Anyone else doing DE at CCRM?

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  1. I'm on the waiting list and just hoping to find others who've either had a DE cycle or are waiting to do a DE cycle at CCRM.

    If you have, please share (in-house donor? how long did you wait? agency donor? known donor? eggs retrieved? fertilization? BFP? Frosties?)

    Thanks girls.

  2. punam,

    I am in the middle of a donor cycle at CCRM. Our retrieval is the week of March 1st. I am using an in-house donor because I wanted to make sure she had passed all of CCRM's tests, and truthfully I wanted to save some money. For my first donor, who bailed, I had to wait three months. For the next donor, I had to wait a month and a half. I couldn't wait too long because although I had a clear pap last time, I have had some shady cells that will need ongoing investigation even during a pregnancy. For those reasons, I did not wait for a proven donor (although she has been pregnant.) She does look good on paper--our donor is 21, 20+antral follicles, and has excellent labs.

    I hope your wait is short and your cycle makes your dreams come true!

  3. Wow! 20 antral follies?! You're going to have enough embryos for your own football team!

    Good luck to you.

    Incidentally, I told them that "proven" for me was someone who either had her own child(ren) or had succeeded as an egg donor but they told me they only consider someone who has succeeded with them as being "proven" (regardless of past pregnancies).

    And the fact that your donor is 21 is even better. Awesome!

  4. I am doing a DE cycle with CCRM. I should be cycling in March or early April.

    I used an agency but my donor cycled at CCRM last July. They would not tell me about the cycle results b/c the recipient parent didn't sign the medical records release. All she and I know is that she had 12 eggs and CCRM recommended her for another cycle. She is 26.

  5. I am doing a DE cycle at CCRM too. Retrieval should be the week of 3/22. Both the donor and I just started BCPs.

    We are using an in-house donor. It took 5 months to be matched. She basically met all of our criteria, although I was concerned about her age (30 - since when is 30 old?????), but her labs are great and she had 27+ antral follicles and 3 children of her own.

    I hope you have a short wait for your perfect donor!

  6. I was just matched with CCRM after waiting 4 1/2 months. I'm excited, but nervous about not seeing a picture. I have been looking at tons of agencies where I can see donors photo. It's important that the donor resemble me (we are "no tell" and I also want to feel more connected with some resemblance). CCRM tells me she looks just like me, like my sister,If thats the case, then I would do it, but that is leaving a lot in their hands. CCRM needs an answer within 5 days of giving me the match. I'm so torn as to what to do. Also, In this economy where concerned by DH could lose his job and then going into DE IVF might not be possible, so I feel major time pressure. Should I trust their choice for me of find my own donor that I can see the picture? Anyone else have this concern and go on to have good luck trusting CCRM's match?

  7. Hey there! Welcome to CCRM!

    We are using a known donor (my sister)! Just wanted to share that I have been very impressed with their donor program!

    I imagine that it is so difficult choosing a donor. DE is a huge step in itself..from my friends who are cycling with an anonymous it truly seems like the most perfect match. So I have faith that you will find the most perfect match as well!!!

    Very best wishes to you!!

  8. At CCRM, do they let you fly home after the transfer? How long do they want you to wait before flying?

  9. Hello Everyone!

    Thought I'd add to this thread as my DH and I went for our one day work up at CCRM last October. Since then, we have very carefully chosen two agency donors and had them rejected by CCRM. First was a proven donor, but it turns out that there was a history of depression in her family. Second non-proven donor had v. high FSH levels. We have at last been matched with an in-house donor and are waiting for her testing to begin. I'm Asian so matching has been difficult and in the end we have changed our criteria and accepted a mixed race donor.

    After this experience, the question of resemblance does not figure highly in our criteria anymore. Initially, we looked for some resemblance to a family member, but we have accepted our donor on her personality and medical history. For me now, it is about believing that the right donor will come along at the right time.

    Good luck to you all!

  10. I just wanted to add that they did better with my donor this time around at CCRM.

    Her 1st cycle she had 12 eggs, 9 mature. They ended up with 4 blasts, transferred 2 fresh and BFP but ended in a m/c, FET of remaining 2 blasts BFN. The nurses, lab director, and doctors all told me to use the donor again which leads me to think there was an issue with the recipients.

    This time 18 eggs, 17 mature, all fertilized. We will be doing CGH on the blastocysts so we won't have a transfer until we get the results in about 6 weeks.

    I will update when I get the CGH results.

  11. Hi Everyone - I thought I would add to this thread since my DH and I just decided to move forward with DE at CCRM. I had my one day workup on Friday at CCRM and based on my bloodwork and only 3 antral follicles, we've decided to go ahead with DE there. I had a previous successful cycle at CCRM in late '06 and just recently got a BFN there after PBB testing on my own eggs. The DE coordinator said the wait right now is 4-6 months. Is anyone else waiting for a match currently at CCRM? vman - I know you are waiting for your CGH results now. I've been so encouraged by following your experience and results for your DE cycle!

    Good luck everyone


  12. Hi H--

    previous child implied----

    Sorry to see you here since it means the PBB didn't do the trick, but in a way very happy for you since I think they are very good at getting us these number 2s we are hoping for!!

    I am waiting to hear on 8 nice-looking blasts so I am really hoping this will be it. Keep us updated on your progress-- I hope the wait for a match goes quickly for you!


  13. Hi

    Perhaps someone could help me out on this one. Dh and I are attempting DE due to my advanced maternal age - 47. Has anyone else going to CCRM been asked for a stress test? We live in UK and my own Dr here was amazed by the request.

    I wonder if anyone has been given guidelines apart from age for having this done since I consider myself fit for my age - run, cycle, swim. tennis, so would like to avoid this cost on top of all the other ones!

  14. HI there - is the stress test for you or for DH? During our one day workupin Denver on Friday they said my DH needed a physical and an EKG, but when I clarified that he was 44 rather than 45 they said he only needed the physical. I'm 40 and they said they only needed the pap/annual and mammogram for me. I believe there are additional tests required when either party is over 45. I think I had heard that you could try to waive some of those additional things, but I'm not sure of that.


  15. Yes if you are 45 or older they have a number of additional tests they require, EKG being one of them, clearance from your OB to carry a pregnancy, etc.

  16. Hello vman and fciarabelli

    I am confused! My DH is older than me and he wasn't asked for a stress test. I am working on a waiver. Thanks for the information - it all helps.

  17. New to this string and new to DE. I just completed a IVF cycle with Dr. Schoolcraft in May which resulted in a BFN. I am 43 and am going down the path of DE.

    Can those who are out of state cylcers share with me the reason why you chose CCRM for a donor cycle instead of cycling closer to home?

    I also see that the donor match is anonymous which means you never see pics of the donor? is that correct?

    Lastly, can anyone tell me the average cost for donor cycle using their in-house list?

    I have a call into CCRM but figured you ladies would be a good resource.


  18. Hi Donnie - I sent you a PM


  19. Hi Ladies - I'm also new to this thread, and new to DE. I did a fresh cycle with my own eggs at CCRM and got a BFP but miscarried later on. I've tried several times with my own eggs, and although all tests come back normal i.e. genetic testing on the eggs CGH, FISH, BP etc (which we paid thousands for), we are yet to get pregnant - to full term. As a result we have decided to move onto DE with CCRM. I'm 33 btw, and expected to be able to use my own at this age, but we are just exhausted, and since the testing just comes back great, and we have great quality eggs, the Dr.'s think that something is wrong, but the tests are missing it!

    We moved to CCRM (out of state)- they have amazing success rates compared to my local clinic. Also, my friend used them after many unsuccessful attempts at IVF and got pregnant the first time using a donor who was 37.

    We've been matched with a donor - which only took about a week surprisingly, but I'm bi-racial with the same heritage as her, so I think it was a little easier to find a match since I don't think that she is in high demand. We were still considering donor, and Dr. Surrey wasn't totally convinced given everything seems fine, but like I said we were tired! The donor is proven i.e. has a child, and now we are waiting for her to have one last test i.e. day 3 hormones, and then we'll be good to go.

    I see that many of you seem to be cycling in March/April... is this the typical wait to cycle with DE? Did anyone go with the DE from CCRM? Has anyone had a child using a CCRM anonymous donor? Just wondering how good of a match you got.

    I'm so thankful to be able to find a forum to talk about this!!

  20. Hi-- just an update from me.

    I used a donor agency and will do my 1st and hopefully only transfer on July 6. We had the retrieval in late April but did CGH, so it took a while to get results and get ready for the FET.

    They do not recommend CGH for donors there-- we only did it because our donor's 1st cycle, also at CCRM even though she is from an agency, resulted in a miscarriage and then a BFN. However all the Drs said she made high quality embryos, and she should be OK to use-- but we were a little doubtful-- hence the CGH--

    The tests came back with 5/8 normals though, so we think sooner or later one of them will stick.

  21. I just finished a donor cycle at CCRM and will be 6wks this weekend. We used an agency donor and I got the impression that they screen donors very carefully. I had done 4 cycles with my own eggs and one donor cycle at another clinic (all neg or m/c).

    It all may be luck but this looks like it's worked so far. Hope I will feel relieved after the u/s next week. We spent a lot of money on this . My husband was sold on the top stats at CCRM. In addition to this BFP we have 6 frozen as well. So, we are much more hopeful than we've been in a long time right now.

    If anyone has questions on traveling out to Denver (where to stay etc) please feel free to PM me. All in all the travel wasn't bad but it adds another layer of complexity during an already stressful time.

    Good luck to everyone.

  22. rewebis - Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your success story. You are right about it being a lot of money We have spent so much, that I don't even want to think about it, which is why it's always great to hear about the success of others, incl that you have some frozen embies. I'm sooooo ready to start my cycle! Good luck, Debbie

    Ladies, I'd also be happy to recommend places to eat/stay in Denver.

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