Anyone done TESE with DE? (success ment..)

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  1. Hi. I don't usually post but I am nervous about my upcoming cycle. This is the first time we are using frozen TESE with icsi durind this DE cycle. Our last
    cycle which was successful was DE/DS so I am nervous. My DH will not repeat the surgery (he hated it) for fresh as we already have been successful so this is one last try. Has anyone used TESE and had success? Can you tell me what fertilization results were like? We have about 4 frozen vials and some MESE samples as backup but I am still nervous. Thanks.

  2. IM excited to reply to you! Yes it sure does work!! I have 10 1/2 month old boy/girl twins from our 1st de cycle with my hubbies frozen tesa sperm.

    worked like a charm!! good luck sweety,,, when you do icsi they sperm just have to flicker to fertilize they do all the work for the spermmies. by the way my hubbies sperm were frozen for over a year... little guys are tuff,lol

    if you have any questions please feel free to ask, good luck!!

    bethy so in love with my twinners

  3. Thanks so much I am glad it worked so well for you. It gives me hope. Congratulations.

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