Anyone doing or have done FET?

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  1. Iam 43 this month and doing a FET cycle for the first time..
    Looking for cycle buddies or ladies who have done it allready.
    Iam using embryoos from my initial IVF.I start meds in a few weeks and
    a possible transfer in the middle of Feb.

  2. I had a FET in october at age 41. Natural Cycle, no medications at all. We just waited for my ovulation and from the two frozen embies I had from my previous IVF only one was ok for transfer.
    I got pregnant with only one frozen embie but unfortunately I had a mc at 11 weeks.
    What I want to say is that please dont loose any hope. I think that if I got pregnant this way it can still happen again. Im only waiting for my golden egg.
    Good luck.

  3. Hello. I will do a FET in late March/ early April. The embryos are from when I was 39 1/2...I am 43 now. There are four remaining embryos and all four will be transferred, assuming they survive the thaw. It will be a natural cycle FET. I just came off a fresh cycle that resulted in no normal embryos. What is your situation?

  4. Hi everyone,
    I just posted on another thread, but I also have 4 embryos frozen when I was 39.5 years old, which we hope to transfer this spring. I am almost 44. Our RE gave us a 30 percent chance of success, and we are trying to be optimistic.

  5. Started my meds a few days ago.I pushed my transfer up a month because I had a bad case of the flu
    So I have I blelieve, 9 embies of different stages.They want to do four from the initial ones they put away.I have a 18 month old daughter from my first IVF,which they transferd two blasts.
    My infertility issues are I have no fallapian tubes...I had a ectopic pregnancy in my 20's and my other tube degenerated.The correct term I guess is hydrosalpynx.
    Iam now 43 years old now and hope there are some other ladies out there doing a FET as well.

  6. Can you add one more to the list?

    I\'m 41 (almost 42) and I will be doing FET with donor embryos in early April. I had surgery this morning to remove my fibroids and I will be meeting with my doctor tomorrow afternoon to go over the details.

    Prior to this I have only done Follistim but even with a huge dose I didn't produce a single egg. My husband has sperm issues as well so the donor embies seemed the logical and less expensive option. ($5K vs the $30K price tag we were getting as a price for donor eggs)

    My donor couple were in their mid 30s and the embies are 5 day blasts. The origional couple had triplets on their first try and the second couple who used them just had a singleton. Another lady was not able to catch but the IVF nurse told me it was lining issues due to a mistake at the pharmacy. (They gave the poor woman 1/4 her dose of hormones so I don't think it was the embies)

    All in all I am as giddy as a school girl with her first crush. I hope I can keep this level of excitement because if I start worrying its going to be a VERY long month.

  7. Count me in too please. I am traveling to the Czech Republic on 2/24 for a donor fet. I am 42 and have been unsuccessful ttc so far.

    I had my lining check on 2/17 and it was at 9. I will be starting progesterone tomorrow until my transfer on 2/26. I have 3 embies waiting for me!

    Good luck to everyone!

  8. Hello everyone,

    Glad there are so many of us 40-44 doing FETs. I would really like some company!

    My transfer will be in late March/ early April. This will be my third FET from eggs retrieved in 2005. The previous two FETs did not work, but I'm hopeful that there are a few good embryos left. If this doesn't work, I may need to go to donor embryos.

    As far as protocol, the doctor will monitor me via ultrasounds until the transfer. Anyone else doing a natural cycle?

    Curious to hear if anyone else is doing a natural cycle? How is everyone one doing?


  9. Good luck with your upcoming transfer Denise!!!

    Tania: Sorry to hear about the flu. I had the flu for my last fresh cycle and wished I'd postponed it like you did.

    Pickles and Ice cream hope your surgery went smoothly.

  10. I'm good Jennifer. My problem is I feel good enough I keep over doing. LOL

    I know it sounds weird but I feel better post op than I did before I had the surgery. I haven't even needed to take the pain meds. My fibroids were causing my womb to spasm and I have been having cramps for a few years due to them. The doctors had thought the pains were due to a problem I have with my digestive system so it was a major suprise to wake up and not have the pain. I had been pretty much convinced I would have to live with it so its a wonderful suprise.

    You are right it is nice to see so many of us. All the pregnant women I see look so young. Its nice to know I'm not alone.

  11. Hi ladies - Not sure if this will be a Feb/March group. I tx April but I would love to join. We were able to have our DD(2/06) with our 3rd FET. After 2 fresh and the other FET's we were lucky. I think they are much easier on your body and I think for me, that really helped b/c my fresh cycles were crazy OHHS cycles! I was like a sea turtle with 30 eggs! Not good. We have 7 frosties left and I will be 41 this May. We plan on thawing all of them and hopefully have 2 or 3 to tx. So here is to hoping we all have great success with our frosties!!


  12. Hi Katie and welcome,

    I\'m an April too. I think we are spread around a little on the FET date but the more of us the better.

  13. Hi Everyone...Glad to hear from you
    Iam starting my Estrace on Friday and ultrasound on the 13 of March.
    So hormone ally here I come~yipee!
    I did realy well with meds when I did IVF few years back so I dont see any problems this time around.
    Excited and nervous~Fet doesnt look like it works as well as a fresh cycle?
    The clinic is calling me with a thaw plan next week,so I will find out exactly what and how many etc.....
    Good luck to evryone~I pray that we are all blessed this year~

  14. I had a rough couple of days but I am good now. It was my monthly coming right after the surgery that did me in. You couldn't tell it was a period... almost no flow and lots of bad cramps. We had a weird miscommunication mix up and it scared me to death because I thought something was going wrong. But two days later I am good again and all excited because my meds have arrived. I start the lupron on Monday!!! Things are really moving now and I am thrilled. Best of luck to everyone, wish you all stinky diapers and three AM feedings.

  15. Hi - not sure where I did not listen but I screwed up my pills. I got my plan in the mail today and it says I should get me period in 2.5 weeks 3/17. Well, I should be getting it next week b/c I took the placebo pills when I think I should not have! I haven't been in the FET loop in 4 years so I forgot what to do and I was away on vacation. I feel so stupid - I don't know if I wil be able to cycle this time or wait now. I have to call RE on Monday. Any one got any ideas if they think it is a shot cycle - the only thing I was on was the pill and then I start Lupron on 3/12.

    pickles - glad you are feeling better.

    anyone on the 2 w wait? I think Denise just had her trnsfer right?


  16. I'm sorry Katie but there is one bright side to this... at least if it does keep you out of this cycle it was at the begining of the process before you had started into the expensive stuff. Probably not much of consolation but you can start again after AF visits if you can't do this one.

    Just a suggestion but call the RE and find out if starting on the right bc pill tomorrow will help or hurt matters. You can get him through the hospital operator even if he is not with the hospital.

  17. Well - I called RE and they told me to stop the pill. As soon as I get my period we will schedule but it looks like May now. That may be better for me since work is getting crazy! I'll keep checking to see how you ladies do! Good luck to everyone!!


  18. Hi Ladies
    How is everyone doing this week? Any BFP\"S?
    How is everyone one on there meds?
    Looks like we are on difrferent cycles and different meds.
    Iam not doing any shots this time..just Sryanal and Estrace and prometrium when they tell me to start.I havnt hear any thaw or when I can start my prometrium/yet and Iam having my u/s friday.So I called and left a message for someone to call me.Iam quite anxious.
    Hope everyone is having a good week

  19. Katie - How ironic...I did the same thing as you...after taking 2 packs of bcps correctly, I started my last one with 4 days of placebos, cause I was taking them in the dark. My RE told me it was okay and to start taking my estrace, and my lining was fine for my transfer.

    My beta is tomorrow, but I am not too hopeful. I poas yesterday, and it was negative.

    Sending good thoughts and prayers to everyone else who is getting ready for a transfer or in 2ww.

  20. Just got the call and the beta was negative. Good luck to everyone else.

  21. Denise&Tony~so sorry to hear of your neg beta
    Iam on day three of my two week wait now.
    Transfered four embryos.

  22. Hi guys - looks like some of you are mid cycle or on the 2ww. So sorry for your news Denise. Big hugs.

    I was moved to a 5/22/09 ET date. I am being a good patient and taking my pills and I am so cranky on them! I hate being on the pill - ugh. I guess it's good I have bad pipes(tubes) so I am not on them all the time. My DH is getting the brunt of it. I asked for a lower dose but then I may have break through and that is always so much fun!

    I\'ll pop back to see how you guys and good luck to the rest of you on your 2ww.


  23. I got a BFN April one on my test.I was in the hospital with back problems.
    Not a good month for me still trying to get my back healthy again and will
    try with the remainder embies I have.I have 2 Blasts and One three day.

  24. Sorry to hear about your bfn Tania and Jean_Mege. Tania its good that you have more embryos on ice.

    My FET was delayed until last week and my beta is May 4th. Four embryos (four years old) were transferred. I want to be hopeful, but after two failed FETs am challenged.

  25. Thank you Karine
    I wish you the very best with your beta May four.
    I am trying to eat and drink healthy for this next and last try.
    My RE hasnt said if she will transfer all three yet.
    I have also been looking online to improve conception but seem to only find for ovary function.
    Anyone have any links that would be helpfull?

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