's BFN then I'll obsess over it. I'm waiting till Weds. Although I must admit the last few days the wait has been torture! I found myself day dreaming at work this morning about driving to the clinic tomorrow morning a day early and playing dumb! LOL!

    I promise I'll post Weds. morning after I POAS!

  18. HI Ladies- sorry I kept you hanging but yes, I did get things sorted out with the clinic and things are still on track. Donar had u/s and b/w oon Friday and she started her injections today man, I can'g believe it's almost close. I've waited 2yrs to get to this point and honestly, never thought we'd get to this point since we've gone through so much bs to get here. I even went so far as to discuss my issues with the business manager of the said clinic. Donar goes back on Wed for b/w and then I head to Calgary next Saturday night or early Sunday am. Donar had u/s and b/w and we are rezuired to be there for day 7 or donar's injections. Yo'd think that with technology that faxes and puters cowould make it so we didn't have to be there. I"m back on the estrodot patches and still on the Superfact and also started the antibiototics(sp)

    Tm- wow not far now huh? I NEVER poased when I did the ivf but did for for the iuis so this time i'll try and hold off and wait till I get a hpt done @ the drs. and ask for beta too.

    also- I started my leave of absence today and won't return to work on May 25th if it's a bfn. However, if it's a bfp, I'll have to go on "medical leave" and won't likely return to work either later in the pregnancy or not at all until after baby's born and after maternity leave.

    take care everyone and Tm, good luck!

  19. Tmm- really wishing u positive tests tomorrow. Your strong. Jen

  20. Tmm -- thinking of you today. I'll be watching for your update. Sending lots of positive vibes.

  21. govaris, Les_petits_debr, thank you so much for thinking of me and rooting me on!

    natasa.mudresa, Wow, things are moving right along! I am absolutely THRILLED for you. Yes, I know how long you have waited. We were cycle buddies on the May/June 2007 boards! We kept that darn thread going for a year! I'm so happy you can take leave!

    AFM, I just POAS, and it's a BFP!!! I'm still in shock!!!
    See the link below w/ details. I thought it was silly to retype it here, so I'm cut and pasting.

  22. I'm going back to bed. I'll post this evening w/ BETA results!

  23. Ohhh- to just leave us hanging!!!!

  24. Tmm -- congrats! Can't wait to hear the beta number.

  25. My bHCG was 45 IU/ml. That seems a bit low to me, but I'm trying not to obsess over it too much. Back on Friday. RE said looking for 70-90 on Friday.

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